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Re: Iodine and humans, by MH
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Iodine and humans, by MH

The post doesn't make much sense, but I bet if I took my daily dose of Lugol's Iodine, Vitamin C acid and drank my silver water and collected the urine for therapy and did my oil swishing, before I knew it, it would all be as clear as turning on a light bulb. Hopefully that day never comes.

HUMANS NEED IODINE, they just don't need toxic forms of it.
HUMANS NEED VITAM C, just not toxic forms of it.
HUMANS NEED MINERALS, just not toxic rock forms of it.
HUMANS NEVER EVER NEED TO DRINK THEIR URINE or anyone elses, they just have a bad problem and got off the path at the wrong place.
HUMANS can swish swash olive oil in their mouths for entertainment purposes.

Eating HUMAN FOODS corrects human diseases when done correctly, because it shows GOD that the human finally trust GOD and the more a person seeks God, the faster they will have peace on earth.

People don't need herbs to live, they don't need any supplement to live, all they need is proper human foods, something few humans on earth have ever done correctly.


When ill, fruits of the Tree

Anything additional to the above 3 lines can lead to the human body having accumulations which attracts parasites/bacteria/viruses which leads to lowered oxygen levels all of which leads to premature illness/death.


Arts such as treating with POISONS such as IODINE/MERCURY/ARSENIC are 3 deadly forms of sterilizing the Immune System. ALL THREE have had huge MEDICAL SUCCESS STORIES used on MILLIONS of people, but medically deemed succesful if the person lives 5 years and all use of toxic poisons have long term side effects and never make any sense to use. The use of acids like vitamin C and many such toxic acids/sterilizers are common today and the reason people look age 500 by age 80.

Just my opinions, anyone with any common sense left can't defend the use of toxic substances, I don't think anyone today is that ignorant to be fooled anymore. Who can be foolish enough to suggest anyone give a child acids/caustics/solvents and expect that child to like it and get healthy on it!!!

No one is stupid enough today to think adults can take poisons and get better when they would not consider feeding such poisons to their children and WHO ON THIS PLANET could be so stupid to have the notion that "IF" your sick, it is OK to take poisons that you would NEVER DREAM of taking when you were healthy!!!!

I mean heck, if CHEMO could cure a near dead person of cancer, then surely we would all want CHEMO NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and prevent future cancers!!!!

When people start telling other innocent people that taking poison is GOOD/WISE thing to do, then we know Nature is not behind it and when Nature is not behind it, then we can presume something bad is. NOTHING said on this forum or any forum should be taken as truth, it is just people talking and real readers need to judge what is said based on NATURE, because ONLY NATURE NEVER EVER LIES! Nature is true today and forever the same.

Just theories.



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