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Re: Rubbery eliminations - Theory?
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Published: 20 years ago
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Re: Rubbery eliminations - Theory?

Logical questions.

I began in alternative healing in 1971 when a political friend, and hard core American Doctor, John Richardson, was pilloried in the press, and then arrested (with the stinking press in attendance, of course, to terrify other doctors and keep them in line)

In the process of raising funds to defend John, many of us, who prior to this time were simply patriot types, trying to save our nation from the evil that has fallen upon us anyway.

Out of that movement (no pun intended, but I COULD have fun with that)....was born most of the leaders of today's FAR MORE free atmosphere to pursue such things as are discussed here. Examples: A "close" female friend, with whom I shared many a platform upon which we debated and tore the hell out of communists, went on to get further educated in alternative health, and is today quite famous for her TV Show and several best selling books. Upon receiving an award one time, she announced me from the audience to say that: "here's the guy who taught me all I know about humans and speaking and writing" Kind gesture.

Another man and his wife from the patriot movement, after Bob and I had formed the Committe for Freedom of Choice in Cancer Therapy, went on to build that committe of alternataive healers into a world organization and they they opened a hospital in Mexico, where he has become a world famous expert on cancer and degenerative disease.

As for me, I studied bowel situations with the King of the Kolon (helluva thing to be known for) V.E. Irons. He was, as his wife told the press once, when they wondered why a 47 year old woman was married to a 82 or so year old man:

"Because he's the most VIRILE man that I met, of ANY age".

That oughta get some men running for the Colema Board.

It's true, of course, when you see oodles of Xrays of a rectal area scrunching a prostate into a flat mass and the pee pee tube as well. (of course I know the name of it)

Anyway, the VE Irons method, saved HIS life when, at age 40 some , he was told he didn't have long to live. Gee, and lived 53 more years in glowing health. His face was fascinating at age almost ninety, the last time I saw him, in that it was kinda like a new baby's butt. Pink and clear. Hmmm? Can't let the mind wander here....

Anyway, the program that he developed saved my wife's life, without a doubt.

She had been constipated since childhood, and doctor after doctor had given her the same BS they give everyone.

"Oh well, some people go once a day, others every five or seven days, it's all normal".

What a stinkin lie! (oh oh)

Anyway, she did not tell me how ill she was when we got married, but I soon found this fine and honorable lady to have serious menstrual difficulties and the poor lady was a size six in the AM, size ten tummy at night, always pooched and sicky, not to mention having basically a continual period. Not fun, and I tried for a long time to get her into alternative solutions, but she was locked in on the brainwashed position of allopathic medicine .

Eventually a friend of mine opened a clinic and had purchased the newest type of colonic irrigation machine as well. I took the lady to Jim's clinic and we did a lower GI test. When the Xray's were ready, I went in with Jim to look, and in moments the tears were running down the face, for it appeared even to me, a NON doctor (but who knew more about how to get well than they did) that I would be losing a 34 year old wife before long.

The worst Xray they had seen , and it was. Stretched probably at least a foot and a half, dropped over her reproductive organs, FORMED A FULL LOOP, headed up to a large balooned area near the heart, and of course was balooned near the end as well. It looked, and this is common, as though someone had a taffy pull and stretched it from the hepatic flexure area to this full loop until it was very very narrow.

We went immediately to VE Irons and got all of the materials and each of us did the seven day thing, while I took her daily to the colonic machine as well. No WAY was that material able to exit on it's own.

And mind you, this wonderful lady only weighed 113 at the time, so just imagine how her other organs were shoved aside by this mass. I wanted to find the nearest Medical school liar and ...well, you know.

During this time, another lady was coming all the way from San Francisco twice a week to have colonics. Her husband, a tinkerer inventor, figured there had to be a better way, and thus the greatest aid of a PROPER cleansing right at home for pennies was born. The Colema board, originally from Red Bluff, CA and now in North Carolina. We have had one of the originals since 1979 I think.

After that, we did this together.....well, you know what I mean, one after the other, three times a year and one or two times 7 times a year, because Mr Irons said there was a certain rhythm of the body every 49 days, and there would be better results.

The amount of mean lookin stuff that exited that tiny woman was more than one could believe.

As to your query that it was merely the physillium seed and Bentonite gelling up, that is not born out because while it does gell up in the glass, it does not act the same way inside. The question of "where does that other stuff come from is it comes from ALL over and winds up in the bowel. Also, that mixture, combined with NOT eating for seven days, causes a natural sluffing of the material , not only in the lining, but from the pollops and diverticuli, etc.

As to fecal matter, that material is NOT just stuff from the breakdown (poorly) of the food, but also represents the accumulation of the secretions of the entire small and large bowel that occur when the immune system detects invaders, which in today's world is a continuous battle, since so called food today is considered an enemy by the immune system. Also, since the appendix HAS a purpose, contrary to what you can hear from a medical "expert" some times, and that is to "sense" when the material entering the colon from the ileo cecal valve is highly acidic /toxic and it secretes a neutralizing alkaline "squirt" to assist in this process. Much, most probably, of the stuff that exits is this now glue like material that the body develops as a defense AND as a means of sliding things on through when the slowdown of food travel means that too much water is extracted and the bowel gets material that is too dry to move properly.

I have studied most of the masters, including the Advanced Student seminars with Richard Schultze, and spent time taking friends and friends of friends to Mexico to Bob and Carole's hospital, and been involved with herbs and the like pretty full time for twenty two years now.

Plus I am a recovering chronic fatigue guy, who went from tough as hell, hard core energy, top trainer in products for a serious herbal company, never smoked or drank booze guy, to a guy who could not walk around the block two years later...ten years ago. So each of us can identify with all manner of hurts, since we knew that for 24/7 while caring for parents as well. We are talking SERIOUS hard times here, the past 15 years.

The outcome? Lovely lady continued for TEN YEARS until that colon was as close to normal as it can be, and then we did slant board at night to get it moved back into place.

And for the last twenty years, three times a day I know where to find her. From once every five days or so in 78.

Just keep it up. It takes decades to get sick, it takes time to get well IF you do it right.

Plus you will get a flat tummy again, no colon pooch.

And if you are a woman, men will flock to your side to gaze upon that flat tummy, a rare occasion in this world of white flour, sugar, and the other "white deaths".

(Of course THEY won't have one, but they will admire yours)

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