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Re: Tetanus Shot: persistent poison that increases the toxicity of other heavy metals.
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Tetanus Shot: persistent poison that increases the toxicity of other heavy metals.


I personally REALLY feel for you since I also
am still dealing with the repercussions of a
tetanus shot~~


I am making progress but I have not achieved complete
healing yet.

Some things I am doing which are working are~~

Using Diatomaceous Earth~~

"* Silica can help avoiding or alleviating Alzheimers
disease by preventing the body from absorbing aluminum
and may flush out aluminum from the tissues. Silica can
stimulate the immune system."

source of above quote and more info on diatomaceous earth~~

I have also drunk clay drinks. I use Bentonite and hydrate
it for 12-24 hours, a teaspoon in a cup of water~~

This week, I am adding Germanium to the mix~~

this is the brand i am going with~~

I am into my 4th day of germanium. It is kicking my butt
but I feel that is a positive reaction. The first 2 days I could barely walk the pain in my knee was so distracting. Sleep was difficult too. The next two days, including today, have found me feeling very feverish. This is a symptom I remember having from earlier heavy metal detox. After I am through with the round of Germanium, I plan on using a chelator called "Formula One"~~

I have been doing several things already but these issues
seem to keep popping up to remind me that I am still in a
battle to survive the effects of my own tetanus shot.

I am using castor oil packs on my knee. I am using
green veggies and supps like spirulina to amp up the
quality of my blood.

I am painting with Lugol's~~

I am using Yogi Tea, Detox Formula, with organic
dandelion, as a purifier.

Product Description
DeTox uses detoxifying herbs known traditionally as "blood cleansers." Both Organic Burdock (Arctium lappa) and Organic Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) work together in this tea to facilitate the elimination of toxins.* As pollutants find their way from our air, food and water into the tissues of our bodies, they tend to take a heavy toll and can interfere with the normal functions of the organ systems. As a result, we are often left feeling swollen, tired, heavy or even "backed up," and as though we could use some rebalancing. DeTox is a gentle way of combating this condition as it helps the body to clean itself out by aiding the two primary filtering mechanisms, the liver and the kidneys.* We have included Jamaican Sarsaparilla in this formula, which is known for both its delicious taste and its purifying properties. Organic Juniper Berry supports kidney function, while the most famous Ayurvedic cleansing blend, called "trikatu" (Organic Ginger, Organic Black Pepper and Long Pepper), is a mild warming formula, suitable for everyone.* Because it has no harsh laxatives or diuretics, DeTox is mild enough to be used every day for up to 30 days.

You can find Yogi Teas at good health food stores or
many places online. I find mine here~~

I drank a whole bottle of MHs blood purifier as one of
my first rounds. I think it helped a lot.
You can find his website link at the
top of this post~~


In my research, I found info to suggest amping up
my use of EV Coconut Oil would be of benefit~~


One of the more interesting uses of coconut oil found in the human toxicology literature involves the beneficial use of coconut oil as a successful treatment for acute aluminium phosphide poisoning. This poison is used to control pests in grain storage facilities where it functions as a poisonous gas, namely phosphine gas, which is a mitochondrial poison. There is no known antidote for aluminium phosphide. The patient described in this case study survived following rapid treatment which included taking baking soda and coconut oil, as well as supportive care, and it was concluded that coconut oil had a significant use as an added part of the treatment protocol in this type of poisoning."

info source~~

I respond well to homeopathics so still have an eye
on a specific aluminum detox~~

I prefer to only do one or two big things at a time
to allow my body to process this is a way my kidneys
can handle.

I would encourage you to fight the fog and the
repercussions. You can help yourself get the metal

I include this link to show others what the symptoms
may be, not that I recommend going back to the same
people who made you sick for healing. The vet who
insisted I go get a tetanus shot also insisted I return when I had the reaction. Wild Cowboys could not have drug me back into the hospital. Not to mention the shot
itself was exorbitant...the bill for the doctor to
give me the shot, and for having to wait 2-3 hours
to get it was just under a grand. I could only imagine
any further treatment would break my bank. Still, going
the natural route has been an investment also but
the alternative to doing nothing is not something I
want to face. I am doing whatever I can to help myself.

One of my good friends is a health intuitive and
has recommended using an Ionic Footbath. I have had
them before but there is no one close by who does that
therapy but I will make the trip soon to San Antonio
where I have had it done before~~

Some other "food" I am adding to my diet include
fresh Brazil Nuts, a good source of Selenium.

info on benefits of brazil nuts~~


I have been making pesto using cilantro too. Here is a
good recipe~~for the chelating pesto~~


Add in Epsom Salt bathes 3X a week for 20
minutes, and castor oil packs...for my knee.
and that would detail most of my current
efforts. Any additional recommendations from
others are certainly appreciated here too.

Best wishes on your own healing journey~~




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