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Re: 10th - last time
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: 10th - last time

Body Odor s can be caused by several means.
Primarily, by being toxic or lack of systemic enzymes...or both. After about 27 tears of age our systemic enzyme population is decreased annually as we age and have issues.
Your approach to get a hydro Colon Cleanse was a good start BUT... it is not your problem solver.
Why not?
1) Hydro Colon Cleanses do not rid the intestinal tract of the potential 28 feet of impacted feces that are in you which retain toxins and parasites. You wasted money to have "8" h.c.c.'s.
2) H.C.C. is just a first is to get on a pragram that removes the impactions. There are many that claim to do this but few that really do the job for the investment.
3) About 70% of your lymph system is in your large intestine..if you don't get your lymph system're going to get sicker than you need to. If your lymph system is "sticky"...then you will also have issues you don't want. Resolve this by making sure you take daily appropriate amounts of fatty acids, amino's and minerals. Each supports each other and one cannot be of benefit without the others.THEN...get out and walk or exercise to stimulate the lymph. Echancia will specifically assist in helping to get the lymph system to flow.
4) Once you have your primary elimination pathways opened up..then you start to detox next...your liver, then kidney and gallbladder, then pancreas, then skin.
5) Your hydro Colon Cleanses are used only to "assist" in flushing the broken up toxins from the body that your organ specific detox's are working on.
6) parasite cleanse is part and parcel of the "total" cleanse..
7) You sir, also have permitted yourself to remain for the most part...under hydrated on a daily basis.
You need better hydration habits daily. Your total body weight divided by two is the amount of ounces of water you need to drink as a minimum..daily..more depending on the type of work you do, climate conditions, etc..
8)Find a good digestive enzyme to take with each meals to assist with your food digestion.
9) Find a good "systemic" take daily to clear you "body" of toxins as a final and continued dusting and cleaning.
10) Do at least 3 hydron colon cleases at least twice a year after you do your total cleanse program for maintenance.
11) For skin detox... find or get access to a F.A.R suana..the best thing there is to detox metals and other toxins from the skin...the largest organ of your body.

You are very toxic...take each step gently as you will suffer the affects of detoxing...but get through it properly and you will feel like a teenager again.

Do your homework..check in to what I have told you here for yourself. Do not leave out one step or you will have failed yourself and your effort.

My best regards,


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