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Where would you live?

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Free shipping on orders over $49
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Published: 12 years ago
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Where would you live?

Hi, 78330,

First, I love your question, "Where would you live?"

That's a very good place to start questioning..."Where do I want to be?"

Then, three hints for you...


And, Barbara Sher's Idea Book, at...

...2. A European lady, half a world from home, and who loved to sew, took a job as a cleaner in a fine dress store, at nights. During her breaks she looked at clothes she couldn't afford...then sewed for herself, at home.

...3. A woman who aspired to haute couture took a job sweeping floors in a high-fashion house. Then she noticed all the different jobs that are done there...and worked her way up to the one that pleased her most.

The advice she was given by the author I read, was...

...Get educated and apply for the top job you want, or,

...Start at the bottom and work up, or,

...Find someone who is most like the person you want to become, and stick to them like glue!

(A person could also 'apprentice', I suppose.)

...4. A lady I knew was left alone with 6 children to a town far from where she grew up...she was not yet good with the new language.

She had some business cards printed, put on her best clothes, and knocked on some doors in an area of town where doctors and lawyers and dentists lived.

It wasn't long before she had appointments to clean several houses.

She did such a good job, and was so well liked, that the word spread and other home-owners were phoning her.

(Begin with a 'trial period', to see which home is a 'good fit' for everyone concerned...then, never talk about your employer, nor pass judgement.)

She managed to raise her children on the work she found for the hours her kids were in school.

This would be a good time, today, to offer 'green' services. Ask around...which 'whole-fooders' would like help with their chosen changes in diet?

If your local health food store has a deli, hire on. You may know more than others, and you have 5-6 years of CureZone archives to search for recipes.

Best of all, pick one of their easiest blends of mixed juices, and market it. Get permission to inch the price down on that one until you are selling as many as you can make.

You could even call it 'Swamp Water', to distinguish it from the other blends. That would leave room for a change in ingredients, within reason.

(Use a bicycle, perhaps with a small wagon behind, or walk. It's way cheaper. At one time in England little people traveled short distances by dog-cart.)

...5. Which veterinarian, or kennel-owner, or country home, would love to have tender loving care for their animals, say, in the evening...or, an assistant care-giver, or sitter?

...6. Say, "No," to any words that retaliate to another for their limited view of you.

Those words and feelings lower your own vibrations...period.

Good job you noticed already! Well done!

Your present circumstances are only temporary. It's really hard to keep a good gal down!

Oh yes...your home is your 'circle of warmth', where you nurture yourself, and invite certain others you care for, when you are ready for them.

You will do beautifully!


P.S. See the film, "All About Eve." Figure out ways to do it much, much better.

And, get your hands on a book called, 'Color Me Beautiful', by Carole Jackson.

...Second-hand, at your library, or see...

But, be careful that someone hasn't torn out a page or two of colors...people just love that book so much.

Come to think of it, the best way to get a copy may be to order it through your favorite bookstore. They know how to get new copies.

And, read a book called, 'How to Make a Man Fall in Love with You', by Tracy Cabot. It's about human communications. You'll love it!

And, 'The Complete Walker', any version, by Colin Fletcher.

And, 'Feasting on Wild Edibles', or any book by Bradford Angier.

And find the Italian national website. It is stunning!

Look in second-hand stores and services for a book called, 'It Can Happen to You', by Roger J. Callahan.

...And, 'Michael O'Halloran', by Gene Stratton-Porter.

See the film 'Miss Potter', it is a beauty! It's about Beatrix Potter's life...the one she should have had.

You can see how far I've gotten by practicing my writing, on bulletin boards.

Self-education is the finest kind.



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