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The High Risk, Medical Shenanigans and Ethics Vacuum of Forced Vaccination
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Published: 12 years ago

The High Risk, Medical Shenanigans and Ethics Vacuum of Forced Vaccination

The High Risk, Medical Shenanigans and Ethics Vacuum of Forced Vaccination
For some time now, we have been getting regular warning of a(nother) global pandemic, this time of the H1N1 flu (until recently called the Swine Flu). It is not the first time - do you remember the Avian flu? Certain parties (including the then high-profile Donald Rumsfeld) who owned and licensed out the vaccine patents made truly huge amounts of money on something that, in the event, just petered out.
Vast media hype and propaganda and little real substance. And, actually, the first Swine Flu debacle occurred in the 1970’s, with disasterous results, especially in the US. Now they are at it again, but have upped the game. It appears that the vaccinations themselves – which we are not to be allowed to refuse – may well be a real and major threat to our longer term health.
The World Health Organisation has been given the authority to over-ride national governments in the matter of forced vaccinations, and, country by country it is also being made a criminal offence to refuse. Yet the vaccine itself is highly suspect – most varieties have a particular ajuvant (squalene, a carrier oil and potentiser) that is held responsible for the disabling Gulf War Syndrome that has advesely affected many thousands of US Veterans. As a result, after the second Gulf War the Pentagon has been banned from using squalene by the US courts. Yet squalene is present in most Swine Flu vaccines (there is more than one manufacturer) in vastly larger amounts than in Gulf War vaccines.
There is a second suspect ingredient present, thimerosal, that is thought to be a main factor in drug-induced autism. Overall, very little real testing has been carried out, so the H1N1 vaccines are largely experimental, and laced with substances claimed by some scientists to be highly dangerous. Its intended deployment without comprehensive longer-term trials clearly breaks all good practice rules.
It is widely held that this particular strain of H1N1 could not possibly have resulted from a natural mutation, since laboratory analysis apparently shows several different strains of unrelated flu (the 1914, the Avian and the Swine flu) grafted together in a way that the technically informed are saying is impossible except in a laboratory. To make us even more suspicious, in the US (and to a growing extent, elsewhere) laws have been put in place so that the drug companies cannot be sued if your health is damaged by their drug. Oh, and it is worth remembering that during the last US swine flu epidemic in the 1970’s, the mandatory vaccinations had to be stopped, as more people were dying from the vaccination than from the flu itself.
It should also make us all very suspicious that the vaccine was patented at least a year before any sign of Swine Flu. And also, our cynicism should be focused on the fact that a global vaccination program is literally worth many billions in revenues. An irresistible draw for the managing sociopaths in ‘big pharma’ businesses.
It is highly likely that a great wrong is being perpetrated here, driven by obscene levels of money-making, and the much discussed (on the web) Illuminati stated objective of greatly reducing the global population in the name of protecting ‘diminishing resources’. This has the potential to be an enormous genocide, irreversible after the event – including YOU.
An interview of medical journalist Jane Burgermeister has just been published on You Tube by the whistle-blowers team Project Camelot. Personally, I think she is a real heroine for the stand she has taken, and must be a brave and very dedicated soul in the face of major and very negative interests. So, if you value your health, please take the time to look at Jane's Camelot video - you can find it at

You will find that she is:
· disarming, highly articulate and very credible, but
· do your own research, on the basis that something is very wrong here and
· pass this information on to as many others as you possibly can and ask them to do the same. It is your onward networking that will really count in exposing and resolving this issue!
If you would like a technical briefing for the layman about the Swine Flu Vaccine, there is an excellent article by medical Doctor Anders Bruun Laursen at

His sources are well annotated, and he presents a solid case for great caution.
We each need to get really clear about what we do when the enforcement team arrives at our doors and says ‘It’s your turn next….’
If, right now, we do nothing else, I believe we owe it to others to bring this to their notice so that they can, at least, decide what position they wish to take for themselves. In a free society, no government or institution should have the right to forcibly invade an individual’s body. Our core freedoms are at real risk here.
So, many thanks for your attention. If you choose to help to rapidly spread the word about this deeply disturbing situation after considering the two articles and doing your own research, thank you for whatever you do.
And time, for this issue of imminent forced and dangerous vaccinations, may well be ‘of the essence’.

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