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Re: Sorry, but I think it's all bollocks.
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Sorry, but I think it's all bollocks.

I agree with the last part about the mind. We shape reality with our thoughts to a certain extent. And certainly if you believe you're sick, you are sick. And I wonder how much that contributes to our problems on here.

Yeah, you mentioned probiotics and all that, but I haven't had much luck with them. It's like they just can't be administered in pill form. It needs to be taken through dairy or some other non-supplemental form, just like people all over the world. A person shouldn't have to supplement to be healthy. Have you cured yourself? I doubt it, since you didn't use the word. I think we all have a common problem --those of us with flora damage. We probably all did something that was really bad. For me, not only did I have mercury fillings, but as a kid I ate nothing but candy and junk food. I thought real meals were "gross" and I never sat down at the table. It was all about pixie sticks. I started to develop a very oily complexion and then started to get Acne very early. So in other words, not only was I not providing proper fuel, but I was poisoning my body. I'm talking about a balanced diet of anything except chemicals. And even chemicals can be tollerated if the foundation of our diet is and was real food.

So specifically, the root cause (other than factors such as Antibiotics /drugs) is diet imbalance and degeneration due to not eating properly. Our bodies have never had the proper fuel to fully sustain us. I bet you that everyone on here went from a crappy diet of junk food (or at least Antibiotics /drugs) to another crappy diet like raw vegan. And those aren't diets, they are extremes --fasts! We never had a normal diet, which provides the body with the proper tools to not only sustain itself but to thrive. I, personally, never have eaten this way until I started up a few days ago. I got fed up with being cold and now my body heat is back. I got tired of depriving myself. How the hell can my body cure itself if it can't even maintain proper body temp? It's absurd.

For the past 3 years, I stopped eating dairy and that's a huge mistake in my opinion. Don't listen to all that crap about how milk isn't meant for humans, it's rubbish. Dairy is used for probiotics throughout the world. I also stopped eating meat for 6 months. I tell you that I look a lot worse than I did 3 years ago. The skin around my eyes has gone dark, my gums have receeded, and the tips of my front teeth are transparent, indicating calcium deficiency/mineral deficiency. Mainly this was caused by "healthy" distilled water, which robs your system of nutrients. I now go down to a nearby stream which flows through the rocks and trees, and it tastes like well water, loaded with minerals! It tastes like magnesium primarily. If you want to know what real water should taste like, buy a galon of Arizona brand water.

Within a week of re-introducing eggs and meat into my diet, my gumline went back to 95%. Dairy is making me feel good, and I mainly eat whole milk yogurt. I think it will restore probiotics by itself. That stuff about fat is utter bollocks. Don't deprive yourself with low fat yogurt. They tell you that saturated fat is usless to the body, and in the same paragraph boast about how coconut oil is a perfect food.

So on the whole, stop depriving yourself. The solution isn't to restrict your diet, the solution is to give your body the proper tools it needs to thrive. Stop being affraid of the food you eat. My mom looks so positively on food. But me, I'm so paranoid, but not anymore. And it's that belief that makes food into poison I bet. I know you want to be healthy and so do I, and the more I look at people, it's always those who eat a little bit of everything who are healthiest. My mom and dad are both healthier than me! They are from Romania and they eat a little bit of everything and very little chemicals. A fair bit of dairy, and my mom likes sugar. I firmly believe that diet alone can be a huge step towards health, but only a diet of abundance not scarcity. And that includes sweets. Listen to your body, because when you have a craving it doesn't mean candida has taken over your mind.

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