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Re: Day 46 - Ended fast today

End Constipation Now
Let oxygen remove old, impacted fecal matter as it detoxifies and...

End Constipation Now
Let oxygen remove old, impacted fecal matter as it detoxifies and...

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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Day 46 - Ended fast today

Chrisb1, you are entitled to your opinion, and it is welcome.

I gave my opinion, and said that it was suggestions. These suggestions were based on logic, personal experiences, and from what I have gathered from the experts over the years.

You stated:

"I have to disagree with your following statements...........

"Multiple shorter fasts to start with, rather than the one long fast."

Then you provide a link to back up this assertion. The problem is you have misconstrued what the link was talking about in terms of the length of the fast. I think if you read this first part over again, you will see that the people who liked the short fast was because they thought the long fast was detrimental to the individual.

A long controversy has raged between the advocates of the short fast and the advocates of the fast to completion. The advocates of the short fast depict what they believe to be harm resulting from the long fast. While it is true that the short fast is more popular with most patients, I have yet to see these fancied damages result from a long fast.

Then you had a problem with my other suggestion:

 ""Your body can only get rid of the toxins as fast as the elimination channels can eliminate. The rest returns to body tissue, and organs."

I didn't pull that out of thin air either. As I mentioned in the orignal reply that this is what Dr. Thomas Levy states. Here's part 3 of a 4 part video by him.  Slide the slider to 3:00 minutes unless you want to hear it all.

Then this:

"Doing other body cleanses prior to the water fast (Liver, Gall Bladder, etc.)"

This is not a statement that the experienced and knowledgeable fasters would agree with here, including me.

I happen to be an experienced, and knowledgable faster, but aside from that Logic was the reason for that statement. if the Liver, Gall Bladder are plugged with stones, they need to be cleaned out so that the toxins can get out. Not only that, but by doing so the fast can be done much easier. Actually this would apply to the lymph system as well if it were stagnant for some reason. You must have visions of the water fast being like hooking up the garden hose to your mouth, and the water flushes everything except your organs out of the body.

The fast will do wonders, but it needs all the help it can get. An Analogy might be making apple sauce in the blender. If you put the whole apple in at once you will likely  not get the job done, so you cut the apple up into pieces that the blender can handle comfortably.

There is a reason that the original poster didn't achieve the goals of clearing the muck off his tongue, and eliminating his skin condition in 46 days of fasting.

To end this reply, I will tell you that it matters not to me whether you, or the original poster agrees with anything I write, or tries any of the suggestions.  I can assure you my heart was in the right place when I did make those suggestions, and that's what counts.


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