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Re: How I cured Candida
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: How I cured Candida

Hope my friend hope, never give up, I know that more then anything. Stubborn I am , stubborn: read below and apply , god bless

Hi Mate,

Let me help you with your suffering. I have had exactly the same problems for 10 years, after 10 years I got worse from taking more Antibiotics . Then I really knew I had Candida. You r not so bad yet...
I tried every possible anti fungal including drugs (lamisil etc). My face felt dry, terrible feeling for 15 years, unable to shave or wash my face without over drying, irritations etc. Bowel movement mostly with lots of gas are symptoms of food allergies . It take a while (it took me 5 years of research 3-4 hrs a day on the net) before I found the solution. it is not mine but a man called Ted and his recipe. Website has been mentioned on this website many times. I simply took time to read most of his ideas and people feedback and applied what worked for me. By the way, you will find that my last feedback was that I fully cured my Candida, well the true is I almost got it but some of it returned, after my last application I feel I got it for good. Note: I am not saying it is gone and I am cured, I am saying I got it under control to the point I do not feel the pain I felt for the last 15 years. 15 years I was waiting for that simple solution. I still cant believe it and look into the mirror everyday. So far all under control.
Solution for your Acne and oily or dry skin: mix 1.25ml - 2.5ml (quarter to half teaspoon) baking soda (ingredients 100% sodium bicarbonate) with juice from one lime. I tried lemon but it was less effective, much less. Add 8oz of water. Important: Squeeze the lime first, add 1.25ml of soda first wait until it stops fizzing and add more slowly until is stops fizzing. Depend on the lime amount you may need 1.25 to 2.5ml of SB. Drink one hour before the food in or at least 2 hrs after. I drink ti 3 times a day. The drink will alkalize you intestine and will not allow it to spread. You body will slowly alkaline you upper and lower body including your penis and face. I waited for the eczema on my face to go away for 2 weeks. No more oily face or over dying after shaving. I still have a lot to go but now my body is in balance. To see that it works simply buy a PH paper ($2 on ebay) and check your morning urine and saliva. 100% it is acidic (5.5 or less) once you start drinking the solution it will become alkaline (6.7-7 or above). I have had Candida for over 15 years so it will take me some time to fix everything. I still have occasional eczema outbreaks on my penis but it does not bother me anymore because I know it is a matter of time. I spoke with people who have been through exactly the same pain. it took them 2 years to fix it all and no more eczema or Psoriasis anywhere. Candida simply gone. Of course you cant keep drinking the solution forever. Once your body regulates Candida you will slow down on the solution and drink ti once per week or so, but you will figure it out yourself.
I had a bit of a problem with my saliva PH, my urine was easily gone up to 7.5 but not saliva. So I add a bit of (2.5ml) potassium citrate. Silava is regulated my potassium lower by sodium Bicarbonate. Do not drink close to the meal! it will disturb digestion.
Now, you diet: I simply listened to my body. I calculated my diet intake using this web
I started eating follow that suggestions:
I eat these supplements:

I excluded what I felt I was allergic to until my body was quiet after eating.
trust me I spent years searching for the right diet and supplements and so far this is the best I came up with. I do agree with that website that if you stick to this diet you will eventually get better as it is highly alkaline diet but I added BS solution as it helped to feel like a normal person within 2 weeks. I ma so happy to see the changes, I cant believe it. Every day I touch my face and feel no eczema or yellow discharge on my forehead. I am waiting for it to stop working but nothing so far, everyday just better, normal...!!15 years people, 15 years of that shit on my face. If someone tells me that alkaline theory is wrong I will laugh out loud. I was diagnosed with Candida just recently. I Candida S. antibody blood test, but GP did not know what to do with it ha ha, idiots. I saw a total of 15-20 Gp, gastrologists, etc. I am still waiting for my Stoll DNA test which will show exact amount of Candida and other parasites in my digestive track. I did it before I started the BS solution so it will be interesting to see it. I hope this will help many people. Just do it and enjoy your life getting back to normal. There are many other solutions suggested on Ted's web
but please follow what I did as you have the same symptoms. I was impatient and started using other stronger staff like Borax, Soda Carbonate (washing soda) but all of these was not really effective as baking soda with lime. Borax is good but I take it from time to time only. I really feel when it does the job mostly around my gallbladder. You can read about it on his web. plenty of feedback there too.

I lost almost everything in my life, my home, investments, and job. I am on a disability; it was hard to get it, as I did not have any real symptoms. One idiot told me it was in my head. Canít express my frustration enough.

I can send you my entire diet protocol if you email me. I have it all calculated for my weight. But it might not work for you as you can have different food allergies . My Acne on my back is also gone, hated that shit. By the way, I cant afford organic so I eat normal store food. I will go organic when I heal and go back to work. My body lost a lot of nutrients over the last 5 years. I had very bad diet, lack of calcium magnesium potassium in my diet. Candida would not allow me eat causing a lot of reflux like symptoms. Burning in my mouth, terrible. It took me a lot of time to be able to eat again. I achieved some relief from using antifungals (the safe ones) but I would not use them at all if I knew about the Baking Soda solution. I had bad outbreaks after using some of the medicine. My face was full of red patches from toxins trying to come out. Now all cleared out. I feel my face everyday, it feels like a baby ass!!
I can barely walk due to mineral imbalance. It will take me a while before it all get back to balance but for the first time I feel optimistic, and trust me for someone who has Candia being optimistic is not easyÖ
Take care, I hope it will help you.

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