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Suffering from fecal odor for 4 months, tried everything
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Published: 14 years ago

Suffering from fecal odor for 4 months, tried everything

Hello all.

Since ~September 2009 (December 21, 2009 currently) I've been suffering from a horrid Body Odor , that I can only barely detect, but gags others. Here's a list of my symptoms, at least as far as I've noticed:

* Whenever I sweat, my body releases an odor that has been compared to "an open sewage line", or "wet dogs". The problem worsens as I sweat more. Note that I can't actually smell this odor most of the time, and I have a very strong sense of smell (I'm usually the first to know if I forgot my deodorant)

* I constantly have a terrible taste in my mouth, and bad breath. Even brushing doesn't help, as the taste is back before I've left the bathroom.

* My hands smell terrible, even after washing them.

* My sweat leaves a sticky residue, almost like I've got some sort of Sugar or syrup on me. This persists even after a shower.


This all started one week, where for a period of roughly 4 days, I was unable to produce a bowel movement. On the third day, ALL of the symptoms above suddenly started at the same time. Since then, my bowel movements have become more regular (once per day/every other day, depending on diet), which is how they were before this started. I do NOT notice any sort of "gas leakage". I don't have large quantities of gas, and when I do pass gas, I definitely notice it, and it's a different smell from the odor that my sweat gives off.

My hygeine is VERY good, I shower 1-2 times a day, never re-wear clothes, and brush my teeth twice a day. I wear enough deodorant to kill a small elephant, and I've tried cologne but it doesn't cover the smell up.

I've tried everything I can find on the internet as a cure. Probiotics, diets, goldenseal, zinc, vitamin E, laxatives, enemas, you name it. I'm currently on a "candida diet" as this was suggested in one forum, but am seeing no changes at all. I drink LOTS of water (close to a gallon per day), and eat a fairly healthy diet.

Is there ANY Science behind this? I've been to two doctors, both of whom told me I'm fine. "Fecal Body Odor " isn't even a condition recognized by the medical community. Everything I've found about this is pseudoscience. Do I have any hope of returning my life to normal? This has completely ruined my life, and I would love to get back on track. I was forced to quit my job 4 days after the symptoms appeared very suddenly, as none of my co-workers could stand to be around me. My girlfriend left me. Most of my close friends say they can't smell anything, but I don't know if they're telling the truth or not.

Is there any cure at all? Thanks. PS: If you need any more information, simply ask. :)

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