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Fighting a Viral Cold with CS
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Published: 11 years ago

Fighting a Viral Cold with CS

I hope my recent experience may be of help to someone who has bad colds. Bill

I knew that over the years that when I began to get that scratchy feeling in the back of my nose and in my throat, maybe began sneezing and feeling chilly, I was catching a cold. In years gone by I would end up with a stuffy head cold which would finally travel down into my lungs, resulting in a long bout of bronchitis. As I got older it often would end up as pneumonia. Two or more months of misery and Antibiotics !

I have just learned (the hard way) what appears to me to be the most effective way to use CS in fighting colds. A couple of weeks ago I started down with a cold which felt more like a virus cold this time. Upper nose and throat were raw and I felt dragged out. I used my standard and usually successful way of stopping a cold, a tablespoon of CS and a couple of spritzes of CS up my nostrils before bed. As usual, by morning, it was gone and I felt great. This time, however, I made a mistake. Thinking the cold was gone I didn't do anything further with the CS.

The next day I woke up coughing my head off with a miserable, sticky head and chest cold. I immediately went back to the tablespoon of CS night and morning, spritzes up my nose every few hours and started using CS in a nebulizer four times a day. I started improving daily. Two or three days later I went outside in the rain to feed the birds and got damp and chilly. The cold got worse. A couple of days later I again felt good enough to go out into my cold wood shop, heavily dressed. Too warm, and I got sweaty, so removed my outer jacket. Felt a little chill, but thought I was OK. Next day, I was all stuffed up again. OK dummy, stay in the house until the cold is gone! Now, three days later and almost two weeks after day one, I am finally about totally clear, head and chest, just a little cough. So: Stay warm and dry and continue the CS treatment until totally clear, then taper off.

Now, when patients with serious infections are given a prescription for Antibiotics , the bottle comes with the strong admonition: “Take the whole bottle, DO NOT STOP!” With good reason, as many who stop early because they “feel OK” end up dead! What I did was similar, except that fortunately “I just had a cold”.

From now on, when I feel a cold coming on, I will as usual increase the CS to a tablespoon full and spritz my nostrils night and morning, ANDTHEN, continue the same for two or three more days even if I am clear, before tapering off. The one time night and morning tablespoon of CS and spritz has worked for me with simple colds, but with the possibility that it might be a viral cold, the followup may well make a big difference. Also very important – stay warm and dry and avoid getting wet or chilly. Those bugs are still there and they will rebound vigorously if given the chance. And if there is chest involvement, a nebulizer is indispensable.

I sincerely hope this may help someone avoid a couple or more weeks of misery. Bill


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