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There is always hope, and the truth makes a difference

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Published: 11 years ago
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There is always hope, and the truth makes a difference

I am very glad you are posting this, Zoebeth, it's hardly done.
There will be people all over the gulf area who can make better decisions as a result of knowing about the corexit.
for one thing, if you live down here, BUY an RO for your water- you don't want to drink it, or use it for your shower.
They do make whole house RO units, they are not cheap, but it's worth the money.
When I went to my favoirte health food store today, they had a notice about people meeting in the area to make it more oriented towards sustainable living- a good place to talk to people about this, It's very likely to spread into the florida aquifer, and to the aquifers in other states near the gulf.
I am very glad that I can go to work without getting sick from the fumes, at least I had an idea of what was going on and I was able to do something about it.
I know that the governement covered up 911, they will also cover this up, and we can only speculate what really happened.
I know I saw oil films on the gulf of mexico outside of tampa bay in the early part of June, this was a wide spread disaster.
After watching the bp cam non-stop for I think 6 or 8 weeks, my husband and I both saw enough to convince ourselves that it's bogus. Maybe because we've just had a 911 first responder in our shop telling us that all his photos had been confiscated by the Feds, and he's down here because he can't live in NYC because his memories are too painful
So what did happen?
As far as whether anyone believing anything that I post, darned if I care. I just hope someone reads it and wakes up. Things are just not what they seem.
We are still trying to figure out if we should move, it's getting down to how far away will be far enough?
This should never happen again, if it is ignored, then it certainly will, and all the people who have been damaged will not even know what happened, and who is at fault.
What my husband I have have put together it this, BP knew they had a problem well.
The contacted the feds, who may have obstructed.
some sort of grey ship was seen by the rig (this from our guy who works on it)
There was an expolsion- and a response by fire boats, who filled the hull with salt water, and sunk the rig.
The Coast guard didn't get there until later- it was in international waters.
It's possible that it was torpedoed by the north Koreans, who just torpedoed an south Korean warship, and are currently threatening to use nukes if the US and south Korea do war games near them.
I think we deserve a real explantion of what happened out there.
I am still here, so I guess the tsuamani was bogus, and Mr. Simmons by now I hope is getting the mother of all margin calls.
Unfortuntely he came up with a scary scenario that seems pretty silly now, it's a very deep well, it would have to be a huge cavern in a collaped sea floor to cause a tsunami.
But it fed right into the 'big corportations are destroying the world' fears of many, and he made money on it.
The SEC is investigating trades done on RIG and BP around the time of the top kill, it seemed that a lot of people made a lot of money by 'just guessing' that it wouldn't work.
This was nothing short of pure evil, I haven't run into it often in my life. I keep praying that those responsible will be brought to justice, and suffer for what they have done to others, so they can never do it again!!!!
and I agree, poisoning the earth and poisoning an ocean is right up there with genocide, in the long run, it may be the same thing in the number of human deaths.
I hope not, but time will tell.


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