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Image Embedded Re: likely misprint (and other thoughts)...Re: "Classic" coke or regular? BIG difference !!!

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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: likely misprint (and other thoughts)...Re: "Classic" coke or regular? BIG difference !!!

You're more than welcome!

Your questions are excellent - hopefully the information below will help clear things up for you.

First, virtually NOTHING we put in our mouth goes *directly* into the liver. Everything is first broken down by the digestive enzymes/process until it is small enough to be absorbed through the lining of the intestine and go into the hepatic portal vein (picture below). (The main exception to this is alcohol, as it goes directly into the bloodstream, hence the liver, through the lining of the stomach or right below the stomach). The only way ANYTHING gets into the liver is via the hepatic artery (which branches out throughout the entire digestive tube).

The liver is triggered to make and release large amounts of bile due to the ingestion of large amounts of oil (because large amounts of bile are necessary to break down, digest and assimilate the oil). This large amount of bile that is released when we ingest large amounts of oil is what "flushes" through the liver & gallbladder, making the flush effective. The acidity of the 'sour' citrus juice adds to the process by helping the gallbladder to contract.

Absolutely EVERYTHING we add to any given flush recipe is "minor" in comparison to the oil & citrus.

>>>The Biser method sure looked extreme, I'm glad these flushes have been evolving over time<<< Sam Biser is/was nothing but an interviewer of various alternative & natural healers & authors. He did/does not ANY have clinical experience, nor did some of the authors he interviewed.

My research shows the first Liver Flush using phosphoric acid to have been designed by Dr. William Donald Kelley (here it is: //,
and he took the formula from the 1920's/30's archives of the Lahey Clinic in Boston. You can see he was very concerned about the phosphoric acid impacting tooth enamel, and since we know the use of phosphoric acid was likely first added by allopathic doctors, I believe that alone should be reason enough to question it's safety.

AND the use of ONE HALF CUP of Epsom Salts in a coffee enema has the potential to cause severely negative side-effects. (So please don't do that unless you're SURE of your body's ability to handle ES).

Note: my mother-in-law was cured of Stage IV liver cancer by Dr. Kelley (as well as some Gerson therapy) back in the late 1970's, so I am very familiar with those protocols, as well as the other healers that have successfully & consistently cured all manner of 'incurable disease' throughout this century (Schulze, Christopher, Hoxsey, Gerson, Kelley). All used coffee enemas, liver flushing, herbs, or some combination of the three.

>>Sutter makes it the most essential part of his method, even going on to warn not to do without them<<

I'm sorry to hear that. None of the healers I mentioned above (other than Dr. Kelley) EVER used phosphoric acid in a liver flush. Here is a Google search ("phosphoric acid" + bone OR enamel OR calcium):

Scan through 3-4 pages of that search; knowing that the vast majority of the greatest & most successful healers of this century did NOT use phosphoric acid (yet managed to flush millions of livers successfully)...can you find ANY logical reason to use it when there are safe/healthier alternatives available? I cannot. What you choose to do to/with your body is (of course) for you to decide.

Is phosphoric acid an effective way to soften liver stones or biliary ducts...of course, it will dissolve an iron nail, tooth enamel and bones - so it certainly will soften hardened cholesterol.

>>>Are the 10cc in the juice a higher concentration than the one in regular carbonated drinks?<<<

I don't know, I would NEVER ingest either. Our natural bodies are up against a truly UNnatural fight. Even the purest of diets and environments contain enough chemicals to compromise our body (even the air we breath is laden with poisons that burden our liver). I find no reason to ever ingest any amount of any chemical that is toxic to my body. People that are looking into Liver Flushing virtually always have a compromised liver and clogged organs of neutralization and elimination. It makes no sense to 'add to the burden'...ESPECIALLY when it's not necessary.

>>>One thing I've noticed is that all potential nausea busters are taken right with the oil. It's like no one's giving the oil any chance. Nowhere have I read: "IF you feel any nausea during the night THEN reach for the *______*".<<<<

I agree! Only a small percentage of those Liver Flushing experience nausea to the point of vomiting. Of course, a large percentage of people experience "the gag reflex" when ingesting the oil (for most, it tastes nasty, and most people gag when trying to ingest "nasty".

I've always added fresh ginger juice to the olive oil because 1) I like the taste of ginger & it masks the taste of the olive oil 2) It increases the flow of bile 3) It virtually eliminates the possibility of the 'gag reflex' turning into full-scale vomiting.

>>>Now, what about ingredients in the coke like sugar, caffeine, phosphoric acid. Do they go through the liver during the classic coke cleanse?<<<

All of these toxic/poison substances go through the lining of the colon and are taken to the liver via the hepatic portal vein/artery, and the liver must work to neutralize them. Of course, as the phosphoric acid goes through the liver, it "softens" whatever it touches; the mercury in the corn syrup ends up in the soft tissues, and the sugar/corn syrup (amongst their other "attributes" deplete the body of calcium). Hmmmm, sugar/corn syrup/phosphoric acid...NOT a good combination for bones & teeth.

>>>Also, I seem to recall from a related forum that Coke relaxes the gallbladder. Wouldn't this be counterproductive in a flush, where the purpose is to get it into furious hyperactivity? If the GB were getting only partially flushed, could this be why some people here never seem to reach an end to flushing: namely, that the liver can't be completely cleansed unless the GB were 100% clean, being as it would constantly exposed to its toxins ? <<<

What we're doing is causing the liver the create & release large amounts of bile, which then flood through the liver/gallbladder, pushing out debris....there will be natural contractions & relaxing as this occurs, no matter what we do or add to the flush. The whole "contract vs. relax" issue (to me) is best left up to the body to determine. Think of a snake, in order move things along it's digestive tract, it both contracts & relaxes. Personally, my two most successful flushes were without Epsom Salts (to relax) and without citrus (to contract). But everybody's liver/body is different and "2 flushes" doesn't even make a theory, let alone provide proof or evidence.

(With those flushes, I fasted after lunch, did a coffee enema in the afternoon, ate cream/fruit in the evening, and had 1/2 cup of oil mixed with ginger...for what it's worth). The cream/berries/ coffee enema is per Dr. Kelley's flush).

There are many reasons people don't ever seem to 'reach an end' to the flushing. The two biggest ones are: 1) once the liver starts getting back more of it's fuctionality, it starts getting to the backlog it couldn't handle when it was clogged...and this 'makes more stones'. 2) The liver is STILL being bombarded daily with vast amounts of unnatural chemicals & toxins, and it's ALWAYS in overdrive. (think of how much more frequently one has to change oil/oil filter on a high performance race car than a 'highway car'...being in 'overdrive' just creates more 'sludge').

Dr. Kelley recommended to 'flush until the amount of debris that's coming out is consistently less than the flushes before', and to do maintenance flushes 2-4 times yearly. Now that the environment and 'level of liver stress' is SO much more than when he practiced clinically, I'd think 4 maintenance flushes yearly would be essential.

Honestly, most folks (even on CZ) have no IDEA how totally toxic and unnatural our environment really is today. Our entire system is compromised daily by outrageous amounts of 'electrical pollution', and this adversely effects our entire body 24 hours daily. We tend to think that organ cleansing and diet changes are somehow "extreme"...but in reality, absolutely NOTHING we can do is as extreme as the amount of poisons & chemicals our body must fight against daily.

And please, ALWAYS remember, the first order of business is always a complete & thorough Colon Cleanse (and I'm not talking a couple of weeks of taking some 'miracle cleanse' out of a bottle!) with at least 4 maintenance cleanses yearly. EVERY morsel & molecule of EVERYthing we ingest seeps through the rubbery layers of acidic/toxin filled mucoid plaque that lines our colon (and prevents assimilation of nutrients!) and once it's good & soaked with the toxins & acids from the mucoid plaque, it goes *directly* to our liver. There's no WAY we can ever completely cleanse & restore our liver, if everything we ingest seeps through an intense layer of toxin/poison as it enters the bloodstream/liver.

Flush ON!



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