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How Much LBB is Too Much
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Published: 12 years ago

How Much LBB is Too Much

Group, MH

I wonder if there is anyone out there that has been taking high doses of LBB for an extended period of time.I have been doing so, details below and have few observations and questions.

Here is my experience. For the past three years I have been using the LBB in large doeses. Initially I need 3 caps four times per day to keep the gut moving. This started dumping a huge amount of black junk and parasites into the toilet bowel for 9 months.

In th interum I was doing 4x OJ fasts, averaging 12-14 days. Each fast I used LBB to keep things going. I Required 2 caps of LBB every second hour, and a single cap in the interum hour. This worked nicely.

Each bowel movement had a whole bunch of old mucus /Mud accompany it.

After the fast, and on a strict vegan raw diet, I managed to keep the bowel moving with upto 16 LBB per day. Each bowel movement would have have klarge amount of Mud/mucus liquid type snot after the BM. I would feel emptied after each visit.

I noticed during this time that any form of larger stress would require more LBB to free up the works. Fix the stress, the lbb went down.

I would do one long fast every 6 months. This kept things moving.

During this time all my health issues evaporated, and I saw the most amazing unfolding of spirit. My Outlook is forever changed. (Didnt do much for my typing or spelling ability)

Roll fowd to the end of three years.

As of the last 6 months, it has taken increasing higher amounts of LBB (upto 6 caps 4x a day, with 2 caps inbetween meals to keep the gut moving).
During this time I also introduced more cooked vegan matarial, just out of sheer practical necessatity.

Can this much Cascarda Sagrada be bad for the gut? (Moderation is the guide???)

A CT Scan (MRI type scan of the gut) reveals that I have a particualry long and snake like colon, with numurous loops. Obvious related to the slow transit time. Lots of place for morbid matarial to back up and play havoc on the blood stream, Thus essential to keep things moving.

MH, I know that the bowel will see the LBB as another food when all the cleaning is done. But surely the stumulation effect of the parastaltic wave should not lesen.

Each BM that the LBB induced was followed by a large amount of mucus/mud. It always signalled to me that the JOB was done. This mucus has become less and less over the last few months. Is there any chance that the Herbs making up the LBB could have exhausted the bodies ability to create this mucus which either lubricated the colon. OR The LBB has no done its work and the colon.Small Intestine has been cleaned of all old mucus build up, this the LBB does not have the same effect any long, and stop stimulating the colon?

I am at a loss as to what to make of the sudden down turn in effectivity of this herb.

I thought that the formulae may have changed, and then tried some stock from the freezer that I first ordered when starting on it. No luck.

Would you see any problem with extended use of the LBB and at VERY high doeses of up to 25 or thereabouts. I know Christopher said that one could take up to forty, but I doubt he meant for extended periods of time.

Has anyone else got experience with the LBB at these high doses?

Factors that I have noticed are the following. Applying these work really well for me...

The gut works best on One meal a day at the end of the day.
That meal is best a vegan preferably raw or semi raw meal.
Fruit l;eaves the least residue.
Eat only when Hungry.
Each day should see at least one BM. IF a BM is not produced at the end of that day, no food should be taken, untill the waste is out.
If at the end of that day, Im not hungry, then I should not eat, particualry if there has been no BM.

Right now things are clogged up again, and I will take anbother 14 day fast, and see what effect that has on the gut once done.

Any constructive comments appreciated.


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