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Re: "Classic" coke or regular? BIG difference !!!
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: "Classic" coke or regular? BIG difference !!!

Dr Sutter will tell you that he did not formulate the flush that the directions are given for on his forum, he got it from these directions of Sam Biser's (who worked with Schultze), and cut the ingredients in half of what this original recipe called for. 1/2 of the ingredients works fine...and I haven't had to have the bowel by my head like it says to do here.

I'm not sure you can find a Coke without corn syrup in it anymore (?) I normally avoid corn syrup, but because the Coke does make a big difference for me in settling the stomach so there isn't nausea/vomitting as I've had when I've done the straight Clark flush, I'll use the 4 oz of Coke in spite of the corn syrup. The purpose of the Coke is to settle the stomach...whether it's Classic, or Regular doesn't matter as much as getting the oil/lemon mixture down that it's mixed into, and being able to keep it down. Other than that, it really doesn't do much for making the liver work any differently for a better flush. People have success with not using coke at all...I just would rather not be nauseous, and it does help me.

Liver Flush #1

This Liver Flush is probably the most difficult cleanse you will ever perform, and you'll see why as we go on.

For three days, you will drink a quart of organic, unprocessed, apple juice (not cider) each day. You need not fast during this period, however, a juice fast on apple juice is wonderful for your liver.

Sam Biser, in his booklet Ancient Cleansing Formulas That Work—After Vitamins and Medicines Have Failed, recommends Dr Christopher's (one of Dr Schulze's mentors) addition of 90 drops of Ultra Phos (phosphoric acid) to each quart of apple juice, however, this is really overkill in most situations, and you should check with your own health care professional. People with liver disease should avoid the phosphoric acid. (The address for ordering Ultra Phos is at the end of this article.) Keep in mind that this will steal minerals from from body, so remember to supplement.

Additionally, you may take 500 mg of Magnesium daily. This will help open the bile ducts. It may also cause diarrhea. Again, this is an option, depending on your needs and, as always, your health care professional.

On the evening of the third day (here comes the hard part) you will drink 8 ounces of organic, cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil. There are a couple of suggestions to help you get this down; one recipe calls for 8 ounces of Coca Cola ®; another calls for 8 ounces of grapefruit juice. Personally, I thought 16 ounces of any olive oil mixture was asking too much of me, so I added a couple shots of apple cider vinegar. No matter which you choose, add the juice of one lemon. Stir it up and drink it down quickly. Then grab a large bowl and lie in a fetal position, curled up on your right side for one half hour, and don't cheat. The bowl, by the way, should be by your face, for you will grow vomitose. I've never heard of anyone actually vomiting, but you will certainly think you will. So keep it there for security reasons, and just relax.

In the morning, check your stool. If you are like most Americans, you should find a few small green or black objects in it. These are stones. Gall stones. One more thing to note: for the next week or so, your trips to the bathroom will leave an oil slick.

Dr Schulze has a less difficult form of this flush: 8 oz of citrus (with at least one lemon) added to 8 oz of olive oil, taken in 4 oz. doses every hour right up till bedtime, when you can crawl into bed and lie on your right side.

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