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Published: 14 years ago
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Just yesterday I pulled up behind a car at a stop light. The license plate read - GD Bruho. I laughed and made a mental note of it because a good friend of mine used to call me 'Bruja', which is feminine for 'Brujo', and is another way to spell this word. 'Brujo' is a Spanish word that means folk magician, witch, or shaman. Its use can be found within the Santeria tradition (among others), of which my old friend had an interest since he traveled extensively to Cuba and had friends who were Santeria initiates. He was an old Scotish brujo, himself. And I know other brujos, as well.

Another person, who is especially dear to me, called me a 'witch' not very long ago. He called me a witch after I predicted that he would be receiving some mail from me, and it arrived on the very day that I told him it would. I actually saw a vision of myself in a wedding ceremony with this person, although it had one slight twist. My heart tells me that we are destined to be together, although he now says that he sees we are not meant to be together, and yet he also says that I have not lost him.....yet. And while I'm a bit confused by what seems like a mixed message from him, my heart still tells me that we are, indeed, soulmates. He also seems to be somewhat confused about me, though, and not seeing things very clearly, himself. I am hoping that he will return to his senses! He is a wonderful man, and we've gotten along splendidly. I love him dearly, even if he can be a bit of a pompous ass now and then. He actually thinks that he knows me better than I know myself! Imagine that! Kind of arrogant, don't ya think? Just as you may guess, he's one of those sensitive artist types. Oh brother! Am I ever tired of the "I'm an artist and you don't understand me!" schpeel! As IF artists are the only ones who are sensitive, and as IF everyone is not an artist in their own way! We are all creative creatures, after all.

And here's a real kicker! I sent him a rather provocative YouTube, after he had asked me not to send him any more YouTube videos. Why would I send it after he requested that I not do so, you may ask? I love music and videos and have used them quite a bit to convey my feelings towards him. And since this has been so much a part of our exchange, I didn't allow myself to be stifled by his request. I figured that if he really didn't want to watch any videos, then he simply wouldn't click on the link. So where is the harm in that? I realize this is a tough call. How does one decide whether to honor someone else's request or their own wishes to express themselves? I decided to send him videos anyway, and left it up to him if he wanted to watch them or not. This seemed like a good compromise to me. That way, I can still be myself and allow him to be himself!

And guess what?! He emailed me that this particular video had turned him on, and he even asked me to tell him why that was the case. So I emailed him back explaining that it excited him because I am not with him, in the flesh, to keep him off his damn computer! And you'll never believe what he is now saying to me! He says that he was too busy for videos, and his feelings were hurt that I would send him videos after he requested that I stop! Hmmm, does it really sound like he was so busy and hurt by my sending him the YouTube video? It sure the hell doesn't seem that way to me! He should be so lucky that I hurt him so good!

He's also gotten all serious and stern on me all of the sudden, almost like he thinks he's my teacher or something! Lately, he keeps making comments about how sad I'm making him. And yet, he talks about how much he wants peace of mind and happiness! And he's even had the nerve to challenge me about how I am truly feeling, and tell me that I am full o' bull, and fooling myself! I haven't even replied to his last email yet; the one where he gave me the mixed signals about where our relationship is headed. Frankly, all his recent talk of my hurting him so deeply, complaints that I didn't reply to every single one of his emails (if we're gonna start counting, I've sent him way more than he's sent me), and his my-sh!t-don't-stink attitude are kind of a drag. And I've changed more than enough dirty diapers on grown men, thank you very much!

Hey, this has really gone off-topic! Thanks for listening, anyway. I think I'll post some more about this in a more appropriate forum. I have a few questions and would like to hear what others have to say. And perhaps I will ask the CureZone community to say a prayer for this man! LOL, he sure could use it!

Have a wonderful day! And, btw, I use Eden's Sea Salt most of the time. It appears to be the real deal, and its far less expensive than most other Sea Salt s. I usually find it at Whole Foods, either by the other salts or in the Macrobiotic section.


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