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thomas zudrell Views: 1,235
Published: 16 years ago

Mind over Matter?

Mind over Matter?

A question with no definite answer I would say. Maybe even impossible to answer?
Some thoughts on it:
As new quantum physics suggests everything is energy, just different forms of it. Does this include thoughts or ideas?
Take any product that was manufactured for example. It did not just appear from nowhere and it is made from matter as most other things we see around us that are not man-made a composition from countless molecules, atoms and when divided into even smaller parts: energy or frequency, waves. All seems to be made from the same, in the end that is including us!
However this product started with an idea or a thought of a product first before it materialized. What was before the idea or thought?
If the idea or thought is not ‘lost’ or dismissed then it can be that it finds nourishment through more ideas and thoughts that is kind of a live force for the original idea and the energy is growing. It becomes in some stage so strong that it attracts other forms of energy and eventually what we call matter. The ‘creator’ of the idea may take steps to materialize the production and in the end combined forces create a product that started with an idea. However in this example the product was not entirely created by the ‘creator’ of the thought because any material used for the final product was in one or the other way already existing (created). Is it even possible that we (humans) create something out of nothing? Certainly we seem to be able to help an idea or thought to ‘materialize’ why shouldn’t it be possible then to create something out from nothing or lets say from an unknown form of energy?

Personally I am not sure and like with many things in my life I jump from one conclusion to another depending also from what angle I see things.

Do these things play a role in healing? And do they in the Dorn Method? Yes, and actually I believe they play quite an important role.
Let’s have a closer look at the spine. In the Dorn Method we know about the connection of body-mind-spirit and the importance of this connection to the spine and our health in general. And where does it all start? Do we develop Misalignments in the spine and joint because of non physical issues? Or do we develop non physical issues (inner problems) because of physical misalignments?
Clear is that if we are in ‘high spirits’ (balanced inner state) then physical problems do not bother us at all (or very little at least) or we heal better or faster etc.
Vise versa if we have physical problems (e.g. Pain) then it is very difficult to be in a balanced inner state (good mood etc.) So a connection there is obvious but to what extend?
After a successful Dorn Treatment often unsolved inner issues surface as some kind of ‘side effect’ or healing crisis why? Maybe a more balanced state in what ever level is influencing the other ‘lower’ or less ‘balanced’ levels and these are trying to get into a more balanced state themselves and they appear from their ‘waiting’ position.
However this may be a two sided story: Possible the ‘less’ balanced level will influence the ‘more’ balanced level and lowers its state if strong enough forces are present?
Duality in progress? (Good and bad, light and darkness, male and female, yin and yang etc.)
It appears in case of our spine that certain ‘inner’ issues always show like a ‘mirror’ at mostly the same areas of the spine so where is the cause for that? Anyway we can use this fact to reach deeper levels of understanding about the possible connections and causes of our problems and in finding ways how to improve or even heal them.
Many therapies work on the non-physical level with great success like hypno-therapy, EFT, Reiki etc. and it appears that they can in many cases improve the physical condition. Some others work on the physical level and show some success on the psychological side.
I am fascinated by these things and want to know more therefore I always try to look deeper in every case. What I found out so far was that even after the symptoms improved or disappeared because of any non-physical treatment I could still find corresponding misalignments in the spine. Does this mean that the success is only temporary or superficial or a ‘placebo’? I also found out that if the non-physical treatment is continued and the ‘inner’ balance state is more stable then less and less actual misalignments can be found and again why?
However the mechanics, this usually takes quite some time and because I am a person that is not always so patient with everything I often like ‘shortcuts’ if they appear to be working well. That is the case with the Dorn Method and its great possibility to correct misalignments in such a gentle yet effective way. And by realizing the connections I simply do not favor only one approach towards healing but rather work on all levels at the same time. The success by doing this so far was the greatest compared to the ‘cure for all’ approach.
Anyway the Dorn Method is not just one form of therapy it is almost a complete healing system that can be perfectly combined with all others and I am convinced that it is one of the most effective and safe manual therapies available today.

Would love to get some feedback on these thoughts.

And don’t forget to smile today!

Thomas Zudrell

More info on the Dorn Method:


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