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Impressive Testimonials from Dr. Staningers protocol

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Published: 13 years ago

Impressive Testimonials from Dr. Staningers protocol

Here are some impressive tesimonials from some of the people that dr. staninger helped. Her products are available online now. She doesn't mention morgellons b/c the CDC has made it a disease and it legally can't be mentioned by anyone that isn't an M.D.
Dr. Staninger Product and Protocol Information

Testimonial I
Jennifer, Los Angeles, California 8/3/2009

Testimonial from Patient who utilized MPS Far Infrared Sauna , Rainbow and Pad -

Dr. Staninger patient - Jennifer B. from Los Angeles

I can attest that this product line of FAR Infrared machines are a healing miracle. After being in the hospital for respiratory problems and trouble breathing on three separate occasions in JUST ONE WEEK., I can honestly say that i'm don't think i would be alive today if i didn't stumble upon the MPS Far Infrared machines. I suffered with unexplained medical problems ever since i was a teenager. My health problems included: SEVERE FATIGUE, WEAKNESS, BREATHING PROBLEMS, JOINT PAINS, SKIN RASHES, MUSCLE STIFFNESS, ACNE, CANDIDA, INSOMNIA, WEIGHT GAIN, HEAD TREMORS, LEG TINGLING, TROUBLE SWALLOWING AND BRITTLE HAIR AND NAILS.

I currently own the mps Far Infrared Sauna that dr. staninger uses in her clinic and i sleep with the pad under my back every night. I also purchased the far infrared rainbow which i sleep under every night. Her far infrared machines probably saved my life! I am very greatful to dr. staninger for being the only person who was able to succesfully diagnose me. I had severe chemical intoxication. Only she knew the answers. She is an angel and i thank her for the far infrared machines!


Dr. Karjoo, Santa Ana, California

"I was in a car accident and was in a lot of pain. I was going to need surgery. I used the Far Infrared machines and my pain was gone. My physician friends thought i must have never been in pain they couldn't believe it. I liked the machines so much i purchased two more for my office."


Testimonial taken from poster on forum at Name of disease is omitted due to FDA requirements that we do not mention diseases. Since diseases are supposed to be only cured by synthetic prescription drugs.

"If you have resources, Dr. Staninger's protocol is the most effective thing around. You also have to have a slew of blood work done, so you must have insurance or lots of dough. Many people have become symptom-free on her protocol - I have spoken to a few. I am close to it, and have been for about 22 months (I am a patient of hers). The most important aspects of her protocol are Far Inrared treatment. Also, lots of vitamins and minerals as well as several herbs and supplements.


Jodie M.'s Story - Pensacola, FL

On September 16, 2002, Jodie was in an automobile accident involving a drunk driver and a 68 mph
collision. The accident left her with brain and spinal cord injuries. After sixteen months of
traditional therapy, Jodie could not count past six, she could not see colors, and she had no sense
of taste or smell. Doctors informed her that her brain injury could not be reversed and signed
papers authorizing 100% disability. A well-known motivational speaker and previous owner of a
successful health energy and weight loss business, Jodie was not willing to accept the diagnosis,
nor were those who knew Jodie. " I wanted me back," she says.

In an effort to help, Jodieís story was placed on the internet. Soon, she received a phone call she
still remembers, which began with, "Hi, my name is Hildy. Tell me more about your story." The
conversation led to the recommendation of specific nutritionals to help cellular recovery, along
with far infrared therapy to provide an enhanced delivery system for those nutritionals. Within
weeks, Jodie began receiving comments on her progress. She could think and reason; she could
remember things. Within a few months, Jodie states, "I had me back."

It was only weeks later that Jodie discovered that her friend, Hildy, was not only a doctor, but a
world renowned environmental and industrial toxicologist. Far infrared therapyís benefits extend
beyond detoxification and brain injury. The positive effects of the treatment are being seen daily
with an ever-growing list of health conditions.



written by Patient of Dr. Hildegard Staninger

I was born in a small town in Germany. It was my childhood dream to come to Amerika.
Life has been hard as well as in the U.S. & it got even harder when I got sick in the year 2000.
What I first thought was a thick entering without a physical body into my thigh wasn't healing the
wound. I knew something was wrong after 1 week, when I went to the emergency hospital room. Due to my pending citizenship status for the last 12 years, even so I had married for love an american man I had no Health insuarance of any kind. Therefore I was denied any Health care.
Instead they were referring me to the 8th floor of the Mental ward. I declinied & insisted on a
medication treatment instead.

I received a 1 week supply on Antibiotics .One week later numerous sores started to appear all over
my body.I went back to the same hospital twice & received no medication whatsoever.
After that I went to a totall of 11 hosptals throughout Los Angeles city with no help. Accept for
two cultures grown in the Labortary confirming a case of staphycoccullus aureus, which I received
another week of Antibiotics . The second time I stayed in the emergency room for 30 hours. No doctor saw me, but they did disinfect the room while I was staying in it. When I refused to leave they escorted me out of the hospital by a police officer.

At one of my many trips to the various hospitals I meet a Russian woman who had black dots all over
a body. I went to private Dermatologist, who wanted to inject what she thought was scar tissue with selenin water injection into them the cost of $ 150,- dollars per shot. At this pointI had 88 open sores. I declined again.

An internal Specialist doctor dropped me after a few months, even so he holded an award of an Aids
research findings.The most support I received was from a Family doctor who described me Docicycline for almost 1 year.

It took me over 2 years to tell my family back home of my condition, when I was certain I was not
going to survive this.

1 year ago I meet Dr. Hildegard Staninger, she has changed my
life forever throughout her constant care & curiosity & relentless determination. I have to be
honest it was the nicest feeling not be considered a Loony for a change. She understood the
seriousness of this horrifying something out of a bad Sify movie illness.
Throughout her far infrared treatment & supplements I have know no more open sores, some of them have even dissappered. My skin has turned from a brownish colour to white pinkish, my eyes are no longer a darkish grey tone. My nails are not as brittel & yellow,
most of my cellulite is gone I have even lost some inches of my waist. { which I have gained over
70 pounds due to this illness}

My energie level is fantastic I am a lot more active & therefore more optimistic & hopeful for the
future. What is there not to love & I know this just the beginning with
Dr. Hilde. All I can tell you: is......
thanks GOD for Dr. Hildegard Staniger


Posted from Steve on

hi all i've been a member here for a long time. as a long time sufferer i have wasted thousands of
dollars on just about every protocol to be found on the net. some have knocked them back some have made me sicker some no effect at all. well i,ve got to tell all of you, if you are sick of being sick call dr staninger. she knows what this is and how to treat it. no mayonaise v8 juice or motor oil. believe me i have no financial interest my only motivation is to know that i have helped
someone get relief -steve,

Testimonial VII
"I am actually doing much better from using Dr. H. Staninger's protocol and Far Infrared pad and sauna.She also has a 4 page heatlh protocol to follow which helps to get better results. I am about 90% better and I hope all of those who are struggling with "fibers" will look into her technology. She has helped so many to recover. I personally talked to several families who all recovered."

Testimonial VIII
Another happy Dr. Staninger Patient Testimonial: "I started with Dr. Staninger two years ago, and have very few symptoms. Regardless of whether people can buy her explanations or not, you can't argue with success. I know several people personally who are symptom-free following her protocols. And she is a scientist of some standing, including authoring the Comprehensive Handbook of Hazardous Material: Regulations, Monitoring, Handling & Safety. (used by OSHA). And yes, Far Infrared is one of the most important keys to healing from this. "

Dr. Staninger protocol information


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