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Extreme weakness/minerals?
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Published: 12 years ago

Extreme weakness/minerals?

Hi Trapper,

I'm trying to put things together here. After I completed 2 liver flushes last month 2 weeks apart (a stone got stuck and I had to do the 2nd one) the intense fatigue and weakness I already struggle with having CFS, got even worse. I did take the Epsom salts as Hulda recommends to open the bile ducts and that wore me out totally. I know a smidge a/b how important minerals are, and am eating decently (organic, kosher). I'm puzzled why I can barely stand up more than 10 min at a time or my legs almost give out. If I'm in a store and can't lean on a cart, my knees buckle sometimes. I'm 31 years old, not 81. lol!! Even sitting straight up wears me out. Breathing is tiresome too. I feel like my blood volume is so low. Walking with my 5yr old up the street takes it out of me and I have to lie flat on a park bench just to make it back home without passing out.

I know you're not a Doc. and I've wasted years and years and taken a ton of RX over the years that I'm no longer on. Not going back down that route. I've been taking a ton of supplements and antiparasite herbs/ zapping and all that for a while now. Parasites are a major problem in my body prob 'cause my immunity is so low.

What does all this sound like to you. Oh, yeah, my thinking is soooooo fuzzy it is hard to follow a train of thought much less have any sense of clear direcion in my day to day "activities". My circadian rythm is jacked up too. I go to bed after 1 am and cannot wake up before 11 am or I'm literally sick on my stomach all day if I wake up too much earlier than that. Hubby has a late work schedule so it messes up the family's sleep/wake cycles. I say that b/c I know it's best to be in bed b4 9pm when you are trying to heal and regenerate the body, but I don't know how possible that is since my hubby gets home after 9:30pm and were up until 12-2amish just winding down......I feel a teensy bit better at night anyway. Messed up, I know.

Do you think this points in some ways to major mineral inbalance. I know there are many more issues, like needed to get iodinated since I was on SSRI's for over 10 years and only last month got off. Also took a lot of other RX drugs over the years for the CFS (non of them worked...surprise surprise!) I'm trying so stinking hard to get well, esp for my son who has said to me "Mom, I want you not to be sick Mommy, I want you to be well Mommy".....cry...It's true, he said that. So I just feel like I'm getting worse and worse all the stuff I'm doing/ trying to kill parasites/ liver flush/ zap/ eat well.

any input would be greatly appreciated. If I need to supply any other info for you to make any educated guesses :) let me know.


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