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Re: Copper detox issue with NAC/MSM Views: 30,796
Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Copper detox issue with NAC/MSM

Moly is crucial for detoxing copper. In both the Cutler, and Wilson information for detoxing copper, it's the #1 thing.

Newport pointed me to a moly that doesn't take a whole bottle to get the dosage. Put in a search on the forum for copper, and you'll find alot of information.

The other important supplements that Cutler also talks about with copper detox, is phosphatidyl choline, ox-bile, taurine and glycine. Copper is detoxed through the bile..and those supplements are for the liver/bile. Very important. Catch .22--toxic, biounavailable copper interferes with liver function..but the liver is what detoxes (eliminates) copper.

Moly is also needed by the liver specifically for detox pathways. It helps convert sulfites into sulfates, for one thing. It also is needed for the main supplement for detoxing the toxins put off by candida, which the liver also gets to detox.

It's confusing, but when copper is toxic (biounavailable), a person can also be deficient for it at the same time. It's because it is oxidized, and not able to be used by the body like it needs to be. Wilson also talks about that in some of his copper articles, which you'll be able to find posts of here too.

This is a conversation that Cutler was having with a woman about copper detox. With my liver being in the shape it's been in for some time, reading this, and information Telman gave me on the Liver Flush Forum - has made a HUGE difference for me! I can't express strongly enough, how taking the Phospatidyl choline, ox-bile, taurine, glycine (actually I'm taking TMG now), has had in helping my bile to finally work like it hasn't for some time. When Telman gave me the information about how the bile is made up of cholestrol, choline, and bile salts..and a deficiency/imbalance of choline and bile salts compared to cholestrol, will cause problems with the cholestrol clumping together--it made THE difference for me. If the is not sufficient with the choline/bile causes liver congestion, and toxins can NOT be eliminated like they need to be. That's what happens with the toxic copper building up in the liver too.

Like I mentioned a search on the internet for "molybdenum liver", and you can also find how important it is for liver function, not just for the copper detox.

BTW...also look up what Cutler says about ALA increasing copper.

Supplements/dosages Cutler says for copper detox:

50 mg Zinc,
with each meal.

Try 1,000 mcg. With each meal

500 mg Glycine,
Which is not very much
(but he doesn't give the dose)

500 mg
Good. with each meal better

1500 mg Vitamin C,
This is enough but you have to take it several times a day (500-1000
mg with meals and at bedtime is good

NOTE--this is where Wilson and Cutler DISAGREE! According to Wilson, VITAMIN C stirs up copper, and he does not recommend big doses of it for copper detox. That's here someplace in his copper info too.

400 IU Vitamin E,
This is enough, more might be a bit better. I generally suggest maybe
1000 IU. Natural mixed tocopherols if possible.

with meals.

and 1200 mg Phosphatidylcholine (as part of granulated
lecithin) 3-4 times a day,
Is all the above 3-4 times a day? The E can be once a day. The
lecithin can be whenever.

and occasional adrenal & ox bile.
**Ox bile all the time.**


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