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Re: nope, CD4+ T-cells are 100% vital to good health
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: nope, CD4+ T-cells are 100% vital to good health

>First, read what happyhealthygal says, she is 100% correct.

No she is not. I already addressed that.

>>"First of all the virus sets up a factory to generate copies of itself. The cell >>is then ruptured releasing the viruses to infect other cells. So the cells would >>be destroyed regardless. The free viruses can be destroyed before they have a >>chance to infect other cells."

>True, true, and true. However, you seem to think that means the destruction of the >HIV virus DNA, which is does NOT. HIV integrates itself with the host DNA. If you >can kill the viruses in the cell as they are being produced (assuming intracellular >ozone will do this) it will NOT kill the host cell DNA, where the HIV DNA exists. >Therefore the HIV will still be alive and functional. The ONLY way to kill HIV once >it has integrated is to destroy the host cell.

You need to learn how to read. Go back and read what I wrote again. The whole thing, not just the part you quoted. Read it slow enough so you will understand it this time.

>Again, read what happy wrote. The CD4 cells are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to a healthy >immune system. You CANNOT be healthy without them.

And you can be unhealthy with them. Again, they are not the only part of the immune system, and they do not govern what every other part of the immune system does.

>True, they are not the only immune cells, but all the immune cells function >together in a synergistic relationship, losing one means losing the ability of many >others to function correctly.

Again, you do not have to have 100% optimal function to have health. Most people have suboptimal functioning immune systems from stress, drugs, stimulants, etc. yet they are not dropping dead right and left. Why/ Because the immune system is not a singular thing, and the body has redundancies of the immune system to help support the immune system in case one area collapses or is suppressed. See my last post for evidence.

>>"This is why HIV cannot cause any diseases in man. It cannot collapse the immune >>system."

>I am not sure where you get this insane opinion, but you obviously have had no >experience in basic anatomy and immunology.

If you want to continue getting nasty then I can guarantee you that I can get just as nasty right back.

But since you want to present yourself as such an expert then answer this simple question for all of us. Why is the drug AZT and its analogues a primary CAUSE of AIDS? Hint: to answer this simple question you have to be smart enough to know what AIDS is.

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