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A successful cleanse - euphoric feelings
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Published: 19 years ago
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A successful cleanse - euphoric feelings

Hi all,
Great site! Thought I'd share: ]

This is the best I've felt after a cleanse as of yet. Over the past two years, I've done four cleanses with slightly different controls/mistakes which have guided me to what works best for me:
1) Followed Clarke recipe. Got 200 stones out, but felt awful for two days. Similar to a hangover (probably dehydrated). Some stones were dime-sized, all were bright green.
2) Decided to test 'no-fat' meal aspect of cleanse and had eggs & potatoes for brunch. Otherwise, followed same Clarke recipe and passed NO STONES, just plenty of liquid movements which began immediately after drinking oil/grapefruit mix. Felt so-so for next day, but was happy to have proven non-fat aspect for myself. This definately plays a role in stone passing.
3) Decided to switch to the classic coke recipe, but cheated by having some wine (white) in the evening around 4-5pm. I awoke at 2am and vomited the worst bitter oil vomit ever(blurp). Still, I was surprised that 150-180 stones were passed over the next 12 hours. All green, but smaller than 1st flush. So, viable recipe without Epsom Salts , but worth it?...
4) Last Friday, I was bent on going through another cleanse. I followed the no-fat breakfast and lunch with plenty of water and lemonade until 2pm. Then no food or water until the 6pm epsoms, which I mixed with juice of two lemons and water (tart, but goes down much easier). My guts gurgled but no running to the toilet. The 8pm epsoms were the same mix as before. At 10pm I drank the nasty oil/grapefruit mix which I 'chased' with Pepsi after every sip. This was tolerable, and I figured couldn't hurt. After laying on my right side for a few minutes, I had to get up to go twice, but on the third urge, I focused and just held it in, letting the churning work within me. That night, I woke up a few times, but never felt sick. In the morning, I felt really good. I decided to try a bit of black coffee, my morning usual, and after one sip I ran to the toilet and passed about 35 stones. These were pea-sized and more yellow than previous cleanses. This led me to believe that they came from my gallbladder and were older stones. I then decided that more may come with further flushing, so I drank the magnesium citrate "soda" that I had in the fridge. This does not taste much better to me than Epsom Salts with lemon juice. As the day went on, I only passed about 15 more that I could see, making 50 total. By that evening I felt very good, and that night I didn't fall asleep until 4am - because I was full of energy! I felt euphoric and didn't mind that I was still awake. Maybe I passed sinking stuff that I didn't see, or just getting these yellow ones out revitalized me... Whatever the case, I still feel charged after three days: much less upper back pain (right side between spine and scapula), no sluggish feeling under ribs/upper abdomen (I had 'heartburn' twice in the past 6 weeks), and I swear I just feel better all over! Will post after next cleanse.

Peace and clean guts,


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