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Re: Moritz Liver/Gallbladder Flush ~2 Years

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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Moritz Liver/Gallbladder Flush ~2 Years

Of course not. Here is what I do:

In the beginning, I did a flush every 3 weeks like clockwork because I had some serious gallbladder symptoms going on, too much weight and increasing digestive issues in general. After 1 year, I switched to every 6 weeks to give stones more time to soften and move forward. Right now at almost 2 years, I am thinking about going to flushing every 4 weeks. Haven't decided.

I followed Andreas Moritz ' method. It worked EVERY TIME. In the beginning, I drank apple juice for all the days leading up to flush day. I bought 32 oz bottles off the shelf, like Mott's or Mott's organic. Drank half in the morning on an empty stomach. Drank the other half at night on an empty stomach. Usually after a few days I would feel a "sour stomach" which I conclude was the toxins being softened/melted away and draining into my stomach before the actual flush.

The last 6-9 months I switched to Malic Acid 600mg capsules from Vitamin Shoppe. ~$6.59 per bottle. I am tired of apple juice, drinking all that juice, and I don't need the sugar. I take 4 malic acid capsules in the morning on an empty stomach and 4 capsules at night on an empty stomach. I do this for about 10 days, sometimes 12 days. I just sense that I need a few more days because it's capsules or because my stones need the extra softening time. Day of the flush, I take at least 8 capsules, sometimes more.

I also came to learn at about the 1 year mark when I was getting a lot of stone movement in between flushes that felt like uncomfortable pressure or stones getting stuck in ducts that ALOT more softening must be in order. I can't do emergency flushes for a stuck stone at the drop of hat, usually. I needed to figure something else out. So initially I got a bottle of Chanca Piedra. That's way too pricey for me to take for very long so a friend had mentioned how cranberry juice has so much malic acid. So, I surfed around the internet and realized what a wonder juice this is and when I read that diluted pure unsweetened cranberry juice detoxes fat cells, to boot, I decided to include this is in my regimen for softening.

So I now buy Trader Joe's pure unsweetened cranberry juice for $3.99 a 32 oz bottle and dilute it according to the fat flush plan recipe of 1 part cranberry juice to 7 parts water. I drink this instead of plain water every single day. It's my water intake now and it's so beneficial I see no reason to ever stop.

I have rarely experienced stuck stone episodes since, if ever.

On the night before the day of the flush, I also take Colosan capsules. I take them again the morning of the 7th day and sometimes again around mid-day. I learned that for the Epsom Salt flushes to work effectively for me, I had to get the colosan to work beforehand, at least one bowel movement.

On the 7th day I try to eat the right way but I am not perfect. Sometimes I eat broccoli and rice, sometimes I peanut butter and raspberry preserves on high fiber bread. I just try to in general avoid fried, processed, animal protein (especially red meat) during the 6th and 7th days -- can't make any promises the other days :)

I use the Epsom Salts just like the Moritz method says. Don't always get it done at the precise hours but it still works out. I do always drink the olive oil mixture by 10:15pm.

I squeeze 3 oz orange juice and 3 oz lemon juice, add the olive oil, shake, drink.

I lay down. Try not to get up. But I'm not perfect.

Next morning, almost without fail, VOILA! Stones. Tiny, minute, medium, larger - but no golf balls or anything. I think I shrunk 'em. Plenty of foam, chaff, little debris, and that smell of death/disease leaving :(

I do the last 2 Epsom Salt flushes and then usually the next day I do more colosan.

I cannot say enough about the benefits I feel. Please remember, this process is not an overnight miracle cure or sensation. According to Andreas Moritz , the benefits from each flush take 6 to 9 months to manifest. This is an ongoing commitment to make improvements little by little, naturally, taking baby steps, based on what you sense/intuit will be appropriate for you.

I have friends who can't take the Epsom Salts so they use something else. Some use apple cider vinegar. Whatever adjustments make it work for you.

Enjoy the immortality!! ;()

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