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How I beat Ulcerative Colitis and Candida
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Published: 15 years ago
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How I beat Ulcerative Colitis and Candida

Updated October 15, 2009

I suppressed my ulcerative colitis 10 years ago and after 10 years of hell, I've finally beaten Candida. I was forced to do this after getting liver hepatitis/cancer which I've also beaten now as well, without medical intervention.

There is often more than one factor that causes UC and Candida. You have to treat this as a laundry list and make sure you eliminate as many factors as possible. As you eliminate each factor you will get one step closer to being healthier.

Don't let anyone or anything deter you from getting well from UC, Candida, or liver hepatitis/cancer. Mainstream medicine does not understand these diseases very well, so if you want to get better you have to think for yourself.

------------ VX's Ulcerative Colitis and Candida protocol --------------
1) Say NO to Drugs
2) Stop Eating List
3) Kill Candida
4) Bowel Cleanse
5) parasite Cleanse
6) Liver Flush
7) Fruitarian or Cleansing Diet
8) Primal Diet by Aajonus Vonderplanitz
9) Heavy Metals, Chemicals, and Environment Detox
10) Other Sources of Information

1) Say NO to Drugs: Drugs can help you with your short term health, but they are recipe for disaster for your long term health. I would highly recommend avoiding the use of all rx drugs, especially steroids. If you are currently on medication of any kind, try to develop a plan (consult your doctor) to wean yourself off it.

If I had taken cortico steroid enemas like my MD wanted, I don't believe I'd still have my colon today. I know of two young men who were in my exact situation and took the steroids, neither one works today and one is missing his colon and eliminates waste out of a plastic tube in his chest. Don't let this happen to you.

2) Stop Eating List: What you don't eat is more important than what you eat. Eating good food is not going to help if you're also eating food that will poison your digestive system.

All of these foods will make your underlying condition worse.

Don't Eat: Microwaved food/drinks, aspartame, processed (junk) food, sweets, anything with sugar, any alcohol, soy, white breads, soft drinks (diet or non-diet).
Limit: Bread/pasta.

Limiting these foods is a basic Candida diet and will help you get out of the "danger zone". It will also help your transition to a better diet.

It bears repeating:

- Stay away from Aspartame, Aspartame kills, it will make brain fog ten times worse and is very bad for the head area.

- Dangers of Soy: The so-called health food is actually one of the unhealthiest foods to eat. It would be funny if it weren't so tragic.

- Read Trash the microwave and Why you shouldn't use your microwave, you'll never use them again. I call my microwave my "shitbox". Between eating microwaved food every night and eating microwaved fast food for lunch, I feel this was a big factor in my health declining further.

3) Kill Candida: If it's hard to function, think, or have enough energy to do anything, the best thing to do is to kill the Candida. This should also stop the bleeding for people with UC.

There are many anti-fungals on the market but the one Iím going to recommend is ThreeLac.

Itís a combination of antifungal and probiotic.

My UC (and rectal bleeding) stopped when I started taking the drug called Nilstat (or Nystatin) 9 years ago. Unfortunately, I can't recommend this as a long term solution to UC. Each year you take ANY drug, it damages your liver until you are very unhealthy. After I used it for 9 years, my health bank steadily declined until I was out of funds and I was very sick once again. Having said that my father used nystatin for 15 years.

I found ďCandida kitsĒ from health food stores are only ďokĒ at best. Single herbal treatments for Candida (like kits with just caprylic acid) didnít do anything for me at all. Kits with multiple herbs in them, often with both a pill and a tincture, were ďokĒ. They are a last resort but they could help somewhat if youíre desperate.

None of these anti-fungals will help you if you are consuming sweets, sugar, alcohol, or breads/pasta frequently.

IF YOU DO NOT GET EITHER A DETOX REACTION OR FEEL BETTER AFTER 2 WEEKS OF NILSTAT, YOU DO NOT HAVE CANDIDA. Your problem is something else, but you should still consider following some of my other steps because they help with most healh issues and can give you ideas. Find another health coach (quantum reflex testing perhaps) to help you diagnose the problem.

In my personal opinion, although anti-fungal drugs and Threelac work, I don't think they should be used as a long term solution. I currently do not take any anti-fungals.

4) Bowel Cleansing: Before starting other cleanses, it's important that your elimination channels are open and working properly.

You MUST be having a bowel movement AT LEAST once a day before doing any cleanse. If you don't, when your body dumps toxins in your bowels, they sit there and could make you feel quite sick.

The Bowel Cleanse I recommend is Humacleanse (from Humaworm). There are many Bowel Cleanses but this one is cheap, effective, and most importantly it makes your bowel stronger in the future (most Bowel Cleanses do not!).

If you use Humaclease for a month, it should be enough once you start eating more raw foods.

Don't go crazy doing too many Bowel Cleanses because you are not only removing bad bacteria, but you're also removing good bacteria, which you need for optimal health.

5) parasite Cleanse: If you have Candida you probably also have parasites. Many people think they have Candida but they actually have parasites, so either way you should not skip this step.

No one thinks they have parasites in North America, but the truth is most of us have harmful parasites that sap our health, energy and well-being. They can be a major factor in many diseases including cancer.

The best way to remove parasites from your body is to make your body a place they donít want to be.

I recommend doing 2 parasite cleanses. Parastat by Primelabs is probably the best anti-parasite product on the market. With the exception of liver flukes, it kills all parasite, amoebas, and protozoa. In particular it kills an extremely common parasite that North Americans can get when they go south for vacations.

You also need to remove liver flukes and some North American parasites, for this I recommend the Barefoot Herbalist His Dewormer product is in liquid format and it's one of the best on the market.

Humaworm can be used instead of Barefoot, it's almost as good, and it's cheaper if you're on a budget. It's in a pill format.

Even if you don't feel or see anything, I recommend you stay on the entire 1 month program. Sometimes people will not see results until week 4. Keep a journal before the cleanse and after the cleanse and note your energy and moods. Diarhhea and "strange things in the toilet" often indicate the presence of parasites.

There are other steps to a successful parasite cleanse:
i) Making your body alkaline, which can be done through fruit fasting and some supplements
ii) Using a castor oil pack in week 3-4 to hatch eggs
iii) Using a coffee enema in week 3-4 to flush out parasites
iv) Having all family members and girlfriends do the cleanse. If you have it, chances are they also have it, which means you'll just reinfect each other.

Better yet, see a health coach that specializes in parasites. If you need me to recommend someone (in the Toronto Canada area), let me know.

After the one month, if the cleanse improved your health or you felt sick, it's likely you had parasites. Unless you follow a maintenance schedule, in 3 months it's likely that the parasites will come back unless you are in perfect health and have removed all of the toxins and heavy metals from your body that made it possible for the parasites to exist in the first place. For maintenance, take 1 dose of a parasite cleanse each week.

6) Liver Flush: The liver is the garbage can of the human body, responsible for removing all of the toxins from your blood. If you had Candida, you are also suffering from autointoxication and your liver needs help. Your liver cleans your blood supply and if it's not functioning well, nothing else will either.

Liver Flushing is one of the most profound things that you can do for your health and most people are amazed at the results.

One flush will provide at most a few days of relief. I had to do 14 flushes to start to see any results at all and I've now done 40 Liver Flushes and I still feel more will be beneficial. (However, I flush only once per month now compared to once every 2 weeks).

I recommend the Dr Sutter coke flush. I recommend using Epsom Salts before and after the flush like The Clark Flush however.


Do NOT do a Liver Flush before doing a parasite cleanse. The Liver Flush not only has a very good chance of making you incredibly sick but it's also likely not to work. Many people get some stones on their first flush and their second flush turns out to be awful. From experience, parasites are almost always a factor in the flush not working.

I also recommend a liver tonic (that contain milk thistle). You can find liver/digestive tonics from your local herbalist (do not get them from the health food store, they don't work) or from Barefoot. They should be cheaper from your local herbalist.

7) Fruitarian or Cleasing Diet: Before starting the Primal Diet, I strongly recommend using a fruitarian diet to cleanse the body for 4 weeks. If you eat almost all fruit for 1 month (1 salad with ACV dressing allowed each day), you will set the stage so that the Primal Diet can start rebuilding your body.

Although fruit is a bad thing on most Candida diets (occasional fruit aggravates Candida), if you can endure the first two weeks diet, your Candida should improve after that. Most of the people on Curezone who have permanently beaten Candida used a fruitarian diet to do it.

It's fairly simple:
A) Find some fruits you like to eat
B) Eat a single fruit TYPE for a meal, and only that fruit, no other food. For example, 4 apples
C) Eat as much as you like
D) Once a day eat a salad (with only a vinegar or OO (Olive-Oil) dressing)
E) Once a week mix 2-4 raw (organic only) eggs into some juice and drink
F) You can snack whenever you want

For example, apples for breakfast, plums for lunch, oranges for dinner.

I recommend the following:

A) GO SLOW. Start with one fruit meal every 3 days, then transition from there at whatever pace you feel is right.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO GO SLOWLY ON ANY RAW DIET, RAW DIETS CAUSE DETOX AND CAN MAKE YOU FEEL QUITE ILL. Everyone wants to go fast, but fast isn't always the best way if it's going to deter you from something that will help you in the long run.

B) Eating fruit makes you detoxify and some people are so toxic, a fruit diet can make you feel ill. If you start to feel unwell or you start to get allergies or hives, either slow down more or find a fruit that you enjoy eating (it agrees with you).

IF EATING FRUIT IS STILL A PROBLEM, you might have to fast with water only. If you can't fast with water only for some reason (diabetic?), you should look into "The Milk Diet" and read the section on diabetes.

If for whatever reason you can't do a fruitarian diet, I recommend looking into water-only fasting for 5+ days. This means the only thing you put into your mouth for 4+ days is water only. No supplements of any kind.

If you want to eat meals with multiple fruits, you should read more about food combinations and "Natural hygiene", which I won't go into here. For example, Watermelon doesn't mix well with any other fruit or food.

NOTE: Fruitarian is a cleansing diet, not a long term (healing) diet. It should only be used for 1-2 months in my opinion. After this I recommend using the diet in the book "We Want to Live" by Aajonus Vonderplanitz. If you prefer to be more vegetarian (although in my experience and the experience of Dr Huggins, vegans don't heal well) "The Ultimate Diet" from Dr Bass is also good. Links to both books are in the "Knowledge is Power" section.

8) Primal Diet by Aajonus Vonderplanitz

What is "eating right"? For most of my life, I felt I was eating right (I ate better than anyone I knew), but I was wrong. Why? Lies and misinformation and just general ignorance in the mainstream media and science. For example, they told us that margarine, skim milk and soya are good for us, but it's actually the opposite of the truth. We're told eggs and saturated fat are bad for you, but they are myths and scientific evidence suggests they are extremely healthy.

"Eating right" is the most important thing you can do to regain your health. As a matter of fact, it's unlikely that you'll regain your health unless your diet is a healing diet, in my opinion.

My personal diet is a healing diet and consists of whole unprocessed foods such as: raw eggs, raw milk, raw beef, veggie juice, fruits, raw honey, coconut, raw cream and raw butter.

Before judging, I recommend that you read "the truth about foods" in the following books. The truth will SURPRISE and SHOCK you.

"We Want To Live" and "The Recipe for Living without Disease" by Aajonus Vonderplanitz
This is a very hardcore diet for people who are serious about their health and/or reversing disease. His Primal Diet is what I eat today and it's the primary reason my health is so good now. Although his story is somewhat unbelievable, his diet works and the results from thousands of people testify to his research.

"The Liberation Diet" by Kevin Brown
In this easy-to-read book you will learn many of the teachings of Weston Price and you will learn which foods are good and bad for you, and why.

"Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" by Weston Price
"Nourishing Traditions" by Sally Fallon
"Basically, Weston Price is the Tony Robbins of diet - he sought out the healthiest people on Earth and studied what they had done for hundreds and thousands of years to stay healthy. He looked at their Traditional diets as well as what happened when they adopted Western diets. The results are in this book, and it is well worth your taking the time to read. While others have followed his work, the changing nature of the world now make it impossible to duplicate his research today. His work stands as a pivotal piece in Science and health as well as in history. This represents the cumulative knowledge of millions of people over thousands of years in a laboratory that includes the entire world. Definitely non-trivial."

I consider eating the Weston Price good for the majority of people and it's a very non-damaging diet to eat. It however is not a healing diet, so don't expect to make much progress in regressing disease with it.

9) Heavy Metals, Chemicals, and Environment Detox: Many people who suffer from Candida have heavy metal, chemical, or other environmental poisoning.

The most common source of heavy metal poisoning is from your fillings and other dental work such as crowns or root canals. Black / silver fillings are actually composed of 50% mercury, and mercury is the second most deadly substance on the planet. And it's in your mouth.

Dr Huggins tells us that bacteria change mercury into methyl mercury (100 times more dangerous) in the gut and that Candida are there to convert it back into a less toxic state. Although it doesn't feel like it at times, Candida is not the enemy, there is another condition that is causing both the Candida and your health problems.

Composite fillings are a better choice, but I advise people get biocompatibility testing done to see which dental materials agree with you. Some fillings will still impact your immune system.

If you don't have the money for composite testing, you can take a chance and go with a safe brand of filling such as "GRANDIO", which is often a good choice for most people because it doesn't contain aluminum.

I was personally poisoned by the metal fillings (mercury amalgams) in my mouth. I feel it's the root cause of many of my health problems. Silver fillings, root canals, and other oral problems as a major contributing factor in many peopleís health problems. In many studies now, up to 90% of people with major illness reported a "significant" improvement in their health after removing their mercury fillings and/or root canals. Between leaching metal into your body constantly and generating an electromagnetic current, they are quite devastating to our health.

Iíd advise learning more about removing mercury fillings though before proceeding however, if done incorrectly it could make your health even worse. Statistic show that 64% of people who have their mercury fillings removed by regular dentists actually have their symptoms become worse.

Find a dentist that is trained in IAOMT protocol. Then have them do sequential replacement, as Dr Hal Huggins recommends. Also, make them find you biocompatible fillings. Use conscious sedation if possible, if not read Huggins work on scheduling appointments.

Although an IAOMT dentist is all you really need, I still recommend that people read some literature from Dr Huggins, mercury Amalgam removal pioneer.
You can order his "client preparation guide" or the book "It's All in Your Head". Huggins is light years ahead of all other dentists, even one's that know about mercury poisoning. Dentists trained in IAOMT mercury removal protocols are also good, especially if they use IV conscious sedation.

Other sources of environmental and chemical poisoning are also a factor, but are relatively rare unless your place of work has environmental issues. For more information on environmental poisoning, read Dr. Clarkís book ď The Cure For All Diseases Ē. The most common sources of environmental poisoning (besides dental work) are problems with your water supply (you need a water distiller), vitamins + supplements (it's tragic but almost all supplements harm your long term health), and other personal care products (shampoo, toothpaste, soap).

If you can get your blood, urine, and hair tested for heavy metals, it can also help determine if you suffer from any other heavy metal poisoning.

10) Other Sources of Information

All of the following books have given me a great understanding of health and let me take total control of it. There is so much crappy advise when it comes to health (and I've wasted a lot of time reading some of it), hopefully I save you some time and energy.

"We Want To Live" (Aajonus Vonderplanitz): The most important book you need to learn about are the two books from Aajonus Vonderplanitz. This is the diet I live by today and I'm doing very well on it, close to 100% recovery and I believe I'll be better than I was 10 years ago. It introduced me to the primal diet, which has great elements to heal.


I consider this doctor perhaps the only doctor that knows the truth about health. I agree almost everything that he says with the exception of using krill oil instead of cod liver oil. He backs up most of his information with scientific studies and citations, which some people like.

"Dr Bass Website and PDFs" (Dr Bass): Introduced me to the truth and healing power of all of the different diets (through mice studies) and the importance of raw proteins like raw eggs. Also introduced me to natural hygiene.

"Dying to Get Well" (Shelley Keck): Introduced me to the fruit diet and is a great introduction to other health strategies. Shelley beat fibromyalgia and depo provera poisoning.

"The Miracle of Fasting" (Paul Bragg): Bragg introduced me to fasting and the basics of living a healthy lifestyle. Bragg beat his "incurable" case of tuberculosis when he was 16 (doctors gave up on him) and lifted weights, surfed, and ran in his 90s. He died at age 96 in a surfing accident.

"The Cure to All Diseases" ( Hulda Clark ): Clark introduced me to the fact that parasite cleanses can help many people, Liver Flushes work great, and that we can all live better by reducing the toxicity of our environment (particularily mercury fillings).

Curezone is a community of people sharing health information. You can ask questions there about virtually anything.

I hope this bit of condensed information helps someone like prior authors have helped me. If it does let me know.



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