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Body odor, my struggle and search for a cure
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Published: 14 years ago

Body odor, my struggle and search for a cure

Well im in my mid 20’s now, when I was 18 and had just started college my problems really started, I’ll have to say that nervous situations were what really gave me trouble, like a girl I liked being next to me or talking to me, in one class, a girl I liked sat next to me so every day was stressful for me, I would sweat like you wouldn’t believe, but back then I would sweat ALL THE TIME to some degree, I was chubby in high school and as soon as I graduated I started to work out a lot, I changed my diet, to half a pita bread with steamed chicken breast (nasty no taste) and a slice of cheese, three times a day, and that’s ALL I ate for 3 years, with lots of diet 7up, it worked, I lost fat, gained muscle, but I stank, I think I raised my metabolism so that was the reason I was sweating, when everyone else would wear sweaters I was in a tight t-shirt and still warm and sweating, it wasn’t just sweat, I felt warm all the time, so in that one class one day I was smelling up the room so bad the teacher would lecture and walk around and as soon as he got around me he started to sniffle, one guy turned around towards my row and said “someone needs to take a shower” in a low voice. The thing was my parents weren’t that great at telling me a shower is needed EVERY day, or showing me about deodorant, during high school my dad would sometimes walk into my room and just say “smells bad” (his English isn’t great) so I always laughed it off, I never took it seriously. I quickly started experimenting with deodorants during college, after a bunch of tries, the one I stuck to was Arm N Hammer unscented, it ruined a bunch my shirts but it helped a little (as far as I knew), but still not enough, the sweat would mix with the unscented deodorant to make some really bad odor, the thing was, that I could always smell my armpit odor, smelled like onions, other times spicy, the funny part is, NATURALLY I am disgusted by: garlic, onions, spicy foods, and fish, I never liked them as a kid, and never ever eat them even now, but my armpits smelled like onion. A shower would help for some hours AS LONG as there were no nervous situations or exercise. I do have a bit of social anxiety, not debilitating to the point I don’t leave the house, but that im generally nervous when larger groups are around, once I was at a cousins friends house with a bunch of guys and I knew I was stinking the place up and one guy (there’s always one big mouth) kept saying “smells like fish, smells like fish” one other time I was at a cousins house and I was in the bathroom, when I heard a cousin ask his mom “is XXXXXXX here? I know his scent”. Family dinners during Christmas or thanksgiving are really bad for me, im paranoid and worried the whole time “can they smell me? Am I sweating? Can they see my sweat marks?” is what I’ll be thinking, I’ll just sit quietly with my head down with aunts and my parents asking me “what’s wrong?”. The place that was most disturbing for me, was the gym, TERRIBLE, because I worked out lifting weights A LOT, like an hour and a half a day 5-6 days a week at my peek, so that was were a lot of my odor suspicions were confirmed, as soon as I would walk by and people got a whiff, one guy would look at his buddy and say “it stinks” another guy would moan “It Stiiiinks” we would work out at the same times at night so these people knew about my odor, I kept to myself and never spoke to anyone. I started going to gym real late, like at midnight or one in the morning, and at the time, there was only one gym in the city so there were still lots of people there, once I was doing shoulder raises when these girls walked up next to me (I always took the corner of the gym as far away as possible) when I raised my arms and created a wind by lowering them, one girl said “bingo” and the other was laughing, so I knew, I really did, but I tried to ignore it because a problem like this was unique, it meant that if I accepted it I wouldn’t leave the house. I endured for years, until one day a guy loudly sent his friend to “go over there and take a big wiff just smell that sh*t up” and his friend came by me and walked away, I couldn’t go back, one, because I didn’t want to see that guy again, but the other was that I knew I was ruining everyone else’s experience at the gym, its just natural, who wants to hang around an area where someone smells like sh*t? I don’t and I smelled bad myself. Once after a heavy workout I walked into my parents bedroom and my mom said, “it smells like skunk”, and they looked at each other at that moment realizing it was coming from me. I wanted to stick my head in the ground like an Ostrich and never come out. My best friend once sat in my car and said in a fed up voice “it smells like a cow in here” I think he was trying to say manure, other times randomly when I would be driving he would ask “did you fart?” and for a while I would say no, but when I understood what was happening I started to say “yes” with a big smile and start laughing as if I farted and “got him good” but it was just to throw him off the fact that I smelled like sh*t, very embarrassing. I went online and started looking for something, I bumped into Body Mint, I was ecstatic, I went to whole foods and bought it. Now here’s what happened just like the label said, it took a few days to see results, but the biggest thing that I noticed was not advertised by the company, was I STOPPED SWEATING like an animal, I would sweat to the point that under my pits down the sides of my body were soaked with sweat, but the body mint stopped it!! and I felt at that time that my smell problems were over, but I think psychologically I didn’t want to return to the gym and put it to the test and find out it wasn’t working, because I was finally happy again, as long as I felt I couldn’t smell I was almost going to cry from happiness, but I slowly worked my way into a depression, I gained 25-30 pounds of fat in one year (all my body heat problems went away), in one class filled with people of my ethnicity (my language class), because people of my tribe make me nervous, especially the girls, I stank the place up again, the whole time people in that class would comment about how the room smelled like a gym, I once again knew that I was stuck with this curse, the body mint helped a little, COMPLETELY stopped the rain of sweat from my armpits to a normal level, but the Body Odor was still there, and it wasn’t like the armpits where I could smell it, I couldn’t (but i also had underarm odor once stress set in), and I felt that once nervousness set in, an odor I could not really detect was radiating off my entire body, I cant put my finger on it, I could smell a little bit but not what others were smelling, I could only sense that an odor was coming off my body, weird I know, but that’s the best I could explain it, I found that nervous times and the gym were the worst, but that I needed a shower after I woke up too, because I could sense the smell early in the morning. Well once school came to an end I graduated and it was over, no more classrooms. I took a clerical job, and a girl really liked me, but because I knew she liked me and there was a possibility of getting laid, I was nervous around her, now with a guy that has little experience, this is normal, but I had an awesome added problem, I smelled like sh*t, so that went no where, then when I got another job, where I would have political discussions (and my body heat would rise) along with a weird fabric coat I had to wear, with no windows or air conditioning, I started to stink that place up too, a boss who loved me would sniffle around me, and one girl kept saying “smell it” “smell it”, she had a really sensitive nose, it wasn’t just with me, we would walk into a room and she would say “smells like someone just did their laundry, and a guy would say ‘me’”, once we got into a disagreement and to hurt me she said “damn it smells like shit in here”, and we were alone at time, she stared right at me when she said it, I had never had such a direct slap in the face since the gym incident, another time she called me “stinky”, I flipped out on her, that kind of direct thing really got to me, even though it kind of felt good knowing it wasn’t all in my head, I fell into a quick, steep depression, I hated going to work, she even would say “whats wrong with you lately?” because my personality had really changed from the day I had started there, to months later after hearing her say all those things, I just wasn’t the same guy to them. I had a regiment of 2 showers a day sometimes, but nothing worked. So what I had come up with after more research (after I quit that job) was hydrogen peroxide under my pits BEFORE I shower, I cant believe people with our problem use it AFTER a shower and no deodorant, (I only use the hydrogen peroxide on days I know will be stressful like a first date or meeting a girls parents or a speech or wedding, or first day at work, stuff like that), I will place some in the cap, then dab a cotton ball and take up half and rub on one armpit, then throw that cotton ball away and use another to clean my other armpit, I wait for 3-4 minutes to let it kill the bacteria, evaporating off my armpit (I don’t believe it is absorbed into my armpits too much if at all), and as I wait, I sniff and can smell a VERY strong odor from my pits, I feel like that’s the bacteria dieing off, but I don’t know for sure, after the wait, I jump into the shower and use irish spring soap to wash my body, then when I get out, I put on Mitchum smart solid, the best unscented ive used, no bad odor when combined with my armpit (especially after the hydrogen peroxide), and it leaves no residue on your shirts, then I take baby powder and liberally apply to my chest, shoulders, upper arms, abdomen, inside my belly button (which stinks when I put my finger inside) and on my groin area, this helps a lot, then I put on a cologne that really works for me, aqua de gio on my face and shirt. About my bathroom habits, I don’t get constipated (as in not going) but I do have periods of rock hard stools, so I have just started using a stool softener which really works, especially because my hard stools gave me hemorrhoids, the stool softener was for all the supplements I will mention too, because the effect they have on me is to make my stools really hard, so to counter act this, I started taking the stool softener, but my doctor told me that its not good to take too often, it will make your intestines “forget” how to do it themseleves). I also get really stringy little droppings too so I might need more fiber, I have also figured through research, the best way to take a dump is not by sitting down but to have a ground toilet, so that your feet are flat on the ground and you are squatting, it allows the most waste to get out, what you can do if you have good balance is plant your feet where your butt would go on the toilet seat and squat and dump or sit, and lean forward to mimic the position. In addition to taking Body Mint for years, which has helped a lot in normal situations with armpit odor and stopping a lot of armpit sweat, I have started taking Zinc Picolinate, not normal zinc, but zinc picolinate, it is the most easily absorbed zinc from what I have read, I take one pill of body mint in the morning one at night, one 30 mg zinc picolinate in the morning with food (though I have recently stopped because I think it was really bad on my stomach, reading about it online I found out its not good to take more than 15mg daily long term, I started getting a metallic taste in my mouth too, so im searching for another brand that sells it at less mg or just buy a 30 mg tablet and split it every day, I think the zinc picolinate helps out a lot with Body Odor ), I also take L-Glutamine from GNC, what I do now is midway through the day I take one capsules at lunch totaling 750mg, I used to take it for gym but I stopped, now I’ve read its good for scrapping up feces in your colon, people on the internet recommend taking more but im already taking so many other pills that I just want to do things slowly my stomach cant handle it, I also just purchased “Pro M” from Life Extension online, there’s 100 capsules and even though the bottle recommends I take one a day I take 2 a day, once in the morning once at night, its Agaricus Bisporus, a mushroom extract that is supposed to neutralize internal odors it might possibly be giving me dry mouth during night time. I just got it so I’m waiting to see what happens, supposedly will see results by the time the first bottle is almost finished (ive been taking it for about a month now, its WORKING, but I stopped taking 2 pills a day because its harsh on my stomach, I called life extension and they said they didn’t know what damage would be done going over the recommended dose, I have read liver damage online though), with all these supplements I’m taking my stool becomes rock hard, its not like constipation where I don’t go to the bathroom, but that it hurts to go, so I use a stool softener at night (ive stopped recently to help my stomach go back to normal), one pill of docusate sodium 100mg, sometimes in the morning too, I’ve been eating yogurt with live cultures inside too with my meals i sprinkle a teaspoon of flaxseed on the yogurt and mix before i eat, also apples and carrots and healthier things like that. I feel like its starting to work, I cant say for sure, but I feel like my stools have changed, it might be in my head or it might be real, I went to the gym, (after a shower, baby powder, scented speed stick 24/7 “Gametime” scent) and I couldn’t smell myself, don’t know how other people felt while I was there though. About two month ago before I got the pro m, and zinc picolinate, I was at the gym and a guy said “why does it smell?” I hadn’t been using scented deodorant either at the time, so I know I still have this problem, its why I’ve been looking around for more stuff like the mushroom and zinc. At the gym, I’ve learned to make my workouts short, and to go at times during the day when there are not many people, I’m a bit afraid of going to gym and finding out all the new pill arent doing much, the flaxseeds in the yogurt are supposed to be really good for your digestion, and I hear asparagus is really good for digestion too. Anyway, I just wanted to tell my story and some experiences with products, ill let everyone know if I really see a difference in the people around me. My struggle has really damaged my life, work, school, mood, socialization, and dating only girls I have no feelings for (so I’m not nervous). I pray to Christ I can solve this problem, I will let you all know if I do.

Other people can look up things like the ileocecal valve syndrome, or a pill called Devrom that stops fecal odor, Probiotics too like natrens healthy trinity (pricey) and staying away from Antibiotics unless really necessary, I know I wrote a lot but I wanted to get it off my chest, thanks a lot for reading and for any messages you guys leave. I wanted to thank 123go because he/she is the one i got the best advice from.

I’ve been taking the pro m and zinc along with l-glutamine(off and on) and the stool softener, for a while now, I say IT WORKS, but after having severe stomach cramps and going to the bathroom in the morning 5 times (spread out a few minutes in between going from rock stools in the first movement to diarrhea by the 4th or 5th movement) before I head out to work, and a metallic taste in my mouth (from the zinc picolinate), have caused me to alter my original plan, so I now take my body mint twice a day, once in the morning once at night, pro m once in the morning after breakfast, ive cut out l glutamine, the stool softener and the zinc, so I think (after a stressful night last night) that my odor is returning (not as bad as before, and I don’t know for sure, or if psychologically I know ive cut out the zinc and its in my head or not), so ive JUST ordered 2 bottles of odor cleanse, so that I can take one or two pills after my last meal everyday to help out, its only like 75mg per pill rather than pro m which is 500mg per pill so I will take my morning pro m with one or two pills of odor cleanse at night, I am also going to start taking one pill of l glutamine 750 mg pill half way through the day permanently, and will be shopping for zinc picolinate tablets less than 30 mg, or 30mg hard pills so I can cut them in half, this along with applying the hydrogen peroxide (on stressful days) and my body mint, a shower, the mitchum deodorant, and the baby powder, I think I will finally have my odor problems under control. Let me know what you guys think, thanks again to everyone especially 123go

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