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Re: chiro appointment..neck verdict..
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: chiro appointment..neck verdict..

Howdy gal!

'Not glad to hear you need so much work (of course), but I'm really glad to hear you got good information about what's wrong and what needs to be fixed - that explains a LOT, eh?

Yes, we have reports of Dr. Christopher regenerating discs and dissolving bone spurs :)

Pasted below is his newsletter on the 'back' . 

'Sounds like it's gonna be quite an "investment" ('sorry to hear it'll be so expensive).  The thing that's SUPER important to remember (Dr. Christopher talks about it below, too) that having adjustments and putting the spinal vertebrae back INTO alignment, does not necessary 'cure the cause' of what caused them to be OUT of alignment.  So methinks if you don't want to end up spending much more than your 'initial investment', then addressing the issues that could be the 'cause' is very (very!) important.  (You won't find many surprises about what we need to do to fix the various possible causes of the problems :)  

By the way, we do not yet have Dr. Christopher's "Nervine Combination" - one ingredient (the Lady's Slipper) is now extremely rare and costly...something like $250 a pound (finding "organic" is even tougher).  Dr. Schulzes Nerve Sedative is very similar.  (next 'moon' we're gonna start the Nervine Combination whether we have been able to score the Lady's Slipper or not).

One thing you might want to look into is an Inversion Table - they are absolutely fantastic for taking stress off the entire spinal column and keeping it in good alignment (and relieving pain).  Teeter is far & away the brand of choice.  We have this one (free shipping! Teeter Hang Ups EP-850 Flex Technology Inversion Table at ), but the actual Teeter website has a variety of options: Welcome to the home of Teeter Hang Ups - Helping to Relieve Back Pain since 1981

Be SURE to keep us updated!  (hopefully I'll find time to 'touch base' tomorrow or the next day)

Biggest & healthiest of blessings -



Volume 3  Number 12

"Oh, my aching back!"  The amount of times this phrase has been uttered almost equals the frequency of the phrase, "Have a good day."  In this issue of the newsletter, we will speak on some common back problems and their solutions.

There are many causes for backache.  The People's Desk Reference, (1980) by Dr. Montagna, gives us a few:

    ". . arthritis, osteoporosis, infection and fever, tumor, peptic ulcer, emotional tension and stress, cranial maladjustments, slipped disc or other spinal cord injuries, disorders of the urinary system, and muscular strain or sprain.  Muscle strain or sprain as a cause of backache is quite frequent, and commonly results from over or improper physical exertion, incorrect posture, sleeping on soft beds, or incorrect lifting, such as bending from the waist."

We have had many hundreds of people come to us over the past 30 or 40 years complaining of the all-inclusive term, "backache."  Some of these folks have required as many as three or four chiropractic adjustments a week to be able to function without pain.  As soon as their spinal columns were adjusted, straightened or aligned, they've had to return to the chiropractor a few days later because the adjustment "wore off" or the spine slipped out of place again.  This was often due to a weakness in the nerve and muscle fibers which are associated with the spinal column.  Not withstanding mechanical injury, malnutrition is the main cause of the problem.  Often the blood stream is not clean and deposits toxic material around the spinal cord.  The nerves may not be properly fed and the myelin sheath (composed of calcium) surrounding the nerve is worn away from denatured foods, drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

Just recently we visited an old classmate who is now a practicing chiropractor in Salt Lake City, Utah.  In his waiting room there was a book explaining spinal adjustments to children.  It compared the spine to a freight train with the vertebrae as the cars.  The engine is the brain and the caboose is the sacrum.  The train carries nourishment to various destinations along the line.  Inside the spine there is a large pipeline known as the spinal cord and a lot of smaller pipelines called nerves.  The nerves carry nerve energy or food to other parts of the body and organs such as the heart, the stomach, the thyroid, the liver, the kidneys, etc.  When one of the cars on the train is thrown or bumped off the track it causes the nourishment flow through the pipeline to be disrupted.  In other words, the nerve impulse flow has been interrupted.  The organs along the nerve impulse route do not receive food and as a result other parts of the body have to work harder to maintain the whole system.  When the spinal adjustment is made, the spinal cord and nerves are uncramped and nerve energy is released from its blockage and allowed to flow freely again.  Nourishment can now reach the rest of the body.

Because the nervous system plays a key role in the health of the body, we recommend feeding the nerves with the Calcium Formula and the Nervine Combination, both made from God's own herbs.  The Calcium Formula consists of comfrey, horsetail grass, oatstraw, and lobelia.  The herbal Nervine Combination consists of black cohosh, capsicum, hops flowers, lady's slipper, lobelia, skullcap, valerian root, wood betony, and mistletoe.  Two or three capsules of this three times a day with a cup of celery juice will serve to rebuild shattered nerves.  The Calcium Formula is also important in cases of osteoporosis (bone loss) and tuberculosis of the spine.  Of course the thyroid should also be considered in these cases, for it plays an important part in calcium metabolism.

Misalignment or subluxation of the spine can occur from the top of the spine to the bottom of the spine.  The causes may vary.  Accident or injury causing pressure on the vertebral nerves, poor nutrition, poisoning, stress, and gravity are just a few causes.  The base of the skull contains the medulla oblongata, the motor nerve which is the message center for the rest of the spinal cord.  If there is an injury to the medulla (such as occurs during a forceps birth or a blow to the head) the messages to the rest of the body won't be clear.  The B&B Tincture with the Oil of Garlic in the ears can feed the nerves in the area of the base of the skull.  The herbs composing these are: blue cohosh, black cohosh, blue vervain, skullcap, and lobelia.  This tincture can also feed the nerves of the atlas and axis.  The atlas is the first vertebrae of the spinal column upon which the skull rests.  When it is out of alignment, it can adversely affect the nerves going to the rest of the body.  The axis is the second vertebrae which enables the head to turn from side to side.  It is this one that is most frequently misaligned.  Frequent headaches can be a sign that this is the case.

The next five vertebrae are called the cervical, or the neck vertebrae.  The atlas and axis are the first and second cervical.  When these are misaligned, they can cause problems in the neck, shoulder area, the blood supply to the head and neck and all the organs within the head and neck, and the arms to the elbows.

The thoracic vertebrae are the next 12 vertebrae.  When these are "out" not only may back pains occur, but problems in the entire thoracic area may ensue.  This includes malfunctions of the arms and hands, the heart and arteries, the lungs and bronchials, the gall bladder, the liver, stomach, pancreas, spleen, diaphragm, adrenal glands, kidneys and urinary tract, and small intestine.

The Lumbar vertebrae are the five vertebrae of the lower back.  The common "lower back pain" can have a variety of causes.  There is the classic, Lumbago, which is a severe type of rheumatism affecting the muscles of the lower back.  There is often pain in the muscles of the loins as well.  Pain in the Lumbar region may also indicate malfunction of the large intestines, inguinal rings, the appendix, abdomen, upper legs, reproductive organs, bladder, knees, sciatic nerve, lower legs, ankles and feet.

The sacrum is the basis of the spine, the foundation.  If this bone is out of alignment, there may be distress in the pelvic area and the buttocks.  The coccyx or tail bone is the last bone along the spinal column.  Misalignment of this bone can cause problems with the rectum and anus including hemorrhoids.  If this bone is terribly curved inward the cerebral spine fluid can be affected.

Backache symptoms can be put into four categories, that is, four types of origins of pain.
Muscle Pain
1) Muscle Pain: This can be due to a strain or sprain.  Another reason is the imbalance of the symmetrical state of the muscles on either side of the spine.  The cause here can be insufficient exercise or over exertion of muscles.  When we constantly work or play in the same position, muscle strain can occur.  Emotional tension can cause muscles to become tense and permanently foreshortened.  Correct posture should be maintained.  Incorrect posture places great strain on the structure of the spine.  Muscle pain (Charlie horse) can also result from lack of calcium to the muscles.
Pinched Spinal Nerves
2) Pinched Spinal Nerves: These result, as we have stated, from spinal subluxation.  These pinchings may also be influenced by muscles associated with the spine.

Insert picture
Pain from disease in the body
3) Pain from disease in the body: When a person experiences pain or disease in an organ, pain may also occur along the neural route leading from that organ back to the spinal column, thus "backache" may be experienced.  This is why we suggest iridology or reflexology as another confirmatory diagnostic tool.  This way, we can tell if it is actually the back that is out of alignment, or the diseased part of the body sending a message to the brain through the nerves and the spinal cord.

Pain in the kidneys, located on either side of the spine in the middle back area of the body, is often relieved through the use of diuretic herbs and foods.  A popular TV commercial shows a man straining his back from heavy lifting and then being relieved by an over-the-counter preparation for backache which is actually a diuretic to the kidneys.  If the backache stems from kidney problems, we suggest the herbal combination for the kidney and bladder taken with parsley tea.  The formula is: juniper berries, parsley, uva ursi, marshmallow root, lobelia, ginger root, and black cohosh root.  Foods high in kidney-irritating salt, inorganic sodium, sulpha drugs, and alcohol need to be discontinued.  A person who has kidney problems usually does not drink enough water, or drinks hard water.  We recommend steam distilled water (1-2 ounces per kilogram of body weight) daily in order to flush the kidneys and urinary tract of harmful sediment.

Gas or constipation in the bowel can cause backaches through pressure.  The bowels should always be kept open.  The Lower Bowel Formula, when used in conjunction with the three-day cleanses and the mucusless diet can accomplish this.  Dr. Bernard Jensen feels that many cases of back pain result from abnormal positions of abdominal organs.  Prolapsed colon can place pressure on the lower back.  The slant board routine described in our little booklet, Dr. Christopher's Three Day Cleanse and Mucusless Diet can take some of the pressure from gravity off the spine.  The slant board alone or a more extreme form of anti-gravity therapy, boots which hang from the ceiling, are often used by those who wish to take years of pressure off the spine.
Spinal Disorders
4) Spinal Disorders.- Serious diseases such as degenerative arthritis account for less than 5% of back pain.  We treated a lady once who had such a disease.  One of her vertebrae was degenerated and the doctors had given up on healing her.  The bone had holes eaten through.  She refused to change her diet in any way but she agreed to try some herbs.  A friend persuaded her to use the Bone, Flesh & Cartilage spinal formula as a nightly fomentation. in about six months the woman had grown a new vertebrae-that is, the old one was completely restored and regenerated.  The Bone, Flesh & Cartilage formula is truly one of nature's herbal miracles and can be used wherever there is damage along the spine.  Where tumors are present, one would want to add the elderberry tincture or some other form of high potassium food as an internal supplement.

Although we always want to work on the cause of backache, we can relieve the symptoms by using the cayenne heating balm.  This consists of cayenne pepper, wintergreen oil, pure mint crystals, and other essential oils in a base of olive oil and untreated beeswax-apply sparingly to sore places.  We have found that the Bone, Flesh & Cartilage ointment works well together with the cayenne ointment.  One takes the other into the skin more quickly and brings relief.

Hot fomentations can also be applied to painful areas of the back.  Their effectiveness can be increased if the fomentations are made with the herbs of the Bone, Flesh & Cartilage formula.  The herbs penetrate deeply to soothe and heal.

Spinal adjustments may still be necessary to correct subluxation, but through the changing of diet and lessening of stress factors we can make these adjustments hold for a longer period of time and eventually for good.  As more people want to find their way to health, the offices and classrooms of health practitioners will be filled to the brim with new people.  The idea of holistic healing is to teach the person to care for their own bodies, minds and spirits.

Thomas Alva Edison, the great inventor, once said, "The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."





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