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--answer--Epsom Salt Question for friend--
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Published: 14 years ago
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--answer--Epsom Salt Question for friend--

Hi Sunshine P,

Your question: I have been discussing these baths with some other friends and one of them has some questions that I’d like to ask you if you could help or understand.

[quote] Would your Askmoreless guy know why I cannot tolerate epsom salts or magnesium sulfate in any form at all? My biggest mercury problem is blood sugar control and insulin resistance, for which magnesium is supposed to be key. I have low Mag and high Cal (ratio of 46) on my hair analysis, which according to Cutler lines me up nicely for blood sugar problems - I think I am close to diabetes. I am desperate to avoid this, hence the need for magnesium, which apparently slows the flow of insulin.

I have some magnesium sulfate cream, and some magnesium chloride oil, and every time I use these my blood sugar just becomes a basket case, with big crashes a few hours later. If I am as deficient in magnesium as my hair analysis indicates, I would have thought my body would be craving it. But if I try applying the cream or oil, it is just a disaster. I already supplement with magnesium citrate, taurine, B6 - all the things that are supposed to help the body hang onto magnesium - as per Cutler, but thought I could boost things with the cream / oil.

The thought of having an Epsom Salts bath is just out of the question for me - this would doubtless be a disaster.

I used to do the Himalayan salt baths before my adrenals gave out - they were good, and would give me a clear head the next day. I daren't do hot baths now - my adrenals are too weak.

Any insight on the magnesium thing would be great - it is such a puzzle for me.


Answer: Let us look at your friends problems ?

Diabetes, Blood sugar, Adrenals not working and just not Feeling Good !

So, let us break down the problems and see if we can word it so that she may come to understand what needs to be changed for her to start Recovery ?

The Diabetes and Blood Sugar problems may be from the Adrenals not working properly ?

So, let us consider the Adrenals 1st : If the Adrenals are Sick, then they need help in order for the other problems to be Solved !

All these things you friend is doing and using have not Solved the problem or she would not still be having the problem !

So, she may need to consider some changes and maybe stop Listening to the folks she has been listening to for advice ?

The Adrenals need "Natural" Sodium for them to be able to work properly and they need all of the other needed Alkaline Minerals and until these may be supplied, the Adrenals are going to continue to be Sick and Diseased and she is going to continue with the present problems and they may only get worse !

So, what to do for the Adrenals ?

Suggestions for her may be to find some Top Quality Raw Unfiltered Wild Honey and start taking some of this thru-out the day with some Buttermilk !

If the Honey is of Poor quality, it will give her Blood Sugars fits, so she needs to listen to what her body tells her about what she chooses to use !

Better results may be gotten by taking small amounts more often thru-out the day !

She is way too Acidic, so she needs to start the Soak Baths, but just use warm water that she can stand to soak in and "Only" start by using 3% peroxide(1 pint to 1 quart) in the water !

After doing this for a week and gaining strength, then she needs to add a small amount of Epsom salt( start with 1 Tablespoonful and work up as feel Better) and maybe 1 Teaspoonful of Calcium Hydroxide(Maximun) in a full Bath Soak and this may be in just warm water for her to get used to it, but have her to rinse off afterwards !

And she needs to consider forgetting about the Hair analysis, because it does "NOT" tell what the present problem is, but just what may have happened long ago when that hair sample was grown !

Right now the present problem is Damaged Adrenals, which she needs to focus on to helping it Recover !

She needs to learn to "STOP" eating any Refined and Proccessed foods and learn to find the Best Quality fresh Fruits and Vegetables in Season to eat and you can point this out to her with your Refractometer !

Have her to start out with these Simple ideas and as she gets Better and is able to Think more Clear, then maybe she will be able to make some more changes for her own good ?

Smile Tis your choice.

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