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likely misprint (and other thoughts)...Re: "Classic" coke or regular? BIG difference !!!
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Published: 14 years ago
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likely misprint (and other thoughts)...Re: "Classic" coke or regular? BIG difference !!!

'Just fyi...regarding this:

>>> Sam Biser, in his booklet Ancient Cleansing Formulas That Work—After Vitamins and Medicines Have Failed, recommends Dr Christopher's (one of Dr Schulze's mentors) addition of 90 drops of Ultra Phos (phosphoric acid) to each quart of apple juice, however, this is really overkill in most situations, and you should check with your own health care professional. People with liver disease should avoid the phosphoric acid. (The address for ordering Ultra Phos is at the end of this article.) Keep in mind that this will steal minerals from from body, so remember to supplement. <<<

I'm virtually positive Dr. Christopher never used an olive oil Liver Flush (he used herbs)...and he NEVER would have used phosphoric acid.

That must be misprint by mnwelldir (or more likely, misinformation from Sam Biser...something that's likely to be found when reading his writings) :(

Dr. Christopher was NOTORIOUS (as was Dr. Schulze ) for never/rarely using ANY type of "isolated chemical" separated away from it's natural plant. I just searched my "Complete Works of Dr. Christopher CD" (which is one of the originals, unlike the newer ones which have been edited by his son, and have added/changed/edited his writing)...and other than him mentioning that certain plants were high is phosphoric acid, this is the the only product/mention of phosphoric acid (and you'll note, it is NOT Dr. Christopher's formula).

>>>Dr. Shook's recipe for Oregon Grape root included 1 pound of the cut root, 1 gallon of distilled water, and 1/2 ounce of diluted phosphoric acid. Dissolve the phosphoric acid in the water, add the root and let stand for two hours, stirring occasionally. Boil slowly until the root is barely covered. Strain and set liquid aside. Put the bark back into the saucepan and add 3 pints of fresh distilled water. Boil down again until the root is just covered with the water. Strain and combine the two liquids. Again boil down to one pint. Add one pint of glycerine, blend thoroughly, cool, bottle, and keep in a cool place . This is said to be good for a tonic, laxative, hepatic, and digestive agent. It is also a good nerve tonic.<<<<

Dr. William Donald Kelley used phosphoric acid in his Liver Flush (but always recommended people neutralize the high acid by rinsing their mouth with baking soda/brushing teeth). Dr. Kelley was a dentist, so he was full-well aware of the enamel/bone degrading aspects of phosphoric acid (dentists use it to 'etch away' enamel before capping teeth).

There is no reason to ingest phosphoric acid OR Coke (with it's mercury laden corn syrup, more phosphoric acid and fluoride) when liver flushing. Malic acid from apples is more than sufficient to soften stones/debris (or one can use Chinese Gold Coin Grass or Chanca Piedra).*** And adding pure acidic poison (Coke) in order to prevent nausea in a healing protocol (besides being totally backward) is not necessary when we have ginger root (which when added to the olive oil), masks the taste of the olive oil far better than Coke, prevents nausea AND increases the flow of bile.

***Over the years, I've paid very close attention to the Liver Flush Forum , and I've read 'gazillions' of stories of folks using Gold Coin Grass or Chanca Piedra, and having flushes that yielded substantially quantities of "sludge" with smaller pieces of stones. Yet I see lots of people using phosphoric acid and yielding larger stones and lots of 'em (a typical flush). The Chinese Gold Coin Grass was VERY effective for me in that regard (but I have no personal experience for comparison, as I would *never* willingly ingest phosphoric acid).

I've seen the argument :::eyeroll::: that it's not enough phosphoric acid to harm someone. I've seen that argument for many poisons/chemicals that are toxic to body. And since it's never "just one" liver flush (and can easily take 20 or 30) it IS enough phosphoric acid to do damage to bones and teeth. If using phosphoric acid & Coke were the ONLY way to flush one's liver, perhaps it would be justifiable...but to me, there's just no reason to use toxic poisons with potential for harm, when equally effective safe & natural adjuncts are readily available.

Flush ON!


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