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How I cured Candida

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robertcqu Views: 20,963
Published: 11 years ago

How I cured Candida

HI All,

I have had Candida for over 20 years. Thanks to websites like this I finally realised that it was Candida that caused my life miserable for so many years. I will spare you the usual mambo jumbo about what I tried and what I did not and tell you what you all want to hear.

Please be aware that as a little boy my parents were taking me to doctors a lot due to arepetitive sinus and tonsils infection. I was always given Antibiotics for the infection.

I havwe suffered from the following symptoms for the first 15 years of my life:
1. When I turned 13 I developed a very strange pattern of oily, dry, skin on face. Over the years I leraned that the pattern is repating itself according to the calendar. It took me a few years to realise that it follows the moon calendar. Doctors could not believe in what I was saying untill I constantly proved them that that every symptom (dryness, pimples, oily skin) happens on a regular basis. Then I leraned that if you follow the Moon calendar you will realise that bacteria (fungi) get very active in the week before the full moon. I would get extremely dry skin one week after the full moon. I would get eczema spreading during the week prior the full moon. I would get oily skin 2 week prior the full moon and 3 weeks prior the full moon my skin would be normal for a week.
2. I had terrible bloating
3. Terrible dundruff
4. Constant infection due to cold (which got worse and worse and forced em to leave Europe and move to Australia)

Although it may look like nothing terrible you may trust me that living with slowly spreading eczema is not something you like. It is simply terrible not being able to wash your face or shave etc. Pian mornign and evening almost every day.

When I moved to Australia my symptoms did not change. My immune system was so weak that even here I gto infection from a simple wcold wind at winter. As soon as the temperature went down to 18 Celcius I would get sthe infection. I tried to avoid the Antibiotics but had no choice and used them again. This time I developed huge dryness, white tounge, rush, burning mouth, sensitivity to everything including water. Unable to eat anything due to burning in my mouth. Terrible pain!
I visited a Centre for Digestive Diseases in Five Dock Sydney. Prof Borody prescribed Lamisil tablets. I gto better for a week and then all came back and I developed more eczema on my face. I lost hope in Doctors. I did all the test and nothing was found. I was a healthy person according to Doctors. I did gastroscopy , colonoscopy etc.

My diet for 3 years was: Buckheat, unsalted butter, fresh mince pork meat and broccoli plus lipton tea or chamomile.

Then I got a bit help from a naturopath I found through people on the website Diane Petosky. She did some Candida test and gave me the herb which allowed me to have part tiem life. It was called Myrrh. I was taking 20 drops 3 times a day. Please keep in mind that it helped me only if I got it from USA (the company is called pure herbs). I tried the one they had in Australia but you cannot even compare. Myrrh changed my life so I could have less burning and be able to eat more foods. Unfortunately it did not cure me and the symptoms including rush on my forearms etc would come back if I skipped a few days. I realsied I had the leaky gut. I learned about probiotics and knew that it was the way to go. I got 15 different strains and untill 3 months ago I had little improvements. Finally 3 months ago the following things happened:

My sking became less oily, I no longer could feel the cycle I usually had. I did not have to wash my hair every sacond day ( I used yellow Selsun, which I found extremely useful for dundruf and oily scalp). My sleep needs came from 8 hrs to 6 hrs. Please note that before that for 20 years I had to be in bed by 10pm otherwise my eczema would spread!. I noticed that probiotics I started taking caused a lot of strange burning sensation in the top part of my small intestine. I could feel the wholes like pain when I drunk lemon with water. I knew something has changed. My back Acne (which also got oily and lots of pimples) got clean and normal.

I feel different and after the last 5 years of trying everything including: oregano oil, coconut oil, myrrh tincture, lots of different cleansing pills, lemosn, grapefruit drops, olive leaf extract, peroxide, kolorex, selenium, biotine and many many other treatments I finally achieved something that is giving me my life baCK.
I must admit I am a bit confused as to which medicine did the recent changes. Overt eh last 3 months I was taking a huge doses of probiotics including: iFlora, Probioplus DDS, Eczema shield, FermPlus from NuFerm, VSL#3, Dr Shaninas DDS-1 strain and Yakult plus Flora Balance poweder and pills. You ned to give me another week or two to confirm that the positive chnages were made by Flora Balance. I believe it was the probiotic which caused the changes as it is the only one I did not take for the last few weeks and noticed no more improvement. I started studying all probiotics and when you do research you will learn that Flora balance is the one that actually eats the fungi (candida). This is exactly why I felt the wholes in my intestine. I felt as if something ate the fungus and stopped feeding my eczema on my face.
My next experiment will be with my wife who is much more advanced with her symptoms. She can barely move. total fibromyalgia. We just did nuclear test of her food transit. Her digestion is over 2 times slower than any other person. Her gallblader does nto move at all, and was described and growsly abnormal but no stones. Gastro and colonoscopy showed nothing. huge vaginal candida. The funny part we had to argur to get all these test bacause everyone was saying that she was normal. f*** all of the Doctors, F..idiots. Sorry i am getting to angry at all these big pharma shit.
Anyway, we start the treatment next week with these new probiotics. I have high hopes that after the 20 years of suffering I will not only help myslef but also my wife.

She has huge leaky gut. We did some good quality test for that but the simplest test was doen by the naturopath who tested something in her urine after eating proteins for breakfast.

I will let you know of the outcome as soon as I start having more positive results.
I definietly extended my life even if I feel no more improvements. i cant tell you how much it means to have a normal face. I hope many of you will get the same results. Please do your research about that Soil based probiotics strain. I simply read about all of them and tried them all. I was taking 30 pills at once sometimes. Once I realsied that VSL#3 has 480 bilion cultures I knew I could. By the way do not take huge amopunts for night, it will give you huge heart rate and you may end up with some stroke. Trust me I tried taking VSL#3 for night I had dreams about my intestine shaking and when I woke up I felt my heart racing like a car. Take it easy and take huge doses in the morning.
Thank you for all your posts and help. Try keep yourslef save and not hurting yourself anymore. I did that a few times e.g. I did colonics at hope and put too much myrrh inside and burned my intestine. It was painful for a ong time. I had confirmed the burning in my colonoscopy. I am healinh it by fasting and it works well. I made a mistakes assuming that my candida was in the large intestine. It is in the small one just on the entrance level. I can feel it easily now.
As for others antifungals the one that really worked was olive leaf extract and coconut oil. Olive leaf was great but I think it had no effect on the candida in the intestine, it killed bacteria in my urinary system. I could drink 0.5 ml per day for a few weeks before I could increase the dose. It was powerful. My wife could drink a glas of ot I could barely drink a ml. I would die if I druk more. After 2 month I was able to drink unlimited amouns without pain. I had definietly something wrong there and it helped me to avoid fututr complications.
Coconut oil worked for a few days. It definietly worked fro Candida in the small intestine. It killed some of it, I felt the difference. It stopped working after a few days. How I know it wokred- well I had an outbreak of eczema like red spot on my stomach. I felt this huge squeeze just above my belly buton and the next day thsi one red eczem like spot in the same place on my stomach. It went away itself after a few weeks. Somoen said that Candida chnages itslef into 5 different types. I think it was right. You may find my previous email about coconut oil and how happy I was that it worked.

That is all for now. I will write more after the next few weeks.

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