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At last! Suggestions for your own and other difficult conditions
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Published: 13 years ago
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At last! Suggestions for your own and other difficult conditions

Sorry for the delay in reposting this message I lost.  Since Dr. Ken is on the road now, I had to reconstruct it from memory, but I think I have everything we put together covered here.  If not, I will run this by Dr. Ken and get his input as soon as possible.  He will eventually end up back at his own remote location, where one of his first priorities will be to get set up with high-speed internet so he can better be able to help online.  In the meantime, I will forward messages to him and get his responses via email or by phone as soon as I can.

Do you happen to live in Texas?  Dr. Ken does personal consultations and travels most of the state.  Also, as Dr. Ken asked earlier, do you have a recent complete blood workup?  He excels in interpreting those and designing a natural protocol to address any issues that show up, and he can do so in person or via email, though he much prefers a face to face meeting.

Dr. Ken said that the best way to obtain a blood workup is through Life Extension Foundation.  When you join them, you will have access to a great many doctors and clinics that work with them and can order a blood workup draw for your gender and age, which you then send by mail to LEF and have the workup completed.

Dr. Ken says that he agrees that you have quite the difficult situation.  Whenever anyone is faced with what seems to be an undiagnosed or hard to resolve health condition, his advice is to begin by detoxing and cleansing, switching to a very basic diet that is free of gluten (wheat) and free of any cow or store-bought dairy products and wise use of supplementation to provide essential nutrients as well as supplementation tailored to help address your condition.

For it comes to your condition, he specifically recommended that you switch to a diet of ONLY raw organic goats milk and supplement wisely to provide essential nutrition and other items which may help resolve your condition.

Detox and cleansing should include all the major areas – liver, kidney, gall bladder/colon, and metal detox.  While there may well be a systemic skin condition that will need to be treated, Dr. Ken says it is obvious that you have quite the toxic overload and it is important to begin with a cleansed system and to proceed with healing your gut.  As Dr. Ken, myself and others will tell you: good health begins in the gut (and bad health often comes from problems in the gut).

The body has three primary outlets it uses to eliminate toxins: The liver, the kidneys and the skin.  If your liver or kidneys are overloaded and/or operating at less than optimal efficiency, then toxins will tend to be eliminated through the skin – and the result can be conditions such as you have.

You can find a good liver cleanse and detox protocol listed within my anti-cancer protocol, which also lists some other essentials to help cleanse, rebuild and protect the liver as well as keep the bile duct open and flowing to help insure maximum elimination of toxins.

For metal detox/cleansing, two products you may wish to consider are Jon Barron’s Metal Magic and EDTA.

A weekly fast day can also help keep your system cleansed, especially if you alternate between having only dark organic grapes (including the seeds) on one fast day, only watermelon the next (wonderful for the kidneys as well as cleanses the digestive tract), and only water the next.

OK, now for the supplements:

First up on the supplementation list is IntraMax – it is, in both of our opinions, simply the best product out there and contains 415 essential nutrients for maximum health and would be especially important for someone on a restricted diet such as has been suggested here.

Other items which are specifically good for the skin (and specifically bad if you have deficiencies) are calcium, magnesium, silica, iodine and hyaluronic acid.  It is estimated that 90-95% of the people in the U.S. are deficient in magnesium and most are also deficient in iodine as well as many of the vital trace minerals.  Also take selenium, an important co-factor for maximum utilization of iodine.  The goat’s milk will likely provide all the calcium you need, and it often contains silica as well – but I would add in some supplementary silica just in case if I were you.

Primal Defense and Univase Forte for the probiotics and proteolytic enzymes to help heal the gut and help you digest your food and supplements so that they are assimilated and utilized fully.  Univase Forte also helps fight against pathogens.

RM-10 immune support to help boost your immune system.

Inositol/IP6 for maximum cellular support.

Jon Barron’s Blood Support tonic is a wonderful blood cleanser and immune booster that is also very effective against pathogens.

One cautionary note: it is quite possible that you will have a Herxheimer effect (getting worse before you get better) if the suggestions prove to be effective, which is to say that your symptoms may manifest themselves more aggressively temporarily from toxins being released - both existing toxins and any that may be released by pathogens that are destroyed.

All the best,


Note:  The Primal Defense, RM-10, magnesium and hyaluronic acid can all be found at, which has great prices and a wide product selection.  They come in both a regular strength and an Ultra formulation. If you have never ordered from them before, you can use my referral code XOT949 to get $5 off your first order (and I get a small credit on my own future purchases).  Many of the links provided go to products I am affiliated with, and to companies I hand picked to represent.  Both Dr. Ken and myself serve as consultants to CureZone sponsor Utopia Silver to help determine which supplements they carry which represent good combinations of performance and price (and note that you can use the CureZone discount of LR001 to get 15% off any item Utopia Silver carries, provided it is not currently on sale).


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