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Risks of Gallstones formation, WHY?

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Dale Williams Views: 958
Published: 18 years ago

Risks of Gallstones formation, WHY?

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From: "Dale Williams"
Date: Tue Dec 14, 2004 4:10 pm
Subject: Risks of Gallstones formation, WHY?

Although quite a bit late on getting to this I feel compelled to explain a theory regarding the problem with the formation of Gallstones when a fat person diets. The principle reason has to do with their avoidance of all fats because of the lack in understanding the differences between essential fatty acids of which help the liver to burn excess saturated animal fats.

Guess who is an animal and has fat stored and is an animal fat.

When the liver isn't getting enough of the essential fatty acids it needs, there will be a thickening and then precipitation of bile stones from the bile salts because of the lack of emulsification needed to keep the bile salts together.

There are various ways in which to look at this but the simplest that I can figure is the example of quality soap.

Soap can be purchased in varying degrees of quality. An example of this would be what happens when a number of greasy pots and dishes are washed in different qualities of them.

All I really need to point to is the fact of how much grease may precipitate on the sides of a sink with a cheaper brand of soap compared to a higher quality brand that will maintain the emulsification of the grease and help in getting it down the drain without sticking to the sides of the sink. The same is true of the bile salts we produce which have lecithin, taurine, and other bile components.

If there is a lower amount of the emulsification factor then there is the higher chance of a precipitation of cholesterol or other components such as the minerals to form stones.

Dieters as a rule will avoid fats in order to lose inches of fats that are in the body but they are doing this at great cost because the cholesterol they are making is saturated with LDL and is then precipitating from the bile salts and forming Gallstones in either the liver or the gallbladder.

It would appear to me that this study is simply using a chemical emulsifier to do what the body can do naturally if allowed to do it as it should. I don't trust too many man made chemicals or engineered foods because they lack the essential life element of organic foods eaten as they were meant to be.


Here's a very interesting article about gallstones formation. In the article, the author talks about how gallstones form during weight loss. In women, the faster the weight loss, the more likely gallstones will form. The purpose of the study appears to test a medication as a way of preventing gallstone formation.

It also says that gallstones are found in approx 12% of Americans, and 18% of American women.


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