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Not a license to die but a license to live: an HIV survivor's story
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Published: 13 years ago

Not a license to die but a license to live: an HIV survivor's story

Posted at the Yahoo Oleandersoup Group:


My Story - June 2, 1010
To Dr. Marc and the Oleander Soup Group:  I do appreciate your Cancer/HIV-alternative-views, information and social network. 
I have been hiv positive for 23 and without knowing why, I refused to take traditional HIV meds.  I was already leaning towards alternative therapies, and over the past 23 years I have refined treatments.  Luckily, I read a book by Hulda Clark, The Cure for Aids, and adopted some of her recommended therapies.  I did this over 10 years ago.  Most recently, I have incorporated Oleander, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Meditation/Prayer into my regiment, which astonishing success.
For years, up to this day, everyone wonders how I maintain health, though not on meds.  I accredited my health to herbs, minerals, vitamins, colloidal silver, and the use of the zapper, but I did not really know for sure.  I also believed that my increased spirituality plays a major role  I pray and meditate vigorously, and regularly. 
I was blessed to have an HIV Testing social worker in Atlanta tell me, when I got tested for a second opinion, that being positive "was not a license to die, but rather a license to live".  With that encouragement, I "lived", travelling all over the world, becoming a top seeded marathon runner, purchasing 2 homes, started my own company, going to graduate school, and became one of the best computer consultants in my field, though I did not go to school for this.  I was determined to be a force to be reckoned with.  I very effectively used ancient and new age spiritual rituals , and they worked! 
In the past few years, however, my health started to deteriorate.  ...nothing major, but I had severe night sweats, diarrhea, pneumonia, weight loss, and depression.  Simultaneously, I was stricken with significant life challenges, including Sibling Rivalries, Severely Ill Mother, Layoff, and a dramatic ending to an 8 year relations.

But, I never gave up, and also decided to update my research and alternative therapy regiment.  As a result, I made the following changes over 3 months ago:
* Regularly taking Sutherlandia OPC
* Regularly taking Colloidal Silver
* Regularly using the Zapper (had been for 10 years, but slacked a bit)
* Regularly praying and meditating
* Regularly exercising (about 10 hours per week)
* Eating better
* Following Oxygen Therapies:  Ozonated Water & Hydrogen Peroxide
* Continuing with my time-tested regiment of herbs and vitamins:  Including:  Periodic Master Cleanses, Liver, Kidney and Parasite Cleanses, Hulda Clark tinctures, Herbs:  Olive Leaf Extract, Garlic, Germanium, and Collostrum, DHEA, Ch inese Herbs, and various medicinal teas.
Note:  I do not take all of these things at once.  I take 1 - 2 vacations from some items, while keeping constant with my main regiment, Oleander & Cancer Bush Herbal Combination....Sutherlandia OPC
Needless to say, I am feeling and looking fantastic!  I am very confident that the Sutherlandia product has been very significant in "turning the tide for me".  As a result, I am vibrant, healthy, and feel & look great!
I did take a herbal tea, "Ambush", from Apostle Shada Mishe, for 21 days.  It made me feel fantastic and look great!  But, after a few weeks, I completed the treatment, and began to lose weight, feel depressed, and also exhausted.  ...back to how I felt before taking it.
I then did:

* Hulda Clark Cleanses
* Rested well,
* Took 3 Sutherlandia OPC capsules twice a day
* Meditated daily
* Exercised regularly
* Zapped Regularly
* Quit Smoking
* Oxygenated Often
Now my illness is all gone now....without meds.  I believe that I actually fought off pneumonia naturally. 
I now realize that in retrospect that I began to get sick, after 20+ years of fighting HIV, because I got too comfortable with my progress and stopped following my regiment as I did in the earlier years.  Also, my alternative practices seemed weird to friends and my partner and I slowly stopped practicing those regiments.  Lastly, I was devastated with multiple significantly challenging events that left me depressed.
Recently, because I was laid off and had little money, I was required to use a local HIV clinic as my health care provider.  They pushed the traditional therapies....pills, pills, and more pills.  I took some pills, but never the cocktail junk.  I slowly came to the realization that my health decline was due to antibiotics, sleeping pills, depression and past recreational drug use, but I continued to think that it was due to the onset of Aids.  I later realized that it was due to me not following the original alternative regiment. 
Thanks to my getting ill and being catapulted into doing additional alternative therapy research, I was able to find out about the Oleander Regiment, the Budwig Mixture, Colloidal Silver, Dr. Hulda Clark, Quantum Physics, and the like.  I  gained and maintained the momentum to get back to my alternative program, keeping it updated. 
I am now alive and well!  I do not look or feel bad anymore.  I will never take the meds and am so pissed about what I see as a BIG AIDS/CANCER/HEALTH CARE SCAM that I am determined more than ever to be victorious.
I've tried to share my experience and knowledge  with alternative therapies to others and they "block me out", such as POZ Magazine indicating to me today that HIV "dissidents are not allowed to post on their blog", as well as friends and family arguing with me about HIV, though they have not done any research, nor have lived with the virus for 23 years.
It was very refreshing to find you, Dr. Marc,  Sutherlandia OPC, and the Oleander Soup group.   In addition to feeling great, I am now connecting with folks like me, who refuse to take perspectives on Health and Healing that make no sense.
Next week I will begin a cleansing regiment which aims to further eliminate the virus, as well as many other microbes and parasites from my body.  I will be making continued use of the following tools:
* Budwig Diet
* Sutherlandia OPC
* Ozonated Water
* Colloidal Silver
* Electro Medicine - The Zapper
* Arginine
* Vitamin B6 
* Black Cherry Concentrate 
* Black Walnut Tincture 
* Clove capsules 500mg 
* Ginger Root 
* Goldenrod Tincture
* Kidney Tea Herbs 
* Magnesium Oxide 
* Ornithine - 500mg
* Uva Ursi 
* Wormwood capsules
* Prayer
* Meditation
* Exercise
* Eating Well
* Rest
* No Cigarettes, Alcohol or Drugs
I will follow this strict regiment for 6 weeks and know that I will be fine.  I have done it before, but maybe not to this precise degree.  ...And I thank my recently gained "truth" for knowing with accuracy.
After 6 weeks, I will return to a less intrusive alternative regiment and will continue to do may of the things listed above, but not all.  I will continue with the Oleander regiment.  I have already ordered my 2nd 500 capsules.
I only ask that the public, especially those with "HIV" or Cancer (the same to me) TAKE THEIR LIVES SERIOUSLY.  DO NOT ACCEPT ONLY ONE SIDE OF THE STORY.  DO RESEARCH LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT, FOR IT DOES.  You may be very surprised to find out the many truths about Cancer/Aids, and other health challenges are being suppressed.  There are many regiments that work, and there are thousands of people around the world with "real life" testimonies.  ...Like me.
Warmest Regards,
June 2, 2010

Not a License to Die but a License to Live: an HIV Survivor's Story


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