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Mirror Work

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Invincible Views: 3,306
Published: 12 years ago
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Mirror Work

Well I am surprised again, Invincible.   I should not need to explain my behavior on the debate forums, because I know you know how the mirror works, because I have seen your posts about the topic.   When I am over there, a few of us attempt to have stimulating conversations about very interesting debate topics pertaining to God and Jesus.   We are met with ridiculous REACTIONS, "name-calling" and avoidance of the subject matter totally.   Soooooo......we hold a mirror up to them, to show the absurdity of their behavior.  Rather than reacting,  I respond in a very centered, conscious way, reflecting back.

You are right, You don't need to explain or justify to me. Then why did you do so?

Be aware that the mirror works both ways. You can not look directly into the face of another without seeing your own.

Why do you think you are met with these "ridiculous reactions"?

It's because you are judging them for being ridiculous. You think you're right. You think your opinion is more valuable than theirs. You don't consider that they have a right to their beliefs or that someone who doesn't fit your code could possibly be of service. They invalidate you and then you invalidate them.

You are doing to them exactly what you accuse them of doing to you.

(I use the word 'You' very loosely, it is not directed at you ... just at anyone interested in mirror work)

This is mirror work: Whatever judgement you hold of another is truly a self judgement. It's not always obvious because of the shadows at play. We perceive in others what we haven't accepted/integrated into ourselves. The shadow is denied and directed at those outside of us.

To become a whole/integrated human being is to see that we are all of it. "I am that which I see - all of it." Whatever you think, see, perceive ... it's a reflection, that's all. We change the reflections by changing ourselves.

If you don't like what's in the mirror, do you smash the mirror or try and change what is reflected in the mirror?

FYI, I don't purposely go to the debate forums, (but as a moderator on CZ) I get lots of notifications in my inbox directing me to posts on many forums on CZ - and many of these notifications are for requests for posts to be removed because of arguing, name calling, rule breaking etc ... so I do notice who the players are in this mirror game ...... (I am not taking sides, just noticing) however, I believe everything goes in debate forums, so I leave things alone. Each to their own!

Re-read your post to IC.   My intuition tells me there was anger and sarcasm in your words, rather than honesty. 

That is your judgement and therefore your mirror. When you point one finger, notice how many are pointed back at you.

There is a code that is very useful to change .. it goes something like: "If you agree with me and approve of me, I like you and we are at peace. If you disagree with me or dissaprove of me, I don't like you and we are at war". That code is what continues to creates war in our world, so if you prefer a more peaceful universe, that code is worth rewriting.

I've come to learn that what anyone thinks about me is not my business - but what I think about them is my business. And my business is to find that place of neutrality, understanding and unconditional acceptance of another being - because when I don't, I feel like crap and I suffer. I am not there yet, but it is a strong intention to clear these codes that don't serve me.

I hope you receive this message in the light it was intended ... and consider that if you perceive this as judgement on you (which I sincerely did not intend) it only means I have triggered codes in you that would be worth looking at.




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