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Re: Liver pain after 7th flush -Advice please

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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Liver pain after 7th flush -Advice please

I think alb36 makes great points regarding those groups here on CZ that want you to be flushing forever so you will keep buying their expensive products to ward off some elusive chemicals that are supposed to be constantly surrounding you and over which you have no control. I'd say most of the other points are even not that radical or novel, if you looked for example in Andreas Moritz ' 'Timeless Secrets' book you'd find he holds some similar viewpoints, as regards for example coconut oil benefits. Moritz' training and theories are based upon Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system, and he's witnessed for example raw milk having some benefits for certain people -Vata types, mainly, whose bowels tend to get too dry-. However, he warns that raw milk in the U.S. has been found to be much contaminated with germs and even if boiled, bacteria will go after the dead bugs. Similarly Ayurveda explains who will benefit from taking turmeric or dandelion and why and who doesn't -their blatant bitterness making them not so beneficial for Vatas as they are for Pitta types-. Moritz' big reservations concern meat and protein, as explained below :
Commenting on the Blood Type Diet Moritz reveals that as a youngster he went on a predominantly high-protein diet like the one advocated for type O people and writes: "like many who go on such a diet, I felt great for about 18 months, as do so many other who go on the popular Atkins diet. Then I started developing stones in my liver, a dangerous arrhythmia and juvenile reumatoid arthritis, among other diseases. I had no idea that these ailments were due to protein poisoning. Ten years later I switched to a balanced vegan diet, and most of my illnesses went away within a matter of weeks. However, I still had to live with the many stones that had been produced in my liver and gallbladder as a result of what is known today as the O-type blood diet. Forty gallbladder attacks later, I did a series of liver flushes, which cleaned out these vital organs. Finally, I was free of any illness or discomfort."
He goes on:
"You won't notice the effects of a high protein diet until the blood vessel walls are well-thickened with excessive protein. Eating lots of animal protein triggers a powerful immune response in order to get rid of the foreign DNA and the dead, coagulated and damaged protein of meat, fish, eggs, poultry and dairy products. This immune response involves a powerful release of energy, thereby cleaning out impurities, improving skin functions and making you feel more grounded. However, as soon as the immune system is exhausted by the constant excessive activity, which took a mere 18 months in my case, the situation begins to backfire and the body becomes increasingly congested."
He also says:
"If concentrated protein foods were a necessary part of the human diet, as the Blood Type Diet advocates for the O-type people, for example, why does nature not reflect that need when it formulates human milk in a mother's breast? Its protein content is a mere trace amount of 1.1-1.6 percent, provided to a baby at the time of its biggest growth spurt. Wouldn't O-type babies die if they lived on so little protein for up to 18 months, since most babies in the natural world only get mother's milk as food? On the contrary, the babies actually develop perfect organs and systems,and are emotionally the most content. If nature's most perfect food doesn't give you much protein at the time when you are growing more rapidly than at any other time in your life, why would you need to eat concentrated proteins, such as meat, when you are older and no longer growing?"
His conclusion:
"If you are on the Blood Type Diet and decide to continue following it, I recommend that you be vigilant about how your body feels. If you start feeling a dull sensation in your gallbladder or pain in your joints, muscles or head, or if you develop mucus and sinus problems, a coated tongue or other signs of congestion, you may need to reconsider your dietary regimen."

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