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Free Cleansing Tea, Fat Flushing Tea
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Published: 13 years ago

Free Cleansing Tea, Fat Flushing Tea

Subject: If you care about your health PLEASE LET ME SEND YOU $40 OF MY PRODUCTS FOR FREE TO TRY!!!

THIS IS THE royal Emperor's food and drink, the ROLLS ROYCE health products to beat all foods and drinks!

NO future obligations ever!!!!!! I have sent thousands of dollars in FREE HEALTH PRODUCTS!!!!

I own a franchise like business, and I import STATE OF THE ART concentrated food and drink products that change peoples lives. I believe so much in my product I am willing to send you products FOR FREE! YOU NEVER HAVE TO BUY ANYTHING EVER! THESE ARE LIFE CHANGING CONCENTRATED HERBAL PRODUCTS THAT ARE USED BY MANY RICH AND FAMOUS PEOPLE, ATHLETES, SINGERS, PEOPLE FROM ALL BACKGROUNDS THAT NEED HEALTH AND ENERGY TO MAKE THEIR LIVING! You may not even know what it's like to feel good!!!!! And full of energy on concentrated herbal products. This is the biggest Chinese Herbal food company in China and the rest of the world.
Calli is a bag (you brew it in the bottom of you coffee pot with water.) It comes in REGULAR TEA FLAVOR, CINNAMON, MINT. The other one is instant, comes in LEMON, RASPBERRY, REGULAR, CINNAMON AND PEACH. Let me know what flavors you like OK?

Many body builders, rich and famous, Christians, Olympian athletes, use these products. They are such a great alternative to soda, and all the other junk out there that people are putting in their bodies and getting sick due to it.

If you have time there is more info.


Will send a pkg out for you as soon as you let me know what flavors you like.

Have a great day! God Bless you, Ceci

Here is a little more about the tea.............

Herbal Beverages:

Calli Tea
Calli is a concentrated herbal food beverage made with a blend of green tea and a hint of black tea. It is also full of live enzymes, so it is important that you do not boil the water as you will kill these live enzymes . Calli cleanses at a cellular level and is high in anti-oxidants ( Vitamin C ).
Nourishes and cleanses the cells, assisting the body's own natural cleansing process.
Neither a diuretic nor a laxative, Calli enhances the removal of wastes and by-products resulting from normal digestion.
Great alternative to tea and coffee
Aids mental clarity
Helps get rid of cravings
Helps reduce harmful cholesterols
Helps with energy
Helps with fluid retention
Contains: Camellia Leaf, Perilla Leaf, Chrysanthemum Flower, Mori Bark Extract, Alisma Root Extract, Cassia Tora Seed, Imperate Root and other herbs as flavoring.
Fortune Delight
Fortune Delight is a concentrated herbal food beverage made with a blend of green tea and a hint of black tea. It is also full of live enzymes, so it is important that you do not boil the water as you will kill these live enzymes. Fortune Delight cleanses at a glandular level, cleansing major organs and muscles, helping the body flush out toxins; it is also high in natural anti-oxidants and helps maintain electrolyte balances.
Called the "fat cleansing" beverage
Aids in weight loss through fat regulation
Nourishes the cleansing cells
Helps the body flush toxins
High in anti-oxidants
Helps maintain electrolyte balances
Replaces coffee, tea and sodas
Improves metal clarity
Contains: Camellia Extract, Chrysanthemum Flower Extract, Jasmine Extract, Lalang Grass Root Extract and less than 1% natural flavors.
Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni nourishes the pancreas without raising blood Sugar levels. Stevia is a shrub native to Paraguay, and has been used for centuries by the Guarani Indians. The natives used Stevia to sweeten their Yerba Mate tea as well as for medicinal purposes. Stevia has been shown to regulate blood Sugar and blood pressure.
Nourishes the pancreas
Complex Carbohydrate
Gives energy
Can help stabilize hypoglycemia
Can improve physical and emotional balance
Helps regulate blood pressure
Faster muscle recovery after exercise
Helps the body burn fat
Lessens tissue degeneration
Helps balance out blood Sugar levels
Anti-fungal & Anti-bacterial
Can be used as a topical skin care healing agent
30 times sweeter than sugar
Helps the pancreas by secreting digestive enzymes & insulin
Contains: Water, Stevia Extract, Chrysanthemum Flower.
comes with a free account if you ever want to buy anything for yourself.

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