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Re: Thanks Hanna and Fernando. Frequency of flushing.
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Thanks Hanna and Fernando. Frequency of flushing.

Thanks again Hanna
Yes I was aware of the enerchi website. Actually think his article on the liver is great (not too techy but not so patronising either.. a difficult balance to achieve) to show folk who don't appreciate just how important the liver is.

Re diet.. well I've been experimenting for 4 years.. trying to reintroduce different veg, fruit, grains. After a while I realised if fruit or veg are not ripe... and most fruit and veg in the UK is not... picked too soon and then artificially ripened... lord knows what's left behind of the antinutrients/plants natural defense mechanisms, or indeed how little actual nutrients are available to us who eat them. Growing one's own is only solution... my courgettes tasted sweet..never tasted a sweet one before..always rather bitter.

Real fruit is to die for.. only ever had that in the tropics... and some English fruit that's in season, like plums. With a little research came to realise exactly the same applies to grains.. ie all grains are harvested too soon ... for economic reasons. But there are ways of ripening them after cutting.. ie of bringing them to the point of germination at which time all sorts of things happen to turn it into fit for consumption grain products. (This was how grains used to be before the war.. left in the fields after cutting.. in bundles, to absorb the rain and reach germination point). There's a company in the US who actually do this with all their grains and then produce various flours from the germinated grain. Unfortunately they haven't come to the UK yet, but plan to

Sorry..was getting a bit carried away! Suffice to say I realised I was affected by starch.
I had been a 90% vegetarian (at the risk of offending the 100%-ers). Never been big on processed food..and now doesn't even come into the equation.
Do use raw milk and make kefir from it. Plenty of wholesome eggs and unpasteurised cheese.. and now good quality meats both domestic and wild. Avocados and salad stuffs which are ripe. Fruit when it's ripe. And as above.
Complex carbs are only meant to be used seasonally too.. in my humble opinion.. and according to some folk's received wisdom, to be stored by the body in the event of starvation or hard times.

But... we can't go down the diet route cos there'd be a ton of worms let out the can then! And there's plenty other forums and websites that deal with all that.

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