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Re: Does anyone have Proof?
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Published: 18 years ago
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Re: Does anyone have Proof?

Well, I seriously doubt I could instantly reverse a lymphatic blockage by discharging balls of grape fruit juice and olive oil - if my mind power was that good I would be more ecstatic than the case they were really stones. And the amount of swelling in my right foot seems to be reduced in most cases by how much stone volume I get out, and the length of time the swelling goes down is also proportionate to it. The overall sense of well-being after removing the stones is something you can't really convey, the second they are out of the colon, its like flipping a light switch.

Another point, I used to use 8 oz of Coke with the juice of one lemon, mixed with the olive oil. The stones looked identical to when I use grape fruit and oive oil with no Coke. And when I take Gold Coin Grass for more time before the flush, I see a more noticeable wearing down of the stones that come out.

I went to a doctor for another reason in March 2004 - he saw the swelling in my foot and declared it likely gallstones. He did an ultrasound and said that's what I had. Well, 3 months (and several flushes) later I got another one, and all they saw was some chaff at the bottom. Now maybe the first guy was careful and could see the cholesterol stones, and the second guy wasn't, I don't know. Others here have more conclusive proof than that.

What I do know is that gall bladder surgeries cost like $22K a piece, and it is the number one surgery, a $12 billion dollar a year business. And really, even if people didn't flush their liver s, I know doctors a bit more wiser that have eliminated attacks in most patients by simply having them avoid the food that is causing the allergic reaction - that worked in 99% of his patients, no more attacks. The main point I am making is that if a cure is cheap or free, doctors will not be indoctrinated into it - if there is some other way to make lots of money off of that malady, even if that method causes more harm in the end.

Take statin cholesterol medicines for instance. In the first place, blaiming cholesterol for congestive heart failure is like blaiming the fire men for fires just because you see them around fires a lot. A recent European study found that cholesterol was nowhere in the top 10 reasons for CHF. Another study had people with no heart problems take a statin medicine for a few weeks. Statins, at least the artificial ones, greatly reduce CoQ10 production in the liver, which is necessary to keep your heart beating correctly. Sure enough, at the end of the few weeks only, 70% of the patients developed problems with heart function that are markers for CHF. Now if you wanted to take a statin, you could take the natural one in red yeast rice, but the pharmaceutical companies convinced the FDA to block promotion of red yeast rice for this purpose. Why don't these companies include the CoQ10 in their medicine? They took out patents on this combination, but they couldn't patent the CoQ10 and people could simply buy it cheaper alone. But they didn't bother to tell anyone, couldn't even bother to go to the trouble, that is the high regard they place on their customers.

Which is why I mention that doctors are the number 1 cause of death in the United States, with at least 750K documented deaths per year. Deadly harmful pharmaceuticals, unnecessary surgery, and outright goofs. Sure they may mean well but the information they are taught is financially driven. A few think their own way and find out what B.S. it is, and thank God for that.

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