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How can I flush if I can't break down fats?
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Published: 18 years ago

How can I flush if I can't break down fats?

I started flushing about 2 years ago with great success. I passed many stones and parasites. I was starting to feel more energy and less pain in my back. Then suddenly, I stopped passing any stones. I knew my liver wasn't cleared out yet just by how I was still feeling. The olive oil and grapefruit juice were sitting in my stomach all night. I wasn't digesting them. There was alot of oil floating in the toilet the next day but hardly anything else. Even the effect of the Epsom Salts lessened. I tried using walnut oil and then sesame oil as well as digestive enzymes, to no avail. I've had issues with hypoglycemia and gluten intolerance for several years now which I've addressed (successfully) by going on a Sugar free, starch free, gluten free diet. This last month I've started seeing alot of mucous in my stools. I have very little peristaltic action, but manage to have some natural bowel movements with the help of psyllium. I also do enemas to help keep my intestinal track cleared and am amazed at the amount of mucous I get each time. It isn't dark and hardened but it is very thick and tough. Can this be an accumulation in the small intestines from the many years of a diet full of gluten? I've had chronic sinus problems with constant drainage, is this where it all went? I'm worried that my pancreas and gallbladder my be blocked, although I'm not experiencing any pain or discomfort in those areas. I don't have gas or intestinal discomfort either. I've also used Chanca Piedra and orthophosporic acid to help break down any stones that may be stuck, but neither seemed to have any effect. How can I possibly absorb any of the supplements I take if I have so much mucous in my system? By the way, I'm taking MSM, glutamine and Vitamin C for intestinal healing in case there is any damage. Would that account for the mucous breaking looose? I still have alot of discomfort in the mid-back (liver area). Can anyone help me?


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