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Day 5
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Published: 14 years ago

Day 5

I posted these questions in a different thread but didn't get reply's so i'll make my own.

I've been on my fast for almost 5 days. I started after a big meal on friday at about 2. And yeah I know that it's not good to have big meals before a fast, but it just didn't turn out the way. So far though, I haven't really been experiancing many detox symptoms. Unlike a lot of people, I actually really want the detox symptoms, it lets me know that my body really will be changed for the better after the fast. I am only 17, and i've heard that you're supposed to fast 1 day for every year you've been alive. So while I might not have as many toxins in my body as older people[which I doubt because i've eaten horrible my whole life], shouldn't I still be getting the same ammount of symptoms. I'm actually getting worried that my body's actually not in a fasting state for some reason. The only thing i've been feeling is some weakness and aches, a rapid heart beat, a little bit of poor circulation, and feeling like theres a chance i'll black out if I get up too fast. While I know these are all things that happen during a fast, wouldn't they also happen if you just aren't getting enough nutrients and your experiancing starvation. Wheres the headaches, the fever like feeling. I want that.

I've had some mucus the past few days, but it's not enough for me to cough it up, I end up swalling a lot of it. Could that be digested and therefor take away the point of the fast. Also up until today when I started drinking distilled water, I was drinking tap water. While my tap water comes from a well and probably doesn't have as much crap in at as town water, could some of the stuff from the pipes thats in the water keep my digestive system going as well. I'm just kind of worried that instead of my body being in ketosis and fasting mode, it's actually in starvation mode, and i'm not getting any benefits.

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