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EXPERIENCE: My First Flush
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Published: 18 years ago

EXPERIENCE: My First Flush

I forgot who exactly, but someone asked for the story of my first liver flush. Here it is - I hope I'm not leaving anything out.

I was on a "detoxification diet" for about a week before. It was nothing special, just in general drinking a lot of water, eating only (raw) fruits and vegetables and oils, taking extended saunas (and taking high doses of niacin before doing so), taking certain supplements (lots of vitamins and minerals, plus a few other things) and consuming a lot of fiber + Bentonite clay.

After finishing my "detox", I decided to try the liver flush.

Upon Waking - 3:00: Ate, but ate no fat. I actually only had fresh juice, I believe apple-carrot-parsley juice.

7:00: Dissolved two tablespoons of magnesium sulfate pentahydrate ( Epsom Salts ) in water. Drank. I used some maple syrup and a lot of fresh water to wash the taste out of my mouth.

8:00: Another two tablespoons or so.

9:00: Another two tablespoons. Took some dandelion capsules after reading (probably way too late to be effective) that they may act as a choleretic (bile production stimulator). I had a bnuch, so I took 12 capsules. Probably did nothing : o(

10:30: Squeezed 5 lemons and maybe 7 or 8 mini key limes into a cup. Put in fridge. Prepared for things to get very strange.

10:50: Used mortal and pestle to grind up one 200 mg caffeine tablet (I wanted to be able to sleep, just in case it absorbed into my bloodstream - I was going to do two). Used in enema. Retained for only probably 5 minutes. Went immediately to go take oil + juice.

11:00: Drank a full two cups of oil (that's 3840 calories of oil) along with most of the the lemon/lime juice. A few tablespoons of coconut oil, more than a few of olive oil (5?), and a LOT of flaxseed oil. Plus a tablespoon or two of Udo's Choice. Took a bunch of lethicin - don't know if this did anything, but I felt like it. I sipped a tiny bit of some salad dressing (olive oil/apple cider vinegar with spices) to keep a good taste in my mouth. Had a pinch of Vitamin C, too. Honestly, this was probably the easiest part of the whole experience, and least uncomfortable. The Epsom Salts were the worst part by far.

After 11:00. Laid down in bed. Didn't feel at all sick from all the oil. My stomach didn't churn once - I waa surprised. I focused and really could feel that bile rushing about and could hear it at times. I did a bunch of so-called "diaphragmatic breaths" - you force as much air into your lungs as possible (even after you have taken a full breath, you jam more air in with "pumping" breaths), hold that for 10 seconds, then release completely.

Then... time for squishing. Found my liver. Pressed on it in general downward/to the left motions.


I could clearly hear and to sometimes feel the bile being forced out. I did this for a long time. Took some more breaths, did it again. It seemed like it would never stop, but eventually, it seemed to - for the most part. Went to bed.

Upon waking at around 8: Took 2 more tablespoons of Epsom Salts and squished some more bile out of my liver. Set alarm for 10.

10:00 - Chugged the rest of the lemon juice and about a cup more (1920 calories) of oil. Did some more breathing and a little more squishing, then went back to bed.

2:00 - I was supposed to dose at 12:00, but I was sick of all the Epsom salts. Took my last dose.

I passed a massive amount of stones. How many? Honestly, I don't know. I collected them using a colander, but washed most of the small ones into the toilet (or destroyed them) by thoroughly washing them all off with water (repeatedly) as the colander sat over the toilet. (Washed off with water until I could pour water with force and nothing would end up in the toilet.) I wanted in particular to get the better and larger ones cleaned off. I succeeded somewhat, and froze what I had left the next day.

For recovery, I started eating other foods again (meat, cooked fruits/vegetables, etc.), took milk thistle and both "kidney support" and "liver support" formulas (don't remember what is in them offhand), took pycnogenol, Emergen-C, CoEnzyme Q10, and a daily multivitamin. I've also been doing moderately sized doses of mixed carotenoids (mostly beta-carotene), vitamin E, and insitol+niacin (insitol hexanicotinate).

I plan on doing my next flush starting Monday. I have been eating from three to twelve apples (depending on size, other foods I'm eating, etc) daily, taking plenty of soy letchicin, eating plenty of eggs with uncooked yolks, taking plenty of apple cider vinegar... believe that's about it. I'm excited for this next flush.

Questions, comments, compliments, insults?

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