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Re: has anyone with emphazema or COPD tried curing it, by parasite, mold, fungus removal?
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: has anyone with emphazema or COPD tried curing it, by parasite, mold, fungus removal?

I stopped sucking on the medical drugs.....albuterol

I started taking vitamins and minerals in mega strengths, taking de-wormers, anti-bacterials, anti-microbials, and chelated heavey metals.

Ate up all the good bacteria's I could get my hands on, avoided anything with added fibers.........there is question as to this Morgellons engineered fibers that keep growing after ingenstion.

and funny thing was, I turned from 4 years of death to life in 32 hours, of coarse it has been a couple of months to complete the entire body overhaul.

first I started the mega vitamins and minerals (100 times the dailey recomended dosages)in the purest forms I could find, and begain chelating heavey metals (I used EDTA), in 32 hours I was out of bed.

Then I began eating pinnapples and grapefruites (to eat up the shells and membrains of parasites) and took a de-wormer every other day (2 times with one kind)

Then I did a Liver Flush (drank down, before I went to bed, and slept on my right side as long as possible, 6 oz of coka cola
5 oz of green virgin olive oil
2 oz of fresh sqweezed lemon juice
Then when I woke up I drank 10 oz of magnesium citrate (I used brand name "Calm")

Then the next 4 hours I began shatting out things I couldn't possible have eaten (trust me)

Everyday still taking EDTA for breakfast and before I go to bed. Drank some red wine to steralize the liver, after flushing.

Then I introduced Miracle-Mineral-Supplement for lunch, every other day, and every day in the middle I took 15,000 mcg tincture

Mind you now during all this I am strting to chunk up strange stuff from my lungs, and I am slowly getting more energy everyday

So then I stop taking the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement after 2 weeks and I start taking an anti-microbial (neomicyn slufate) and shat out the biggest bacterias I have ever seen. (only did this twice, there are to many good bacterias that I dont want to eleiminate, just want to bring things down to a norm,al level and get a fresh start)

All the while eating good bacteria from activa, yogurt, acidophalous and so on, and especialy drinking 1/4 cup of raw apple cider viniger (kills candida and returns the mother enzyme to my system)

I have a micro scope and have been checking every day, what is being released.

Each thing I have indroduced removes differant things, although some things are still constantly being shead.

After 2 months I have had 2 days of complete wellness, after suffering and going down hill for 4 years under the medical professions supervision and endless testing, with no diagnoses.

I am back doing Miracle-Mineral-Supplement for lunch, (3 more times) and still taking EDTA for morning and night.

I will continue to take de-wormers twice a week (2 times each, with a differant kind)

And I will introduce oregano oil, for every other day that I am not using a de-wormer or MMS.

You know I just did another Liver Flush and it was pretty clean

I can get outside and plant my garden, after being in bed for months, and being sick for years.

You know I can think and see better.

I have high hopes of living now.

Maybe something in here you can learn from.

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