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I almost bought Alka Selter Gold...and Ketones...
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Published: 17 years ago

I almost bought Alka Selter Gold...and Ketones...

I am glad I did not.

I agree with whoever said, that when we are at our most nausated and uncomfortable sick point and vomit persay, that is when the gallbladder contracts and is releasing its stones. Its considered a good sign of a fruitful stone supply to come.

It is my new belief that the gallbladder sometimes needs assistance. So that the vomiting action helps the gallbladder to contract/releases.

I dont think that the gallbladder/liver necessarily releases its stones right after we drink the oil where we are suppose to lay still, on the right side, go to sleep, etc. Or, at the very least mine apparently likes to take its time because up to date i have never heard them rolling down until today.

To my surprise, I so sick to my stomach I rushed to throw up for the first time ever after flushing; strangely, this occured 2 hours AFTER the 4th epson salt drink during my first meal of steamed celery, and broccoli. It was as if I had a stomach full of Epson salts. *Mucho Yucko* I've never had this problem before.

When I layed down afterwards, I could hear and feel the stones rolling down whilst feeling much, much better.

The only thing I did different was no juice. I drank the epson salts straight with water and equal amount of lemon juice with the cup of oil.

As for the results. Two of my largest stones blew. The sizes of large acorns but very rounded.

Neither one looked like they were pieced together as some I have seen. Basic Green.

I noticed around the afternoon while sick I checked my ketone urine stick to see it practically purple! Does anyone know if that means I am just dehydrated? In a state of burning fat all night and why I feel thinner, like as in, the Atkins Diet?

I had fasted the day before. My last meal was two tablespoons of coconut oil and no juice through out. If so, I imagine I should continue to lose weight very fast if I stay in ketosis.

In theory, I should be able to go from liver flushing, into tightening up, losing five pounds instead of rushing off for the Sugar highs of carbs that I normally do with fruits and juices.

Have a nice day,


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