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Re: Lost and Lonely, I need understanding friends to talk to
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Lost and Lonely, I need understanding friends to talk to

Hi Yeah I definitley think its emotional that is what ive come to after all my time has been goin in to this since May- before then i was always in denial about my smell As soon as i accepted it i was able to smell myself - The things what have helped me most is going to see a homoeopath every month, and having some reflexology, but also this thing called E.F.T (emotional freedom technique) which is where u tap certain points on ure body while focusing on an emotion to free it from ure body and let ure energy flow properly - at first its hard to get ure head around how simple it is and how it really does work but its not just as simple as tapping 'even though i smell...' you have to dig really deep and find the underlying cause of the smell, why did u become so nervous in the first place - sometimes its something u wudnt even be aware of and you really have to be patient and stay positive with it, but for me i definitly think its the thing wots taking me out of this the most (but homeopathy completley changed my way of thinkin to begin with so that i cud actually do somethin like this and also cleaned out the really bad stuff in the begining like the smell was a million times worse at first but now it is more a lingering smell) cos i think it is definitly all bout emotions and then they cause physical damage. But of course eating healthy and excersiing helps so much in getting u through the day to day (the best thing to get ive found is a mini-trampoline if i go on that for a bit in the morning the bo just comes pouring out of me all day because of the movement in my lymphs i think plus ill go toilet like 3 times and the smell is so much better the next day) Bathing is really important things like Epsom Salt baths and sitz baths and saunas and skin brushing/cold showers are really helpful - i know u probly know this already but u really cant use regular deodrants/anti persprants or majority of body washes cos we cant take em like other people - i use tea tree oil soap (really scrutinize the ingrediants has to be 100% natural i use house of mistry best one of the lot) and use things from plants rather than minerals and i use a really basic alcohol deodrant no fragrance - i used dr mist for a while and it really worked then it just stopped - so try lots of different things but of course we all know there aint a cure in a deodrant but it just helps with the day to day. Sorry to be ramblin really and truly u just have to keep tryin loads of different things do loads of research on here clean ure body out and rewire ure brain Bring up and clear out all ure stale emotions and set ure self free of the smell You can absolutly do it nothing is uncurable and the only reason u smell is cos theres something out of balance dont just take it as this is how u are forever, it is a part of u now but it is within ure control and u can free ureself of it jus gotta stay positive xxxxxxx

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