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A really good article on remedies and uses of black seeds

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A really good article on remedies and uses of black seeds


1. Black seed as a daily health supplement

Most medicines work best when given a chance to run their full course, and this too, is the case with black seed. In cognizance of its substantial nutritional components, as well as its specific medicinal properties, the body's ability to maintain health and promote healing of a lasting nature is best increased through regular use of black seed.

2. Black seed as an energy source

Ibn Sina (980-1037), in describing the black seed as that which "stimulates the body's energy and helps recovery from fatigue or disspiritedness," still holds true for Tibb (Islamic Medicine) health practitioners today. The rich nutritional value contained in black seed as outlined by scientific analysis of black seed, also points to it as a great source of energy.

From the Tibb health perspective, the black seed has an ability to maintain and restore body heat. Our Western diet, predominantly made up of cold foods — ice in our drinks, yogurt, pizza, cheese — all deplete the innate heat our body requires in order to optimally function. Tibb holds the view that a reduced metabolic rate (innate heat) is the cause of most illnesses. The body, in losing energy, also loses its ability to fight off toxins, resulting in a greater chance of contracting illness.

3. Black seed and other medication

Black seed may be used in conjunction with conventional or other forms of natural medicine. It is not recommended that black seed be used exclusively in the treatment of serious medical complaints which may require more immediate action. For example, conditions like bronchitis sometimes require conventional antibiotics to prevent the condition from becoming more severe. However, black seed may be used as a therapeutic aid together with this and other forms of treatment to help counteract any side effects experienced from the use of antibiotics or other potent, chemically based medicines.

4. Pregnancy and lactation

The black seed is not recommended during pregnancy,

however during lactation It is an excellent form of added nutrition for both mother and the growing child while its immune system boosting properties serve as a natural, safe way to build resistance against illness. In addition, as studies have shown, black seed helps increase milk production during breastfeeding.

Initial trials have shown that black seed may have an ability to increase the male sperm count.

5. Babies and toddlers

In addition to its many nutritional components, black seed contains carotene, which is essential for infant growth. During the toddler years, black seed provides children with all the energy they require for this active stage of life. Regular usage of black seed, which increases its immune system strengthening effect on the body, will decrease the length and severity of natural childhood illnesses, particularly during winter when children are most susceptible to contracting colds and flu.

6. Black seed for the elderly person

Which its rich nutritional, energy-giving value, in combination with immune system strengthening properties, black seed is an ideal health supplement for the elderly person.


Ibn Sina (Avicenna) in Qanun (Canon of Medicine) says "Black Seed Acts as an Expectorant, it stimulates the body's energy and helps recovery from fatigue and dispiritedness."

Ibn Qayyim Al Jawziyya in "Medicines of The Prophet" lists up to 50 illnesses cured by the Black Seed.

These include:-benefits bronchitis and cough, helps increase body tone, digestive tonic, quells belching, dries up damp stomach, quells colic pain - stomach gas cholic, expels worms from intestinal tract, removes patches of leukoderma, benefits some skin allergies such as Acne & Eczema, opens obstruction, stimulates menstrual period, increase flow of breast milk, quells quarta phlegmonous fever and can cause excessive salivation.

He also says that its oil retains the nervous system, helps pertussis, dry cough, asthma, and bronchial respiratory complaints.

Taking the oil unmixed internally can cause gripe and greatly irritates the digestive system.

He also states that it helps abnormal absence of menstruation (Amenorrhoea) and menstrual difficulties (dysmenorrhoea), kills intestinal worms and can promote abortion in very high doses, (doses in excess of 20g Black Seed) it helps tertian fever, paralysis, and piles among other illnesses.

Stomach worms: Removes the stomach worms and

intestinal worms.

Colds: If boiled and applied to the head, it cures cold

and rheumatic tendency.

Moles: It can be applied to remove the developed

moles from the body, cleans the skin and regularizes

the menses.

Headaches: Its paste cures the headache, breaks the


Phlegmatic swelling: If taken with vinegar, it

remove's the phlegmatic swellng.

Eye Pain: It is mixed up with the oil of Ersa and

smelled to cure eye-sore or pain.

Tooth ache: Its gurgle cures the toothache.

Urine discharge: It regularizes the urine-discharge

if it is taken.

Mosquitoes: Its smoke drives away the mosquitoes

and bugs.

Fevers: It cures the phlegmic and melancholic

fevers. A little of it in a bit of cloth tied round a

patient cures his cold and cough and fever of fourth


Breast Milk: If taken, it increases the milk of the


Abdominal Ailments: parches the moisture of the

belly, cures griping colic, pain of the chest, and cough,

nausea and vomiting, dropsy and the disease of the


Complexion: If taken with oil regularly, it reddens

the complexion, and fairs it.

Stomach worm: If taken with vinegar, it kills the


• Phlegmatic Fever: If taken with lemon-juice mixed with sugar or honey, it cures fourth day fever and phlegmic fever.

• Bladder Stone: If taken with honey, it removes the bladder stone.

• Leprosy: Its paste with vinegar cures leprosy and the colocynth deadens the intestinal worm.

• Manly Potency: Its paste with olive oil applied to the penis improves the manly- potency.

• Mental Disease: Qatada (radhiyallahu anhu) says that twenty one (21 grains of kalaunji should be kept in a bit of cloth, bound up and boiled, first day two drops of the boiled water should be administered into the right nostril and one into the left, second day one into the right and two into left one and one into the left. This treatment is an effective precaution against any mental disease.

• Contraction of uterus: A decoction of Black Seeds can promote contraction of the uterus after birth and it benefits eruptive skin diseases.

• Gout: Adding to one's diet helps GOUT, and it can balance the uric acid in blood.

• Reduces Swellings: Also helps reduce swellings, and remove scales in ringworm.

• Gall Stones & Kidney stones: Crushed Black Seeds sweetened with Honey can help dissolve gall stones and kidney stones and when taken over a few days, it increases urine, menses and milk.

• Growth of Hair: Ointment of Black Seeds stimulates growth of the beard, and can prevent hair graying.

• Common Cold: Powdered Black Seeds with oil of Coriander Seeds relieves common cold, opens obstructions and dissolves wind.


1. Cough / Asthma : Rub the chest and back with black seed diluted in olive oil (1:5). Inhale the vapour of the oil. One may also take 1/4 teaspoon of black seed oil placed under tongue.

2. Diarrhea : Mix a tablespoon of black seed oil with a cup of yogurt. Drink mixture twice a day for 3 days.

3. Headaches / Head Colds Remedy 1: Mix

• l tbsp. ground black seed

• l tbsp. ground anise seed

• l tbsp. powdered cloves

Take one teaspoon of this mixture before meals. Keep mixture in mouth until it can be swallowed. Do not take with water.

Remedy 2 : Take 1/2 teaspoon of black seed oil 2-3 times daily.

4. Muscular Pain / Rheumatism : Mildly heat a small amount of black seed mixed with olive oil and then stroke the painful area intensely with preparation.

5^ Skin Conditions :

Recipe i : Internally - Take 1/2 teaspoons black seed oil 2-3 times a day.

Recipe 2 : For a clear complexion, mix 1/2 teaspoon of black seed oil with a tablespoon of olive oil. Rub the face with this mixture and leave on for one hour. Wash with soap and water.

6. Dizziness and ear infection: Use it as a drop for the ears for "infection"; and drink it in tea and rub under your cheek and at the back of your neck for dizziness.

7. For women and delivery: It is the best thing for helping with the pains of labor. Boil the black seed with honey and drink.

8. For skin diseases: Mix a unit of the black seed oil with a same unit of rose water and 2 units of brown flour. Before you use the mix rub the area with a cloth dipped in vinegar. Lightly apply the mixture to the skin and then expose to the sun every day.

9. Rheumatism: Warm black seed oil and massage the oil into the painful areas. Also, make a drink of boiled black seed and mix with honey, drink before going to sleep; and have a lot ofyaqeen (full-faith).

10. High blood pressure: Mix the black seed with hot liquids you may drink, such as coffee, tea, etc; and rub your body with the oil and have yaqeen.

11. Chest pains and colds: Add 1 tablespoon of the black seeds in boiling water and inhale the vapor and cover your head before you sleep.

12. Heart burn: Add a few drops of black seed oil to a hot cup of milk and add one teaspoon of honey. Also, eat a lot of lettuce.

13. Eye pain: Rub the oil around the eyes before you sleep and mix a few drops of the oil with hot drinks.

14. Ulcers: Mix 10 drops of black seed oil with a cup of honey. Eat i spoon of this mixture daily, every morning, before you eat or drink anything else. Follow with a glass of milk. Do this for two months.

15. Cancer: Rub the affected area with black seed oil. 3 times a day drink a mixture of a teaspoon of the oil with a glass of carrot juice. Do this for three months.

16. Laziness: Mix 10 drops of black seed oil with a glass of orange juice when waking up for 10 days. Important, do not sleep after Fajr salat.

17. For memorizing: Boil mint and mix it with honey and 7 drops of black seed oil—drink while warm any time of the day. Also, stop drinking coffee and tea.

18.Diabetes: Mix

• 1 cup of black seeds

• l cup of watercress seeds

• 1/2 cup of pomegranate peel

Grind the mixture into a powder. Take half a spoonful of the mixture together with a teaspoon of black seed oil before breakfast for one month.

19. Ear ache: Soak i fresh clove of garlic in 1oz. of black seed oil for 3 days. Drop a few drops of oil directly into the ear and massage some oil behind the ear.

20. Eye Soreness:

Remedy l: Externally - As eye compress for soreness caused by over-exertion.

Boil l tablespoon of black seed in 8 oz. water.

Allow to sit for 10 minutes.

Pour through strainer.

Soak two cotton pads in the solution.

Place pads on eyes for 10 minutes.

Remedy 2: Rub temples with black seed oil before going to sleep.

21. Flatulence:

Remedy i: Internally - Make a tea

Mix equal parts Ground black seed, ground fennel

and peppermint.

Add 3- 7 drops of Black seed oil.

Sweeten with honey.

Remedy 2: Externally - Make a compression

Apply a compression soaked with apple vinegar and black seed to the stomach.

22. Hypertension: Strain a teaspoon of finely crushed black seeds into a hot drink and take with two lobes of garlic every morning before breakfast.

23. Insomnia: A teaspoon of black seed and honey or with tea before supper offers relief from insomnia and a restful sleep.

24. Nausea / Vomiting: Mix a teaspoon of ground black seed in boiled mint three times daily.

25. Toothaches:

Remedy l : Mix ground black seed with olive oil to form a paste and paint the tooth with it.

Remedy 2: Boil 8 oz apple cider vinegar with 2 tablespoons ground black seeds. Strain. Rinse the mouth with it for several days.

Remedy 3: Rub painful area with 1-2 drops of the oil.

26. Tonsillitis; Boil 10 grams of Kalaunji- Black seeds with half litre of water and filter. Gargle twice a day.


In view of the numerous benefits of Black seeds, as well as it being a Sunnah of Rasullullah (sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam), it would be recommended that, A teaspoon of Black Seed Oil or the seeds be taken daily as a dietary supplement. The oil does not taste nice, but it can be mixed into a glass of orange juice or into yoghurt to camouflage it's taste. It can also be used for external application. It's meritorious benefits far outweighs, what has been mentioned in these pages. Ongoing research continues to highlight more remedies, uses and benefits. Therefore, it would be in the interest of the health seeker to include the Sunnah of Black Seeds in the daily diet to benefit wholesomely.

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