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Published: 13 years ago
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"Stratfor is the world’s leading online publisher of geopolitical intelligence. Our global team of intelligence professionals provides our Members with ..."


Previously I've assumed saakashvili was a loose cannon. This stratfor analyst pretty much implies saakashvili couldn't scratch his arse without America knowing never mind initiate a blitzkreig. Ergo George and the neocons may have pulled another blunder to go with the failed putsche in venezuela, the header into the Iraqi shredder, the resupplying Israel with lethal bombs even as they were bombing southern lebanon back into the stone age [some say Israel took on that war at the insistence of America] and now his disasterous Georgian meltdown. Thank god he will be gone in about 5 months.

I thought the 'big oil' Baker putsche that replaced the incompetent Don Rumsfeld with Gates was supposed to put an end to all the incompetence and self destructive formulations and implementation of American policy. it seems not. so what has gone wrong here. In my opinion the Presidents and his similiary inclined Vice President are a couple of leopards who can't change their spots. The basic flaw in their characters is their fanatical desire to push aside destroy or otherwise compromise anyone who gets in their path. These guys went as far as committing treason to expose the identity of a CIA agent Plame in order to show everyone in Washington that you don't cross these guys or they'll take you down and utterly destroy your character and reputation ..This is the mentality of the prime decision makers in the current administration. I especially suspect Cheneys entire career and raison d'etre in Washington has been built on being the hatchet man who smashed everything in his path.

So assuming the iraqi quagmire hasn't totally exhausted the pentagons capability to moniter the russian military preparations on the other side of the ossetian border what kind of incharacter venal considerations could have motivated these guys to give saakashvili the goahead. The first and easiest one would have been to take the $40 billion Chinese Olympic celebrations off the front pages. You may not have noticed the wests political leadership campaign to boycott the Olympics but the european leader of that campaign was read the riot act and shown the contracts the french would lose if he continued his opposition and he attended the Olympics. How the free Tibet campaign was quietly shut down by the western media when the Chinese presumably twisted the arms of their many economic vassels. I won't go as far as to saying georges attendance was coerced but in the economic equation America is no longer the top dog. So what is a mean vicious venal personality going to try to do to exact revenge for the slight sarkozy and god knows who else experienced at the hands of the Chinese. Take the $40 billion Olympic propaganda campaign Chinas greatest show on earth off the front pages of the worlds press. Wars have been started for less huh?

The second reason would involve domestic American political considerations. The highest and most important goal of the American political process is deciding who controls as much of the pork barrel as possible. Rallying Americans around the semismooth but gaffe proned ronald reagan lite clone is a lot easier when America is in a conflict. Too bad these neocons don't do much thinking in regards to the post operational consequences of the ideas provided by their policy wonking wunderkinds huh? Anyway the message has been sent to the American voter and they have historically preferred republicans in office in times of crisis. Georgia where's georgia. How can we use it to help us win the election says the pheasant hunter...

Legacy considerations. If the cold war with russia publicly resumed all political analysis will be interpreted through that prism. The psyops and propaganda machines will even turn the Iraq fiasco into a mere nothing in the light of the great struggle for dominance at hand. Harp is already out in front of that bandwagon with his well researched estimations of the russian character huh? lol George and the neocons are highly motivated and to salvage their place in history. sacrificing georgia for that purpose is more then just a highly probable speculation huh?

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