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Different strokes
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Published: 17 years ago
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Different strokes

Hi Lunari
Yes, it's interesting how everybody is different and reacts differently... on one level. I do believe however that there is a basic level that we can work at which is fundamental to all humans, maybe even all mammals?! (top of the fractal)

I got my biggest stones out with the first and third flushes, (green then cream respectively) which were with K vinegar and oo but no Epsom Salts , first and lemon j and oo but no es on the third. The most in number, and smaller came on the 2nd and 4th (green then cream). The fewest with each bowel movement came with the es.

I figure it's down to just what's waiting in line in the liver and also what else is going on in the liver at the time, and requires merely sufficient oo to surge the bile out. I also do my flushes.. drink the mixture, around lunch time and use an enema the following morning.. it never feels right to do it in the evening, for me. I also eat fat for breakfast... therefore a six hour fast prior to flushing... and quite often eat a normal eve meal (for me) on that day too, including fat. (but no lunch)

Having done one flush now with Epsom Salts ..when I was in bed off and on for half the day, so tired, I think I too would wait 2 or 3 weeks were I to always use the es... that was my gut feeling when doing it.. ie not too often. However without es I feel fine about doing it every 3 to 5 days. Maybe it's down to frequent little nudges as opposed to one big nudge less often. If you imagine the old hose pipe scenario again.. forcing a whole load of water in one end may or may not affect the blockage.. but the vibration alone might shake things free. Pouring less water in but regularly may have a more profound effect however.
Having said that, someone might have a large stone nearer the duct and have to get that out prior to anything else.. which may account for some folk not getting anything on first few flushes ( or if their stones are smaller but further back).
Don't know if it's this mechanical... maybe Spirit can help.

I do think that we can't lay down hard and fast rules and that we have to listen to our instincts.. not so much to knowledge or received wisdom or whatever.

I agree with you about not listening so much to medics... partly.
In this country it's slightly different as we have a national health service whereby nobody pays directly.. so the system gets used and abused by patients. Doctors here are under pressure.. time and resources constraints... but most of all a medical education that dictates a particular view... we can't blame them for that.. we are all conditioned by our education and it takes a brave soul to step outside and swim against the current.

I believe fundamentally in responsibility for our own wellbeing being down to the individual... but to really listen to your own body we need time out of a hectic crazy world on a regular basis.. and to change our priorities somewhat... there shouldn't be a dichotomy or antagonism between idealism and practicality.

Keep on truckin'

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