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Re: Free Movie to explain - Caution:PHOTO of biotrash:Yulia's 4th Liver Flush Results-1st pass 121405
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Free Movie to explain - Caution:PHOTO of biotrash:Yulia's 4th Liver Flush Results-1st pass 121405

Well, we have an F165, but haven't got the european power plug we need to run it yet ;))) It's on the way though, and we should recieve it this week by mail. I am using an Fscan II, which is a Class 1 Licensed Medical device in Switzerland & Germany. This is quite expensive, near $4,000, and a great research tool, but some believe less effective in "treatment" or delivering frequency therapy than the F165. The F165 runs around $1800. I have read about some zappers, with frequency programs (sets of frequencies or frequency treatment geared toward a particular condition, like arthritis, etc.) that are also licensed medical devices in Germany, and produced there. I think these are much more affordable, but require the purschase of the keys. I would seek a good frequency generator, that allows you to program in the frequencies. Because I pay consultation for frequency work & research to Dr. Sutherland, I am using some advanced equipment, but this may not be necessary for those who are dealing with some pathogens. I have seen good frequency generators go for $300-$400. I would investigate the market, reflect on your goals and needs, and intended use. Of course you can always build your own zapper, and yes, there is used equipment, though I'd be sure to have it tested if you do purchase used equipment (as well as your own after some use). The frequencies we used to help with this Liver Flush could be run by any frequency generator, as no wobble or other more sophisticated parameters were run with this simple set of frequencies derived from Rife & Clark (Dr. Hulda Clark ). I sincerely hope that helps... I am still learning all the time. If you are interested in the electromedicine therapies in terms of Beck's contribution & research, I strongly and highly recommend you download the FREE movie (2 hours long, and a long download, but PRICELESS to YOU & your Loved ones - think "avian flu" or bioterrorism!!!) at this link,,, about half way down the page, just click on HERE in the GOLD letters :)))) Anyone with a viral, bacterial, parasitical based disease should take a look at that film and consider the information. HIV and Aids patients in particular should view it, as well as cancer patients, and consider the research.

That's Dr. Bob Beck's Ventura College Lecture... SUPER SUPER SUPER stuff!!!
Please watch it, and equally important, share it with your loved ones, friends, etc.

I hope that helps. Feel free to ask more questions, maybe I can share some of my experiences on my path to health. I am not "cured" quite yet, but I've lived a VERY exciting and adventurous HOSPITAL free life since consult, testing, and treatment from Dr. Loyd's & Dr. Sutherland's services, and Dr. Clark's books, etc. including Curezone's forums, forum members feedback, etc. etc. I got the film from the forums HERE (Zapper) - a forum member passed along the info, and that's how I got some of the BEST knowledge on Beck...

I think equally important, perhaps, in a way, is not just the education about "Beck protocols" specifically, though that may be LIFE saving for a lot of people, but how the SYSTEM and POLITICS (poly meaning "many", tics meaning "blood sucking creatures in Latin) keeps these technologies and treatments SUPPRESSED, PERSECUTED, and under the rug, or HIDDEN from Joe Q. Public, and DISINFORMED ABOUT by the ESTABLISHMENT. MOST IMPORTANT is, perhaps, even this:

How your own "disbelief" or lack of faith, or trust, or simply NOT trying it can hold you back.... from success. It's a tool, or bit of knowledge, and a tool or knowledge without application is, most would argue - useless :)

I hope that helps.

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