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you want results.... make them your self
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Published: 13 years ago
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you want results.... make them your self

OK THEN, Kill the worms with an overdose of Coq10.

But be aware my theory is simply this "maintaining a healthy life style". If you don't watch what you eat, drink and how you live your life and expect the medication to cure all your ills you are in for a run of your life "YOU ARE WARNED".

I am not saying this to scare anybody. It is pure common sense I repeat "COMMON SENSE" let me ask a question

1. how did the worms reach in your body?
answer: the stuff we just love to eat.

2. What makes the worm healthy/grow/lay eggs/spread.
answer: the stuff we eat.

My point is this it's a wise thing to have a change in diet while trying to rid yourself of the worms and parasites a Colon Cleanse as well to pass out our noodle like friend. The thing is helpmerhonda always advices to kill the worm which is good, think of my advice as a way to to speed up the process do not rely on the medication alone else you are gonna have to overdose yourself with that stuff. Fortunately for us there are no confirmed cases of people dieing or having serious complication from to much Coq10.

I am not trying to make anyone feel bad because I suffer with BO and BB as well but my BB is under control with proper oral hygiene practice and a proper diet will aid the BO :-) are you seeing where I am going with this now.

I am seeing progress after 7 days with a complete diet change I eat no meat and junk food to aid the worms survival. Its like hanging a towel in the yard to dry ... you want it to dry quickly but you keep wetting it think of the sun as the medication :-).

fresh fruits and vegetables are your best friends. I always have water melon, apples, grapes, pine apple and lot of green salad with EVERY meal.

Unfortunately where I am from none of the pharmacies had any Coq10 so I had a substitute call ZENTEL which is very effective on ALL WORMS I had one bottle which is very small about 3 table spoon and I don't need anymore for the next 5 months which will be an ease on buying bottle after bottle of the same thing. there are alternative, you should explore your options. I really don't believe that I should be taking months upon months of medication to kill a worm that should not be ... a few week should do it.

Stress Is another factor when I go out and people realizes my BO it causes me to brake down which actually results in a rise in the BO to makes things worse. Exercise is a must sweating through the pores releases allot of the same toxin your body through the pores ...the pores is where we stink anyway.

Body hygiene plays a major role as well if your don't take proper bath and scrub yourself to remove dead skin and mock that block the pores your gonna stink 2X as much. I almost forgot to tell you buy anti-bacterial soap it will help until it all goes away.

Off course this is just a long boring text msg and you don't have to take my advice, but i say this to you now "DONT GO EXPECTING ANY MIRACLES". for those of you who are willing doing this is for your own good.

******** My god Bless us all ********



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