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--Success Testimonial--Hi brix cherries: why a refractometer!!!!
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Published: 13 years ago
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--Success Testimonial--Hi brix cherries: why a refractometer!!!!

Hi, all!

Yesterday I went to the farmer's market. There were at least 8 vendors with cherries.

I did a little experiment. First, I went through and tried to determine the best quality by taste alone. Then, I went back and checked with my trusty refractometer!

After a lifetime of being trained from childhood by my parents to be very discriminating in my fruit quality and one year of refractometer use, I could tell the poor and merely good quality from the better quality by taste alone.

What I could not discern was the diff between very good and so excellent it was off the chart!!!! The two best vendors tested 19 and slightly fuzzy, 30++ and the fuzziest I have ever seen!

Without testing, I would have missed out on the chance to buy the top quality in bulk for HALF the price of POOR QUALITY!!! Today, I am freezing some 4 the off season. I will also store some unrefrigerated and try drying some.

These cherries were so heavy that the boxes that normally weigh abt 19 lbs weigh more like 26+!!! These were from the vendor that has responded favorably to my attempts to educate him abt the info here at ask Moreless and applied some of the ideas, particularly mulching his trees well. I showed him his brix reading and congratulated him. We were both ecstatic. He will be drying some of these cherries for later sales, I think.

I am so grateful to Moreless for the info he has presented re brix, refractometers, alkaline minerals in the food chain and their consequences for our health. Am making better food choices, and benefiting slowly but surely!For those of us with years of health challenges, the diff between merely very good and fantastic quality can be the diff between ongoing poor health and recovery! What might be good enough for someone in excellent health ids NOT enough to help us recover! We need the very best quality if our food is to be our medicine [Hippocrates]

BTW, I still have some of the very high brix patty pan squash that I gleaned abt a YEAR ago! It is stored at abt 60-65 F individually wrapped in newspaper in a dark cupboard in my kitchen!!!!

As I remodel my home, I am installing a large cool storage area. Will use for all the hi brix stuff I encourage others to grow and buy or grow myself!

If you do not have a refractometer yet, GET ONE!!!!

THERE IS NO SHORTCUT OR SUBSTITUTE that can produce the same benefits!!!!

Keep seeking abundant like and joy!


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