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MSM Protocol
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Published: 11 years ago

MSM Protocol

We have a natural bacteria, acidophilus, in our stomach that helps digest our food. We also have a yeast that lives in our colon called Candida that keeps bad bacteria out, which lives on the food created by acidophilus. (Footnote #23)

When you take Antibiotics , it kills the bad AND THE GOOD bacteria. Your pH then gets out of balance, and the Candida gets hungry and starts spreading.

When it gets into the vagina, women have yeast infections. When the tongue gets a white coating that is Candida yeast. When it gets in the ears and the eyes, they change the name and call it thrush. When it gets in the blood stream, they call it chronic fatigue, "an incurable disease."

There is no such thing or we would have all died 6000 years ago.

When you digest the food and it goes into the bloodstream, the Candida steals it. So you don't assimilate your nutrition, the glands don't get their vitamins and minerals so you develop allergies to foods, pollens and fragrances. You also don't have any energy because the Candida is a living organism and digests food like you do and puts out toxins, like you do that are floating in your blood stream.

When those toxins are added to your own toxins, it can simulate a zillion different diseases that you don't really have. When it simulates strep throat, the doctor gives you an Antibiotic and kills the acidophilus, keeping the pH out of balance.

It then simulates pneumonia, . . . the doctor gives you more Antibiotics and it then simulates sinus infection. Every three or four weeks, you have a cold or flu and you feel terrible.

This becomes a vicious, painful, and costly cycle. Candida is a living yeast and can turn any bread you eat into blood alcohol.

Blood alcohol is a blood sugar. When the body has adjusted to a high blood Sugar content and it suddenly drops, you go into a mood swing like a diabetic and feel terrible. So, you crave bread, cookies, or alcohol to kick up the blood sugar.

This is why bars have so much pretzels, breadsticks and popcorn for their patrons ... it makes them feel good. When they're driving in a car they always have cookies, soda pop and candy at hand or when they're watching TV they surround themselves with junk food.

When you take MSM your pH goes normal. Candida can not live in your body when your pH is normal-except in the colon where it belongs, so the Candida dies out. This is how MSM cures people of Candida. Just that simple.

Candida can turn any bread in your diet into blood alcohol.

Some people can actually eat 4 or 5 pieces of bread and get drunk. The bars have lots of pretzels and breadsticks because it satisfies Candida’s craving for bread and keeps the blood Sugar content high.

If enough MSM is taken, the pH becomes normal and Candida can't live anywhere accept in the colon where it belongs. MSM makes it possible for an alcoholic to come down off the alcohol without any of the withdrawal side effects.

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